Exhibitors Herald (Dec 1921 - Mar 1922)

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66 EXHIBITORS HERALD March 25, 1922 EILEEN PERCY in a scene from "Elope If You Must," a new Fox picture. Offers Sherlock Holmes Series in Southern Illinois -Eastern Missouri A series of fifteen two-reel mystery features, under the general title, "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" are being offered exhibitors of Southern Illinois and Eastern Missouri by Independent Film Company of Missouri, 3:S17 Olive street, St. Louis. Independent Film Company is booking the series for Pike, Scott, Sangamon, Christian Shelby, Douglas, and all counties south thereof in Southern Illinois, as well as Macon, Howard, Cooper, Morgan, LacLeade, Wright, Douglas, Ozark and counties east thereof in Eastern Missouri. Each Story Complete The mystery stories of "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" are based on the original stories by Sir A. Conan Doyle. Each is complete in itself, the plot having nothing to do with the preceding film. The entire series comprises the following Doyle stories in two reels: "The Beryl Coronet," "The Man With the Twisted Lip." "The Resident Patient." "The Dying Detective," "The Devil's Foot," "A Case of Identity," "A Scandal in Bohemia, f"he Noble Bachelor," "The Yellow Face," "The Red Headed League," "The Copper Beeches," "The Empty House," "The Tiger of San Pedro," "The Priory School," and "The Solitary Cyclist." Features Are Different Each of the two reelers propounds and solves one of the famous detective stories. and it is stated the variety of the plots covered in the themes give the series a wide diversity in action and locale. Special significance, it is pointed out by Independent Film Company, is attached to the fact that aside from their present popularity and wide circulation in the past exhibitors are offered an active tie-up on the series through the fact that the stories are being syndicated and printed in hundreds of newspapers throughout the country. The stories are now being published by numerous newspapers in Missouri and Illinois through arrangement with McClurc Newspaper Syndicate, and it is estimated that six million people in other sections of the country are reading the mysterydetective tales in the papers. Supervised by Author The adaptations have been made under the personal supervision of the author insuring accurate picturization of the original narrative. Extensive publicity matter has been made available for the entire series. Each of the features is said to have a direct appeal to people of all classes. Mullin in Chicago Eugene Mullin. scenario editor for Goldwyn, is in Chicago, assisting in the work of selecting the prize winners in the Dailv Nrics $:so,000 scenario contest. Mary Carr at Many Functions on Tour Star of "Over the Hill" Is Called on for Talks by Societies Mary Carr, famous mother in the Fox special "Over the Hill," has returned from personal appearance tours to Buffalo, N. Y., and Charleston and Huntington, W. Va. Opens New Theatre Mrs. Carr wound up her tour at Buffalo, where she assisted at the opening of the new Lafayette theatre, which was recently erected by the Monument Theatre Corp. The appearance of the famous screen mother was the signal for a series of celebrations in her honor. The night of the day of her arrival in Buffalo a banquet was given by Messrs. Slotkin and Jacobson, proprietors, with Mrs. Carr as the guest of honor. George Beban and Niles Welch also were in attendance. Mrs. Carr appeared at the Lafayette in conjunction with the engagement of the Fox special production "Thunderclap," and addressed meetings of the New York State Exhibitors' League, the Buffalo Ministers' Alliance, the Buffalo Exchange and the Lafayette and Menden Park high schools. Talks to Y. W. C. A. Governor Morgan of West Virginia greeted Mrs. Carr on her arrival at Charleston, where she appeared at the Capitol theatre for the two days. At the invitation of the governor, Mrs. Carr visited the state capitol and spent an hour in company of the chief executive. She also appeared before a luncheon gathering of the Professional Business Women's League, the Young Women's Christian Association, the Charleston Children's Mission, and the employees of the Libby Glass Works. She is soon to star in a new Fox picture with a "mother" theme. Southern Theatre Chain To Play Lyons Comedies Thomas A. Branon, manager of Eltabran Film Company, has written to Arrow Film Corporation, advising that his company has closed a contract with Southern Enterprises for first runs in forty-one of their houses, including the big new Howard theatre in Atlanta, Ga., for tlie Eddie Lyons comedies, which Eltabran is distributing for their territory. THE NAME OF BURTON HOLMES FOR NEARLY 30 YEARS HAS STOOD FOR QUALITY THE BURTON HOLMES LABORATORY LIVES UP TO HIS NAME SEND YOUR WORK TO 7510 NORTH ASHLAND AVENUE, CHICAGO