Exhibitors Herald (Dec 1923 - Mar 1924)

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February 16, 1924 EXHIBITORS HERALD 35 Adolph Zukor and Rodolph Valentino signing the contract by which Valentino returns to making Paramount pictures. Valentino returned recently on the Belgenland from Europe to start work on Booth Tarkington's "Monsieur Beaucaire" at the company's Long Island studio under the direction of Sidney Olcott. Buster Keaton is seen here in a scene from his next feature length comedy for Metro release, "Sherlock Junior." Buster says Mary Pickford is his favorite actress — after Norma and Constance Talmadge and his wife Natalie. Here's the old fashioned stereoscope that used to grace every parlor in the country and it's now in motion pictures. Director Tod Browning of the Goldwyn studios, has one in his ofRce 'with which to examine pictures of location brou|fht to him by bis assistant. Clara Bow, who has scored a personal triumph as the flapper in "Black Oxen" will next be seen as a Preferred star in "Maytime" under the banner of B. P. Schulberg, with whom she is under contract. She is at present working on "Poisoned Paradise" vrhich is in production under the direction of Gasnier.