Exhibitors Herald (Jul-Sep 1922)

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July 1, 1922 EXHIBITORS HERALD 29 PICTORIAL SECTION of Exhibitors Herald Issue of July I Stories Told by the Camera Fair dealing is the best policy. This was the keynote of a majority of the speeches made at the first annual banquet of the San Francisco Film Exchange Board of Trade, held at the Palace hotel. Among the speakers during the evening were H. G. Rosebaum, Lou Metzger and Louis Hyman. Six reasons why Mary Carr gives such remarkable portrayals of mother roles in her screen productions. Mrs. Carr became known to thousands of theatregoers following publication of the Fox feature "Over the Hill." Her latest picture for the company is "Silver Wings." The children, all of whom have appeared on the screen, are, left to right: Stephen, Rosemary, Thomas, (Mrs. Carr in the center), Luella, May Beth and John Carr. Hope Hampton, whose attractions are distributed through Associated First National Pictures, snapped while watching the Belmont races. The star's next feature for the distributing company will be "The Light in the Dark." Her current picture is "Star Dust."