Film Canada Yearbook (2002)

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UVVBVOVEVUVEBESSUUERBESETEEES AD yearbook MOVING PICTURES MEDIA Box 720, Port Perry, Ontario LOL 1A7 (905) 986-0050 Fax: (905) 986-1113 E-mail: Website: $38.00 per copy ISSN 0831-5157 Publisher / Editor / Advertising DEBORAH TIFFIN Layout & Design PAM HICKEY Assistant Editors FERN RUBINSTEIN LU CORMIER EDITORIAL SERVICES Printer HAYES PRINTING Richmond Hill, Ontario Contributors: GERALD PRATLEY, ALEXFILMS.COM Cover Photograph Courtesy of: TOWN OF RICHMOND HILL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Special Thanks: Wilfred Rapp Patricia Tiffin Dolman Deborah Addison-Brawn Jonathan Rezek Jennifer Stark, Palm Springs International Film Festival ; Edward Hogg, Software Specialist, San Francisco EDITOR'S NOTE: All rights reserved. Information contained in this publication is based on details supplied by the individuals / companies listed, and industry representatives. Every effort is made to ensure that information is accurate at the time of insertion. Moving Pictures Media does not accept responsibility for errors, omissions or misrepresentations, and does not guarantee the accuracy of the advertisements or listings represented herein. All submitted information is subject to editing, due to space considerations. ADVERTISING POLICY: Moving Pictures Media is not liable for slight changes or typographical errors that do not lessen the value of an advertisement, or any other errors or omissions in connection with any advertisement. No claim will be allowed for more than the value of the original advertising insertion order. FILM CANADA YEARBOOK ¢ 2002 s 2002/3 TABLE OF CONTENTS PRODUCTION Producers — Film / Video / Multimedia .......0-0 -e sere ere erence rere 5 Northwest Territories / Nunavut .. 02.6.0 2c eee eee eee re tree eters 5 British 'GolUmbiac. <., -c0 © ova w iets wir ete: etwsane Oo (one Wiatel alae onriane a timers 5 AIDGrta oc ccc ac g-Soceicieipaie abbey p goes ip iiery euormtel any aa ojalier apie akeih aren nese 11 SaskatCh@wan) iiss « s+ « eects ov aidiecers eins ip nielauere scuste lary. + fiyiainin ital cals 12 Manitoba’ i. ca > ocee guacg-dlesese’ © ae eeslie! seurlat ee elelin so) moe! seg eleet My amie ae yay Caer as 12 Opntario ssc cleus See wiavalorSswisdcave oe, avasorey oh ett a wtnne emia satel rye: entre haneeen saan en eS 13 QUEDEC™ « chive ecto ok wien oo 0 FNPIR w olui oxe-0fin oxnte went [eval a eUarmtnte st eeringraea =] eicaaes 26 New Brunswick: «cis + vom ave © nie euwad vlna ele wi<unroy platerenaia amv iol opment simira 30 Nova SCotia caste neta ote elpcassiaece'e we /dueialp) oleisehet oes peas eet bis eore tenia 31 Newfoundland / Labrador ........ ees eee rece rere e eee e eee ecees 32 Prince Edward Island .....--cece ec ee cree cree eect er cre ceereenas 33 CommercialS: ccscacee sunceace enw oectin oe or eat elararela giv aiayni elm menue auelaims sarang 33 Canadian Feature Films (85mm) DOO = 2002, acre crate coguspermse a niacoaval ev okonceaaeiisnetoneR Men eLaue tec isteieasoaeneras 37 BROADCASTERS Broadcasters National & Regional ......--+-+eeee eerste cere rr ereee 41 Pay-Per-View/Premium Television ServiceS ......cece etter eee eter e erent erent en eans 44 Specialty Television Channels .....---++ see eerer ere e er etsesresees 45 Digital Television Channels ....-.+--+s+eeee reese seer strc tesesess 49 FUNDING, FINANCIAL, LEGAL, INSURANCE FUPGIN QE 5, as ietnsedose ena e eo adenslayai's sels’ oom euctmurasttn insert canetars era ecaea 55 FimariClal x oid nuove esusevamtane el pissavendlave alataol air (tun otetutaes Tegal Maaaeet ee 58 LOA zac seen ect are oon iunet het aha cea 61 INSUTANCE: ~<-fecca hecee deh wre ties coat oe scm ie eine ism ian ne erer eA 64 TALENT / PUBLICISTS / CREATIVE SERVICES Gasting | Directorsiae tase scc= cle ceieey ata toteas =< ee Rin escenario 69 Talent Representatives ..... 0. ee eee eee eee e rere eee e neste ees 71 Creative Representatives .... 0... cree cece eee eee eter e erent ets 74 Publicists / Public Relations ©... ce eee eee eee ee eee eee ett 75 Writers) rel ac eal aiele eek wwe ausid ovele ws 5; posite a) aapmalatasnal Al sl oonrnocgitoncen es sreeae ae 76 Directors “es vd ewe bum Sieiarete aot wlkce ws. nle wie ee emimpmioie layla age nadie am 77 Storyboard Artists 0... 6.5. e cece reece ene tener c ence n es ecn cence 78 Cinematographers 6... cece eee ete erent eset e nsec eens 78 COMPOSES oes whats sinew om Wein im ere sropeeainars e/e]e er weesawers ersrar= sim soaany 80 Special Physical Effects ... 2.6.0... eee e cece tere eee eee eee eter nes 83 Stunt Performers / Wranglers ..... 6.2.6 eee eee eee eee serene 85 Support Services ..... 6. cece eee tee eee t enn eterna cence es 86 VIGaWILININ O3GIA / Wd NOWINGOd JINVYNSNI W931 / WIONWNId SHaLSVIdVOuS ONIGNNA S39IAW3S ALLWAYS Sisionand ANIL SNOLLWIDOSSV sand SNOINN Solanis S1V1N3H sa1VS LNaWdinda NOLIIHXA NoWNaluLsia Nowonaoud -1sod “S2QNZ9V LAOS a peers ment