Exhibitors Herald and Moving Picture World (Oct-Dec 1928)

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30 EXHIBITORS HERALD and MOVING PICTURE WORLD November 3, 1928 Alexander S. Aronson, who returns to Europe soon as representative of World Wide, which will distribute all nations' films to all nations. He is visiting America after five years abroad for M G M, Charm which, consistently eloquent in the silent drama, is to be given the literal (less subtle?) voice of the talkies. Lois Wilson, whom we present in a brand new portrait, will appear opposite Monte Blue in "Conquest," a Warner BrothersVitaphone production now on the way. Tom Mix shows the aristocrats of Riifia (that's in North Africa, you know) how they do things in the American cow country, thereby teaching Abdul El Hassan, king and abductor of Tom's girl, a needed lesson. It is a scene from Mix's latest F B O Western, "King Cowboy." Out to foil the foe, for whom few of us will have much sympathy. To meet Josephine Dunn in any encounter could not be offensive. This rising M G M player is working opposite William Haines in "A Man's Man."