Film Canada Yearbook (2002)

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FILM / VIDEO MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTION PRODUCTION — FILM / VIDEO / MULTIMEDIA JORDAN-BASTOW PRODUCTIONS INC, 425 Carral St., Ste. 410 Vancouver, BC V6B 6E3 (604) 609-0339 Fax: (604) 609-0336 Contact: Gretchen Jordan-Bastow Film / TV KAMLOOPS PRO VIDEO SERVICES 1318B McGill Rd. Kamloops, BC V2C 6N6 (250) 851-2568 Fax: (250) 851-2921 Website: Contacts: Bill Ligertwood, Pat Ebert KEATLEY MACLEOD PRODUCTIONS 2656 Eastbrook Parkway Burnaby, BC V5C 5W8 (604) 291-9789 Fax: (604) 291-9759 E-mail: President: Julia Keatley Secretary: Matt MacLeod Treasurer: Phillip Keatley LAISSEZ-EAIRE FILMS INC. Pier 32, Granville Island 100 — 1333 Johnston St. Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9 (604) 689-0880 Fax: (604) 689-3036 Writer / Producer: Terry Mercer Producer: Paxton Robertson LEGACY FILMWORKS LID. Lions Gate Studios Ste. 210, Bldg. #9 555 Brooksbank Ave. N. Vancouver, BC _V7J 3S5 (604) 904-6772 Fax: (604) 904-6774 E-mail: Website: President / C.E.O.: Deboragh Gabler Film & TV production LES STANCHUK VIDEO PRODUCTION 1131 Columbia Ave. Trail, BC ViR 1J1 (250) 368-9964 Fax: (250) 368-9965 Cell: (250) 368-7290 E-mail: Industrial / commercial video / photographic services LINDISFARNE PRODUCTIONS INC. 22791 — 125 A Ave. Maple Ridge, BC V2X ON4 Tel. & Fax: (604) 463-3977 Pager: (604) 450-3142 Producer / Writer: Fred Keating LIONS GATE ENTERTAINMENT CORP. 595 Burrard Ave., Ste. 3123 Vancouver, BC V7X 1J1 (604) 609-6100 Fax: (604-) 609-6145 Website: Director: Frank Giustra Chairman: Gordon Keep Develops, produces and distributes a broad range of motion picture, television and other filmed entertainment content through its four operation divisions motion picture, television, animation, and studio facilities. Trading symbols: AMEX & TSE: LGF Wholly-owned properties: Trimark Home Video, Studio Home Entertainment. Part Owner: Termite Arts Productions,, CineGroupe , Mandalay Entertainment, Christal Films. See Also Ontario, Quebec (Christal Films) U.S.A. 4553 Glencoe Ave., Ste. 200 Marina del Rey, CA 90292 (810) 314-2000 Fax: (310) 392-0252 E-mail: C.E.O.: John Feltheimer Vice Chairmen: Mark Amin, Michael Burns C.F.0.: Marni Wieshofer Exec. V.P.: John Dellaverson Exec. V.P.: Lions Gate Studio: Peter Leitch THE LUNNY COMMUNICATIONS GROUP 1500 W. Georgia St., 20th Floor Vancouver, BC V6G 226 (604) 669-0333 Fax: (604) 662-7500 E-mail: Website: President: Shane Lunny Production Supervisor: Tony Dean Video / film — 35mm / multimedia / studio & Post-production facilities MAINFRAME 2025 West Broadway, Ste. 500 Vancouver, BC V6J 1Z6 (604) 714-2600 Fax: (604) 714-2641 E-mail: Exec. Producer: lan Pearson MAKE BELIEVE MEDIA 380 W. 1st Ave. Vancouver, BC V5Y 3T7 (604) 874-9498 Fax: (604) 728-5086 E-mail: Website: President: Lynn Booth MASSEY PRODUCTIONS LID. 249 East St. James Rd. N. Vancouver, BC V7N 1L3 (604) 990-9044 Fax: (604) 990-9066 E-mail: Producer: Raymond Massey MAX FLEX TELEVISION PRODUCTIONS ING. 2485 Milliner Rd. Roberts Creek, BC VON 2W6 (604) 886-0250 E-mail: Website: Vice-President / Producer: Jeff Barringer TV series THE MAY STREET GROUP Film, Video & Animation Ltd. 727 Johnson St., Ste. G Victoria, BC V8W 1M9 (250) 380-6656 Fax: (250) 380-6670 E-mail: President: Hilary Jones-Farrow Full creative services from concept to release MEDIAWERKZ PRODUCTIONS LID. 611 E. Kings Rd. N. Vancouver, BC V7N 1J4 (604) 987-1625 E-mail: Documentary / TV / multimedia / educational / CD-ROM MILESTONE PRODUCTIONS INC. 740 E. Sth St. N. Vancouver, BC V7L 2B9 (604) 983-2822 Fax: (604) 983-2922 E-mail: President: Ogden Gavanski Director of Development: Catherine Forbes Feature films / TV series / documentaries MINDS EYE PICTURES 1142 Keith Rd. W. Vancouver, BC _V7T 1M8 (604) 921-2233 Fax; (604) 925-9595 Contact: Andrew Atkins Features / TV drama / documentaries See also Alberta & Saskatchewan wouxs REACH PRODUCTIONS 104 — 1260 Lynn Valley Rd. N. Vancouver, BC V7J 2A3 (604) 983-2555 Fax: (604) 983-2558 E-mail: Exec. Producers: Mark Strange, Jackson Davies, Nick Orchard MORTIMER & OGILVY PRODUCTIONS LIMITED 1431 Howe St. Vancouver, BC V6Z 1R9 (604) 408-1693 Fax; (604) 254-2462 Producer: Sharon McGowan Producer / Writer: Peggy Thompson Film & TV / development & production 2002 ¢ FILM CANADA YEARBOOK