Exhibitors Herald (Dec 1921 - Mar 1922)

Record Details:

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44 !• XHIBITO RS II E RALD March 25. 1922 RAIN POLICY Expires -5 19ra location .'.t.-Ttc. Gl. Amount, . . . * IflC ■ Premium. ." * »*»*6 t ro>;Ol 1 ten Theatre MacINTYRE, SCOTT, KNIGHT & CD. GENERAL INSURANCE SOS-5IO ATLANTA TRUST CO. BLl namwiwf ATLANTA. C v Packing 'em in. Hundreds of Boy Scouts filled the auditorium of the State theatre in Minneapolis at a special morning matinee held during the run of Marshall Neilan's latest feature starring Wesley (Freckles) Barry, "Penrod." Wesley's antics had the boys up and yelling through the eight reels of the production. "Penrod" is an Associated First National attrac Bobby Vernon gets his first introduction to his new leading lady, Charlotte Stevens, Chicago beauty contest winner. Al Christie, the producer, is the "go-between." Willard C. Patterson, Metropolitan theatre, Atlanta, Ga., took out a $1,000 "rain insurance" policy to protect the run of the Thomas H. Ince — First National picture, "Hail the Woman," against inclement weather. George Melford (at organ), Wanda Hawley and Nick Halter make music (?) off-stage during filming of Paramount's "The Woman Who Walked Alone." A new and striking picture of Gladys Walton, whose latest production for Universal Film Manufacturing Company is "The Wise Kid." Helene Chadwick and Richard Dix getting up an appetite for lunch during the filming of Goldwyn's "Yellow Men and Gold." Scene from Harold Lloyd's latest comedy for Associated Exhibitors, "A Sailor Made Man."