Film Canada Yearbook (2001)

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(= L ADA ‘yearbook MOVING PICTURES MEDIA Box 720, Port Perry, Ontario LOL 1A7 (905) 986-0050 Fax: (905) 986-1113 E-mail: deborah Website: $38.00 per copy ISSN 0831-5157 Publisher / Editor / Advertising DEBORAH TIFFIN Layout & Design ALISON BENNIE — FLAMINGO GRAPHICS Editorial Assistants: ARNE LUUNGSTROM LU CORMIER SANDRA PARKER GAIL BRYCK Printer HAYES PRINTING Richmond Hill, Ontario Contributors: GERALD PRATLEY Cover Photograph Courtesy of: BRITISH COLUMBIA FILM Vancouver, British Columbia Special Thanks: Wilfred Rapp Patricia Tiffin Dolman Deborah Addison-Brawn Jennifer Stark, Palm Springs International Film Festival Janet Richards Eric Ball, Independent Booking & Theatre Services Carol Boudreault, Tom Hutchinson, Magic Lantern Theatres Don MckKelvie, Atlantic Independent Theatre Exhibitors Association Sid Sniderman, Prairie Allied Booking Cathy Watson, Cathy Watson Booking Services Jordan Chrysafidis, Microsoft Canada Edward Hogg, Software Specialist, San Francisco FILM CANADA YEARBOOK « 2001 EDITOR’S NOTE: All rights reserved. Information contained in this publication is based on details supplied by the individuals / companies listed, and industry representatives. Every effort is made to ensure that information is accurate at the time of insertion. Moving Pictures Media does not accept responsibility for errors, omissions or misrepresentations, and does not guarantee the accuracy of the advertisements or listings represented herein. All submitted information is subject to editing, due to space considerations. ADVERTISING POLICY: Moving Pictures Media is not liable for slight changes or typographical errors that do not lessen the value of an advertisement, or any other errors or omissions in connection with any advertisement. No claim will be allowed for more than the value of the original advertising insertion order. TABLE OF CONTENTS PRODUCTION 5 Producers — Film / Video / Multimedia 5 Commercials 34 Support Services 36 Canadian Feature Films (35 mm) 2000-2001 39 BROADCASTERS 43 Broadcasters 43 Pay / Pay Per View Television Services 46 Specialty Television Channels / Services 46 FUNDING / FINANCIAL / LEGAL / INSURANCE 53 Funding 53 Financial Services 56 Legal Services 58 Insurance 62 CASTING / TALENT & CREATIVE / PUBLICISTS 67 Casting Directors 67 Talent Representatives 69 Creative Representatives 72 Publicists / Public Relations 73 Writers 74 Directors 75 Storyboard Artists 75 Cinematographers 75 Music Scoring 77 Special Effects 80 Stunt Performers /Wranglers 82 UNIONS, GUILDS & ASSOCIATIONS 87 Unions, Guilds & Associations 87 SOlans /S1WLN3Y /S3WS LNIWdINDA f VIC3WLONW /O301A/WN4 “NOWWINGOYd “ S¥ILSVIdVOuS \ JONVUNSNI /W931/1WIONWN /ONIGNNA Sisionand /ANAWIYO 8 INIIWL/ONILSVO SNOLLVIDOSSV SaINd/SNOINN NOILINGOUd 180d : NOLLSIHXS