Film Canada Yearbook (2000)

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FUNDING/ \ FINANCIAL/LEGAL/ TALENT/ _Ppaecariuc UNIONS/GUILDS/ ASSOCIATIONS EQUIPMENT SALES/ RENTALS/ STUDIOS EQUIPMENT SALES & RENTALS / STUDIOS EQUIPMENT RENTALS LTD. LIGHTING GRIP SOUND MOBILE GENERATORS DOLLIES SET BUILDING LAMPS GELS TAPES Website: President: Jon Raby Vice-President, Sales: Mark Driscoll Service Manager. John Savage Matrix Video Communications #9 6120 3rd St. S.E. Calgary, AB T2H 1K4 (403) 640-4490 Fax: (403) 640-9012 Glen Burgess 17430 106 AAvenue Edmonton, AB T5S 1E6 (403) 489-8787 Fax: (403) 489-4496 Ron Kusick 320 Gardiner Park Court Regina, SK S4V 1R9 (306) 757-5902 Fax: (306) 522-6272 Don Stephens Sales / services / rentals MTM EQUIPMENT RENTALS LTD. 525 McKnight Blvd. N.E. Calgary, AB T2E 5S9 (403) 276-1505 Fax: (403) 277-0554 Contact: Mel Merrells MULTI ELECTRONIC SERVICES LTD. 190 Don Park Rd., Unit 5 Markham, ON L3R 2V8 Tel. & Fax: (905) 475-5068 E-mail: Manager: Audie Chan Video systems design / installation / video equipment services / VCR camcorder and monitor MVI MULTIVISION INC. 94 Scarsdale Rd. North York, ON M3B 2R7 (416) 449-7801 Fax: (416) 449-5131 Contact: Peter Penkala 525 McKNIGHT BLVD. N.E. Fax: (403) 277-0554 CALGARY, ALBERTA (403) 276-1505 T2E 589 90TH PARALLEL FILM AND TELEVISION PRODUCTIONS LTD. Business Office: 112 Parliament St. Toronto, ON M5A 2Y8 (416) 364-9090 Fax: (416) 364-0580 President/Producer: Gordon S. Henderson Rentals and Sales of location protection / Safety equipment and supplies Warehouse: 3660 Vanness Ave. Vancouver, BC V5R 5T8 (604) 436-1418 Fax: (604) 436-1461 ONTARIO STAGING LIMITED 78 Mack Ave. Scarborough on MiL 1M9 (416) 694-8980 Fax: (416) 694-2979 E-mail: info@ Website: Contact: Maria Physentzou Sales / rentals / installations. Blackout drapes, portable staging, set accessories | lighting and audio. OPTIKON CORP. LTD. 1099 Guelph St. Kitchener, ON N2B 2E4 (519) 745-4115 Fax: (519) 745-6922 E-mail: sales @ Website: President: Steve Dalcos Light measuring equipment OSRAM SYLVANIA LTD. 2001 Drew Rd. Mississauga, ON L5S 1S4 (905) 673-6171 Fax: (905) 671-5608 (800) LIGHTBULB Contact: Steve Duff £=ntelliprompt Features, Series & Ads |Mounts Film and Video Shoots |* Podium Corporate and Video Presentations Infomercials, Live Broadcasts & Speaker Support 416.504.9535 Rental Package includes Skilled technician and equipment * Camera Prompters * Jib Mounts *LCD Flat Screens TORONTO/MONTREAL/OTTAWA/CALGARY/LOS ANGELES/NEW YORK PANASONIC CANADA INC. 5770 Ambler Dr. Mississauga, ON L4W 2T3 (905) 238-2115 Fax: (905) 238-2362 Vice-President, Broadcast TV Systems Divisions (BTSD): Nick Mori Manager, Professional Audio Video Systems Dept. (PAVSD): Larry Lavoie Product Manager, AVSD: Gordon Stephen National Sales Manager, BSD: Denis Orendt National Sales Manager, AVSD: Larry Lavoie Branch Offices: Westem Regional Manager, BSD: Gary Shumyla (604) 278-4211 x 3203 Manager, Goverment Relations, BTSD: Mike Hooper (613) 247-1501 Eastern Regional Manager, BSD: Jacques Proulx (514) 633-8684 x 3505 Regional Sales Manager, PAVSD: Gates Forlini (514) 633-8684 x 3509 PANAVISION (CANADA) CORP. 900A Don Mills Rd. Don Mills, ON M3C 1V6 (416) 444-7000 Fax: (416) 444-0192 Chairman: Glen Ferrier President & C.O.O.: Bill Zacharuk 5258 Lougheed Highway Bumaby, BC V5B 2Z6 (604) 291-PANA (7262) Fax: (604) 291-0422 Manager: Jeff Flowers PARALLEL FILMS INC. Business Office 7677 French St. Vancouver, BC V6P 4V5 (604) 263-6729 Fax; (604) 263-7784 2000 ° FILM CANADA YEARBOOK y ~ eeaseeeasasaual owl