Exhibitors Herald and Moving Picture World (Oct-Dec 1928)

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EXHIBITOM 11 ^ J ^ ) \ < J ORL THE BIGGEST THING ON THE MAP! WHITE SHADOWS THE SOUTH SEAS " MIDLAND KANSAS CITY ANGELES First week without stane show Knocked 'em for a ijoa I ! ASTOR 1 NEW YORK P Fourth month to packed U houses at $2.20 top. Sold U out far in advance. Now ^ giving three shows Saturday ■ STILLMAN CLEVELAND As big business as greeted The Big Parade. Held over. Stitl running. ^ 1 T S A PLEASURE* Listen to Harold ^.(WestCoast) Franklin: "Dancing Daughter; swept them off their feet an Francisco. New record State, Los Angeles, so big we're extending run to Boulevard for first time in history. Jsed silent version in Frisco, synchronized in Los Angeles, both did equally well." Listen to Variety: "Daughters errific. Capitol, N.Y., $98,250 first week. Holdover business currently almost as big." "State, Providence, Excess baggage smash hit!" Listen to the box-office: "Dancing Daughters, Excess Baggage, While the City Sleeps are geting the dough, rey, mi! Oh, baby, how the hits roll in from {your best friend) IVIETRO GOLDWYN MAYEIi. MimWr of Motion Plciur* TimIuc*'! arul CNMrll>utOft of Am«TKa, Inr. Whole Vol. 93, No. 4 (Vol. 35, No. 7) Entered as second-class matter, Auyust 20, 1917, at the Post Office at Chicago, III., under the act of March 3, 1S79. Published weekly at 407 South Dearborn St., Chicago. Subscription $3.00 a year. Single copies, 25 cents. Octofci