Exhibitors Herald (Dec 1921 - Mar 1922)

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March 25, 1922 EXHIBITORS HERALD 69 Heightened Activity Is Reported by Units Producing for First National Every Star and Producer Now Working on Pictures for Company's Schedule— Norma Talmadge Filming Another Big Feature "Full speed ahead" characterizes the situation in the independent studios where pictures are being made for distribution by Associated First National Pictures, Inc. Never before has there been such intense activity, it is said, every star and producer listed on the First National program being hard at work at the present time. The company reports also that never before in the history of the company has the quality of the pictures been of such a high calibre. Having completed "Pay Day" Charles Chaplin is now engaged in preparing to start work on its successor. "Pay Day" has fulfilled all expectations, it is said, Chaplin having evolved a large number of side-splitting situations. Edna Purviance plays opposite. Producing Big Picture Norma Talmadge is now working on the second of the big pictures planned for her by Producer Joseph If. Schenck. "Smilin' Through," the first, has been given a pre-view showing at the RitzCarlton hotel in New York to a distinguished audience. The picture won hearty applause. "The Duchess of Langais" is the second of the series. Reports from the Coast describe it as one of the most pretentious film plays ever attempted. The story is laid in old France. In course of editing is "The Masquerader." produced by Richard Walton "fully and starring Guy Bates Post, who covered the country with the stage version of the play for many years under the management of Mr. Tully. The picturization of the famous stage play promises a photoplay of extraordinary strength and beauty, it is said. Resumes Production At the Sennett studios work has been resumed on "Suzanna" in which Mabel Normand is being starred. This successor of "Molly O" shows the vivacious actress in a new type of role, that of a Spanish senorita. It is being directed by F. Richard Jones, who also was responsible for "Molly O." "One Clear Call," a John M. Stahl production, is now in the cutting room at GYPSY PASSION ADAPTED FROM cJEAN RICHEPIN'S FAMOUS GYPSY STORY The Child of rhe bear COMING TO THE BROADWAY* & 4T-' STREET the Louis B. Mayer studios. The story is laid in Alabama, and the cast includes Henry B. Walthal, Milton Sills, Claire Windsor and Irene Rich. At the same studio Director Fred Niblo has finished the cutting of "The W oman He Married" and is now engaged in editing "Rose o' the Sea," both of them starring Anita Stewart. Filming Final Scenes Allen Holubar, the creator of "ManWoman-Marriage" is filming the final scenes for "The Soul Seeker," starring Dorothy Phillips. Katherine MacDonald and her company are now at Truckee, in Northern California, filming snow scenes for "The Woman Conquers." The Ince studios at Culver City likewise are as busy. The subjects on which the Ince forces are working are: "The Hottentot," a picturization of the famous Willie Collier comedy, now being cut. "The Brotherhood of Hate" will go into the cutting room following the filming of a few additional scenes. "Jim" is now being edited. Begin Two New Films Work has begun on two new Ince productions. The first, "Someone to Love,'' is a drama of a Canadian trading post and was written by C. Gardner Sullivan. Madge Bellamy has the leading role and John Griffith Wray is directing. The second is "A Man of Action," a comedy drama written by Bradley King. James W. Home is the director. Constance Talmadge is preparing for a new play, following the completion of "The Primitive Lover," the first of her comedies made on the Pacific Coast. "The Man Who Smiled," a J. L. Frothingham production, likewise has been completed, as have Marshall Neilan's "Fools First," Maurice Tourneur's "Lorna Doone," and Charles Ray's "Alias Julius Caesar." Keaton Print Shipped Buster Keaton has shipped East prints of his latest comedy, "My Wife's Relations," and work is starting on Ben Turpin's third comedy at the Sennett studios. Meanwhile the Bill} Bevan company is busier than ever, now that "On Patrol" has been finished. In the East, Richard Barthelmess is working on "Sonny." the third of his productions for First National. Hope Hampton is completing "The Light in the Dark," following which she will begin work on "The Isle of Dead Ships." Sell Further Territories On "The Jungle Goddess" Bobby North, who recently acquired the Warner Brothers exchange and is the new Federated member for the New York territory, has purchased the Export & Import serial, "The Jungle Goddess," for Greater New York and Northern New Jersey. "The Jungle Goddess" is said to have brought the highest price ever paid for a serial in this territory. Robert Lynch of Metro Film Exchange of Philadelphia has signed for the Selig chapter play for Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. PRISCILLA DEAN and Robert Ellis in a scene from "Wild Honey," the new Universal-Jewel production. New Producing Firm Organized in Maine Charles M. Seay to Produce Photoplays for Dirigo Films, Inc. Dirigo Films has been incorporated by prominent business men of Portland and the State of Maine for the production of motion pictures, many of which will be made in and around the lakes, villages, and sea coast of New England. Is Well Financed Plans are being perfected, says a statement from the company, that will place Dirigo Films in the front line of high-grade producers. The corporation, it is stated, is financed to an extent that it can carry out any proposition it wishes to undertake. Miles B. Bank, president of Miles B. Bank Motor Car Company, automobile distributor, has been elected president; John Calvin Stevens, of Portland, is vice-president, and Hon. Frank Keiser, business manager. Is Pioneer in Business Charles M. Seay will have charge of productions. Mr. Seay has been prominently identified with the film industry as a director and executive for some years. "Jan of the Big Snows," the Oliver Curwood story which he directed, is scheduled for publication March 12 on the American Releasing program. Other officers of the new company are: Herbert A. Harmon, treasurer; William S. Linnell, company clerk, and Charles K. Fenderson, secretary. The board of directors are : Dr. W. N. Spear, Rockland ; Hon. A. S. Littlefield, Rockland; John Howard Stevens. Portland; Hon. Howard Winslow, Portland ; N. T. Fox, W. B. Thombs, A. B. McKown, Dr. L. F. Corthell, H. F. Merrill, G. Oakley, and L. B. Chipman. all of Portland.