Film Canada Yearbook (2001)

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PAST The complete history of Genie, Gemini and Gémeaux nominees and winners. PRE SENT Membership rewards. — Development programs — FUTURE: — eee and ACADEMY OF CANADIAN CINEMA AND TELEVISION ACADEMIE CANADIENNE DU CINEMA ET DE LA TELEVISION students. | | ACADEMY OF CANADIAN CINEMA & TELEVISION TORONTO, NATIONAL OFFICE 172 KING STREET EAST, TORONTO, ON MSA 1J3 TEL: (416) 366-2227 FAX: (416) 366-8454 MONTREAL 3575 BOUL. SAINT-LAURENT, BUREAU 709, MONTREAL, QC H2X 277 TEL: (514) 849-7448 FAX: (514) 849-5069 VANCOUVER 1385 HOMER STREET, VANCOUVER, BC V6B 5M9. TEL: (604) 684-4528 FAX: (604) 684-4574 TOLL FREE: 1-800-644-5194 ANIWL/ = \ z\ wo /SH1WS LNIWdIND NOLLNIULSIO ~ NOLUSIHXA \ suaisvoqvoua JONVUNSNI /1W931/ WIONWNI /ONIGNN SLsi9nand /AANLW340 8 SNOLLWIDOSSY Sa1IND/SNOINN solanis /S1WLN3Y¥ NOWINGO"d “180d