Exhibitors Herald and Moving Picture World (Oct-Dec 1928)

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October 27, 1928 EXHIBITORS HERALD and MOVING PICTURE WORLD 3 good pictures TS* importaut pictures! ^ You play plenty of good pictures that get only a passing nod from the public. Comes "THE WEDDING MARCH" and does S. R. O. Why? ^ Because, in addition to being a good picture, it's an important picture. Because, as the New York Herald -Tribune says, ^^it is the most publicized picture of the decade." Because a genius, von Stroheim, made it and stars in it, and people make it a point to look at his products. They're important, qThe whole town says, ''THE WEDDING MARCH'? We must see that one!" The radio is deserted, the Blanks' bridge party is a flop — everybody is jamming your theatre to see 'THE WEDDING MARCH." ^ What showman is silly enough to pass up a ^'"natural" like that? What showman is so lacking in showmanship that he doesn't grab important product like "WINGS" and THE PATRIOT" and "DOCKS OF NEW YORK" and 'THE FLEET'S IN"? ^ You find some good pictures in every company's line-up; you find important pictures in large quantity only in PAR AMOUNT'S!