Exhibitors Herald (Jul-Sep 1922)

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July 1, 1922 EXHIBITORS HERALD ai Looks like an automobile racer, but it isn't. It's Eddie Cline directing Buster Keaton in "The Frozen North" for First National. First National's Dollar-aWeek-Men leaving Chicago en route to Los Angeles. Left to right, the exploitation contest winners are: Alfred Gottesman, Shenandoah, Pa.; Ralph Lieber, Indianapolis; G. E. Millard (accompanying Lieber), Indianapolis; Joe Burton, Toccoa, Ga.; Nick McMahon, Jr., Ironton, O.; Ben Davis, Gloversville, N. Y., and A. G. Stolte, Des Moines. The women and the aviator in the picture are relatives of Mr. Burton. Talking things over during filming of "Douglas Fairbanks in Robin Hood" for United Artists. Arthur Edeson, chief cameraman; Allan Dwan, director, and Irvin J. Martin, designer, are in the center of the picture. Tea time while on location during production of George Melford's "Burning Sands" for Paramount. Left to right: Fenwick Oliver, Louise Dresser, Mervyn Leroy, Wanda Hawley, Stellar de Lanti and Milton Sills. Rodolph Valentino, Paramount star, in a bit of brilliant cape play in "Blood and Sand," his first starring vehicle under the banner of Famous Players-Lasky Corporation. Fred Niblo directed. Mechanical staff at Vitagraph's studio in the East gather around Corinne Griffith to hear program over star's portable radio set which was specially designed for her by Elmer B. Meyers.