Exhibitors Herald (Dec 1923 - Mar 1924)

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February 16, 1924 EXHIBITORS HERALD 33 Conceives Plan for Crediting Players and Staff Dr. Hugo Riesenfeld, in his presentation of "Ten Commandments" at the George M. Cohan theatre, has worked out an ingenious method of introducing a picture. This great Cecil B. DeMille production necessarily carries with it an unusually large number of credits to the various persons associated with him in its production. A number of minutes would have been required to flash these on the screen so Dr. Riesenfeld conceived the idea of stencilling these credits on two pillars at the sides of the stage where the audience might read them at leisure. When the picture is to start, the pillars and candelabra shown in the illustration are withdrawn and the two tablets in the center open, revealing the screen behind them. Betty Compson's first starring vehicle under Alan Crosland will be "Miami." The famous winter resort of that name will be used as the background of the picture, to be released by Hodkinson. In deference to the wishes of her friends, Edith Allen has retained her ow^n name in place of the pseudonym "H^dda Lind." She has the leading role in Whitman Bennett's "Virtuous Liars." Leatrice Joy, whose stellar work in "Ten Commandments" has promoted her to stardom, will be formally introduced as a Paramount star in an adaptation of Sophie Kerr's novel "Worldly Goods". This promotion to stardom by Paramount is in the nature of a formal recognition and confirmation of the verdict rendered in her case by the public some time ago. Thelma Hill is the name of this Mack Sennett water nymph. She hails from Emporia, Kan., and is proud of it. Thelma will be in "Picking Peaches", distributed by Pathe.