Film Canada Yearbook (2002)

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Unions, Guilds & AsSociationS .... cece crete eee eee eee eens 91 @ ¢ € UNIONS, GUILDS & ASSOCIATIONS ¢ ¢ ~~ EQUIPMENT SALES & RENTALS / STUDIOS Equipment Sales & Rentals .........see ener eee eee eee eerie es : Es ® 2 Swiell6S os chk g eg ch en ee 1 Transportation... . 2. cence cere cree etter eee e rte e ents ee ceees 114 @ » JN GEL) ok Bo) edie oS) Sea OI Oe RO 114 + POST PRODUCTION p. yl Animation & Visual Effects ...... 0.0 cece cece eee reer te eee nena 117 JNUGI@ PRC 4. oan saw cnoesh SO RO eae RO PESOS CC ieee cian 121 q > Dubbing / Subtitling / Close Captioning ........+..seee serene eres 125 Duplication / Standards Conversion ......-.++eseeee eee e reeset ees 125 g Edge Coding .......-...scer cece tree teeter teen tree stcees 127 [UES 9 has eho SUE Gen ni thos Ot OOo Cacia ier ICHOR ecaen aa 127 g Music Licencing / Publishing / Stock ee eee rere reer 128 : Negative Cutting ....... see e eee eee teen eee t eee n ere ee 129 al PIGHIEE OST se an vivie Pine leleiSin'e we slesiaie c'eleve ape 'Ss cw ere 129 4 Restoration mre atacirstieh isin =< Fa ehnidsiis > seven cliee rnc cess ers 133 4 Stock & Archive Footage .... 12... cece eee eee creer t eee eeee 133 a SHOFAGS oc ec c ec eect cee eter eee tee eer eter ects renee 135 a Sue ES eo, Ts oe GRO ee ee 136 y DISTRIBUTION : A Theatrical / Non-Theatrical / Television .........42cceeeeeeeeereeeees 139 . tl WIGGOIDISHIDUNOLS micrna castes sane iia w'e Nal )e e'v boeln ee! isunjergia aig wikia we» 149 a MInMIMER Gunes) SEMIEES) 9-505 sao psobo Gon enu ob oben oCcoSenEooO arr 152 al Independent Booking CompanieS ......... eee rere rete renee enee 153 6 Delivery ServiceS «2.2... .e ccc e eter ee rece eet teen cert eet eetenes 153 ad d EXHIBITION . ‘all RAPA 2 le a eee 157 ¥ pe STHEAITEIASSOC All ONS mien entertain cet pisrateralrvnis ale ctv is eiewwin Brite io ecaie.n) se 159 Consulting Servic€S ....... cece cece recente ete ee ee en neeeees 160 . On-Screen Advertising ..1-6. sss sees eee cece eee eee een nes 160 ined Refreshment SeIvices mnt einai erect riorerce ecto p arnlas x. -lelaacs eceysperese 160 Theatre Equipment Suppliers .... 2... cece cece ee eee ee eee eee eee 161 AS) BorOnics Statistics ete euene . ethos tae sy suri shu edema es 164 ‘ ea. CESSICA OT) on en Se ee 168 J [Inte tovoyr (Cif Telen a = = AiSse e cacao 173 DITiVEH TaN GUMS Meee oS cere eR Sire hn Perea aye EE RCRD map CR Ee 194 ~ GOVERNMENT AGENCIES be Recorali ep iIGistiGliG) temerte mer itealsnecveni seis ae ve cltlmia’»lviatnteusieseiere'« 199 Provincial and Municipal (Film Commissions) ............0e+eeeeeeee 204 IAW ATS HARGSIIVallSi trans teeter ten teia preg att tive oy olgi'nsschi/as nye cenalecaueisete sstioyctbca 210 TUES ays ASS SH Ses Oi 2 ere eee Co 214 Filthy (Pow pees how ama eee os to SCs CRE enone Te Re nen 216 (COE bys Sei cs i Ah Ae Ce aoe eT 221 RUDI CaO S terete: cteste ts teativcs eavatarc gl eva ievsic ak iarctan ase sae7s onauengtene stem 223 BOOKSIODSemmentnie tenis rie cele a teaslete le Misti asuvin store riatu venus wyenk ain phen dtatens 224 INDEXES PACH ONLISONS eapetiete se noose hee ea Soe eA way ual) olin gorge atv ooTS wadiceha vs ac orols's co basa yas 225 USIMGS meres wt pirate leccpers cnrens Cotes ovis tun ws tp omits a oO aarce eGolaia' o lalats 225-236 2002 * FILM CANADA YEARBOOK FEEEFEE EE EEL EEE