Exhibitors Herald (Dec 1921 - Mar 1922)

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64 EXHIBITORS HERALD March 25, 1922 Europe Is Covered By United Artists Aim of Exchange in Every Country Is Realized, Says Company Since the opening of its first office in Paris last summer United Artists announces the growth of its organization until today it has a branch in every country. The achievement brings to realization the plan of Hiram Abrams, its president, to cover Europe by direct distribution through United Artists own exchanges. General Offices at Paris The general offices are at Paris, 23 Rue de la Paix, where the offices of General Manager Guy Crosswell Smith, for continental Europe and the publicity and exploitation departments are located. The Paris exchange is located at 21 Rue du Faubourg and covers distribution in Paris and adjacent territory, the central and southern part of France being supplied by exchanges at Lyons and Marseilles, respectively. The Lille exchange serves the northern part of the country. Three more exchanges will be opened in France in the near future. Other of the company's exchanges and the territories served are located at Bruxelles for Belgium, Geneva for Switzerland, Prague for Czecho-Slovakia, Barcelona for Spain and Portugal, Stockholm for Sweden, Christiania for Norway, and Copenhagen for Denmark. Rome and Berlin exchanges will be opened this month. Pictures Meet Approval United Artists productions, particularly such pictures as "The Mark of Zorro," "Pollyanna," "Through the Back Door," and other features have met with great success in Europe, says the company. On March 17 "Dream Street" will have its initial showing abroad. According to United Artists the exploitation aid rendered exhibitors is a thing that is greatly appreciated. Farceurs in Cast of Margery Wilson Film When Mareery Wilson appears on the National Exchanges, Inc., program in the new romance comedy "Why Not Marry?" she will be supported by an all-star cast, the members of which were chosen for their farce ability, according to National Exchanges. Albert Edward plays opposite Miss Wilson in a role that calls for seven separate and distinct characterizations. George Wright and Agnes Ncilsen are seen as the father and mother. Albert Edward plays one suitor while Fred Jones and Ralph Ycarsley are the others. Alice Christie, Albert Roccardi and Harold Foshay have important roles. The production was directed by John S. Lopez. Ennis Goes to Havana Bert Ennis, director of exploitation for Artclass Pictures Corporation and Adventures of Tarzan Serial Sales Corporation, has left New York for a brief vacation at Havana, prior to beginning an extensive exploitation campaign for "After Six Days," the picturized version of the Old Testament. The picture will open in New York shortly after the Lenten season. Di Lorenzo Gets Rights To Foreign Publication Of "The Lotus Blossom' Di Lorenzo, Inc., announces that it has secured the foreign rights to "TheLotus Blossom," the James B. Leong production featuring Lady Tsen Mei, Tully Marshall, Noah Beery and other well known screen artists. The production is being distributed in the United States and Canada bf National Exchanges, Inc. Negotiations for the foreign rights were started last December, when Joseph Di Lorenzo, president of the firm, was in Los Angeles and conferred with Mr. Leong. Mr. Di Lorenzo reports that China, Japan, the Philippines and the Hawaiian Islands territories have already been sold. First National Week Increases Attendance Officials See Event as Boon to General Revival of Patronage That exhibitors throughout the country, generally, enjoyed increased business and that at least one box-office record has been set in a great many instances during First National Week is the report of First National based on advices to its headquarters from a number of exhibitors. Weather No Deterrence According to the company capacity business has been recorded in town after town, and in many instances theatres have reported the biggest business for months. Even in the Northwest, it is pointed out where recent blizzards have been in sway advices from showmen are particularly enthusiastic over results. It is the opinion of First National that a general revival of theatrical attendance has been brought about through the influence of First National Week. Reports Are Compiled In Seattle, it is pointed out, the success of First National Week was increased through a "Go to Theatre" movement under way simultaneously, inaugurated in a proclamation by Mayor Robert B. Hcsketh. In an extensive report First National has compiled statements from exhibitors throughout the country -on the success of its drive and the reception accorded the various pictures by the audience. Eastern Film Company Has "Rubaiyat" Rights Frank A. Tichenor, president of Eastern Film Corporation, announces that differences over the production, "The Rubaiyat," have been adjusted and that Ferdinand P. Earle, the director, is assisting the company in preparing the picture for publication. Mr. Tichenor adds that Eastern Film is "legally invested with the entire releasing rights of 'The Rubaiyat.' " Duncan Completes Picture William Duncan has finished work on "The Silent Vow," his latest production of life in the Canadian northwest. The final shots of this picture have been shipped cast to Vitagraph's Brooklyn studios to be polished into a finished film. Long Run Bookings Reported by Metro Connors Back in New York After Tour of Middle West and South T. J. Connors, assistant general sales manager of Metro Pictures Corporation, has returned to the home offices in New York, with reports of having arranged with some of the most prominent exhibitors of the Middle West and the South for extended runs on special Metro pictures. His itinerary took Mr. Connors, accompanied by C. E. Kessnich, district manager for Metro in Atlanta, as far West as Indianapolis, and thence back through the South as far as Atlanta. Closes With Coulter In Indianapolis arrangements were completed with Frank Coulter to showRex Ingram's "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" for an extended run, and later to follow with "Turn to the Right'' at the Ohio theatre. Similar agreements were made with Southern Enterprises for the exhibition in its principal theatres of Nazimova's "Camille," Mae Murray in "Peacock Alley," Rex Ingram's "The Conquering Power," and "Fightin' Mad." In Atlanta Sig Samuels and Willard C. Patterson have booked "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" and "Turn to the Right" for the Criterion and Metropolitan theatres. Ovations Accorded Star In New Orleans the Metro sales representative found their route coincided with that of Viola Dana and her mother, Mrs. Emil Flugrath. Mr. Connors and Mr. Kessnich had the opportunity of witnessing in the Louisiana metropolis and in Atlanta the ovation accorded Miss Dana during her personal appearances in those cities. Second National Reports Active Booking on First Two of Its Productions Gratifying reports regarding the booking of "David and Jonathan" and "Her Story," first two publications, announced by Second National Pictures Corporation, are being received daily at the head offices, 140 West 42nd street, New York City, according to officials. The third picture is "The Night Riders." Branch exchange managers reporting activity in the booking of "Her Story" and "David and Jonathan" are A. J. Sherman, Second National Pictures Corporation of Pennsylvania, 1220 Vine street, Philadelphia; E. M. Forsythe, Second National Pictures Corporation, 414 Ferry street, Pittsburgh, Pa.; George A. Price, Niagara Pictures Company, 257 Franklin street, Buffalo, N. Y.; D. Mundstuck. Strand Features, Inc., 201 Film Exchange building, Detroit, Mich.; S. Greiver, Greiver Productions, 831 South Wabash avenue, Chicago; Walter A. Baicr, Kay-Bee. Toy building, Milwaukee, Wis., and W. H. Youngblood. Continental Film Co., Farmville, N. C. Other pictures announced for distributors later are "Brenda's Heritage," "Mr. Pirn Passes By" and "The Famous Mrs. Thomson." The company's plans contemplate the distribution of twelve feature films.