Film Canada Yearbook (2003)

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ODnnNIirTINN FUNDING FO eine’ BROADCASTERS TALENT PUBLICISTS CRFATIVE SFRVICES TALENT / PUBLICISTS / CREATIVE SERVICES Walter Masko ST W Since 1986 416.251.6149 Tess Features e Television «© Commercials Stunt Performers ¢ Precision Drivers « Equipment Rentals QUEBEC INTRIGUE PRODUCTIONS INC. 219 Dunbar Ave. Montréal, QO H3P 2H4 (514) 737-8700 Fax: (614) 737-8646 E-mail: Contact: Louis Craig Weather, pyrotechnics, rigging, special construction, hydraulics & pneumatics, fly ngs STUNT PERFORMERS / WRANGLERS BRITISH COLUMBIA STUNTS CANADA 116A -— 2328 Boundary Rd. Vancouver, BC V5M 4B8 (604) 299-7050 Fax: (604) 299-7058 E-mail: Website: Contact: Graham McDonald NOVA SCOTIA RANDY BOLIVER R.R. #4, Conquerall Bank Bridgewater, NS B4V 2W3 (902) 543-7548 Fax: (902) 543-0398 Falls / jumps / explosions / water work, etc. Serving Atlantic Canada WILLIAM & HILARY FLOWER R.R. #1, 619 Blue Rocks Rd. Lunenburg, NS BOJ 2CO (902) 634-4833 Cell: (902) 521-0251 E-mail: Sheep dogs / sheep / livestock / wranglers / divers / marine co-ordinator / safety / marine stunts / special FX 8s GUARDIAN STAR STUNTS R.R. #4, Conquerall Bank Bridgewater, NS B4V 2W3 (902) 543-7548 Fax: (902) 543-0398 Group of specially trained men & women Serving Atlantic Canada PAM THORNTON SERVICES R.R. #1, Centre Rawdon, Site 15, Box 5 Mount Uniacke, NS BON 1Z0 Tel. & Fax: (902) 682-2963 Horse wrangler / rider / driver SURVIVAL SYSTEMS TRAINING LIMITED 40 Mount Hope Ave. Dartmouth, NS B2Y 4K9 (902) 465-3888 Fax: (902) 466-2929 E-mail: President: John Swain Training / Operations Manager: Peter Gibbs Boats / pool / marine / aviation / safety & survival THE YAZER GROUP 918 Caribou Marsh Rd. Sydney, NS B1M 1B4 (902) 562-6017 Fax: (902) 562-3393 E-mail: Contact: Brendon Yazer Car / motorcycle stunts ONTARIO ALL WHEEL STUNTS Div. of W STUNTS 18 Branch Ave. Toronto, ON M8W 1M7 (416) 251-6149 Contact: Walter Masko Stunt co-ordinator / precision drivers / stunt performers and extreme athletes for film & television. Est.1986 FIRST DASH INC. 1732 Greenvale Cr. Pickering, ON L1V 4X7 (905) 420-2047 Cell: (416) 471-4667 Contact: Dan Belley Stunt co-ordinating / performer / rigging / special effects / flying equipment rental RADICAL STUNTS 35 Turnberry Cres. Unionville, ON L8R OR6 (905) 940-5555 Cell: (416) 417-5555 Fax: (905) 940-9079 E-mail: Contact: Marco Bianco Film / TV / video REEL STUNTS PRODUCTIONS 36 Bruce St. Cambridge, ON N1R 8M8 (519) 242-4075 Pager: (800) 867-5553 Fax: (519) 622-2498 E-mail: Website: Contact: Randy Butcher TRALEE HORSE AND CARRIAGE SERVICE 19933 Mountainview Rd., R.R. #2 Caledon E., ON LON 1E0 (519) 941-6541 Fax: (519) 941-9251 Contact: Sherrie O'Connor Horses, ponies, extensive carriage collection, location 2008 ¢ FILM CANADA YEARBOOK Baar een ‘ > CEEn te \ W W q WwW Mi. ©. ¥. x. X Yi