Exhibitors Herald World (Oct-Dec 1930)

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lltM-emltcr 6. IM3U XHIBITORS HERALD-WORLD This photograph was taken after the champion of champions, Bobby Jones, had signed a contract, which calls for 12 pictures to be made for Vitaphone Varieties. The series will be entitled, "How I Play Golf," and thus an admiring nation will be able to see the "skill" which won all those trophies. Left to right, Lewis Warner. Jack L. Warner. Bobby Jones. H. M. Warner and Major Albert Warner Looks like a makeup scene, doesn't it? But not of the kind that needs the aid of cosmetics. This is taken from the MGM picture, "Passion Flower," the title of the book by Kathleen Norris. Left to right, Kay Johnson, Charles Bickford, Kay Francis. We'll say this girl's a tough "hombre," and we're glad we're not parked anywhere in front of that dainty little plaything that she is having such a good time aiming around. Daphne Pollard and Andy Clyde look as though they meant business, but Marjorie Beebe — there's no doubt about it. These three are the chief protagonists in the Educational-Mack Sennett comedy, "Racket Cheers." Introducing lovely Anita Page as "Alias Jane Valentine," and we wonder whether she will be as famous as her brother "Jimmy." She will next be seen in the leading feminine role in M G M's "Reducing," starring Marie Dressier and Polly Moran. ,