Independent Exhibitors Film Bulletin (Sep 1934 - Aug 1935)

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INDEPENDENT EXHIBITORS FILM BULLETIN Vol. -No. Sept. 11,1 934 Representing, in editorial policy, the views of the Independent Exhibitors' Protective Association. Issued weekly by Film Bulletin Company, at 1313 Vine Street, Phila., Pa. Mo Wax, editor ond publisher. Telephone: Rittenhouse 4816. Address all communications to Editor, Film Bulletin ADVERTISING RATES Write or call us for cur Advertising Rates. In New York City call Mo Wax, Circle 7-3094. CLASSIFIED RATE Ten cents per word. Minimum $1.00. Send check or money order with copy. THAN st wiSes MR. GOLDER My best wISKes to the Independent Exhibitors' Film Bulletin. May it always be a medium of helpfulness to the independent exhibitors and to all others engaged in the motion picture business. I also trust that it will always be used for extending the hand of good fellowship between the various branches of the industry, while adhering to its principles of protection for the independent theatre owners. An independent trade publication in this territory, like a really independent exhibitors' organization, should have a bright future. Good luck! Benjamin Golder. INDEPENDENT EXHIBITORS FILM BULLETIN IEPA ACTIVITIES Activities of the aggressive INDEPENDENT EXHIBITORS' PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION The organization has set up a purchasing department to serve, and save for, its members. Arrangements have already been made to enable IEPA men to save on coal, bulbs, cleaning paste, and used ticket registers. The Department will arrange to book vaudeville thiu an agency for any theatres using such attractions . It is understood, of course, that on all sales made thru the Purchasing Department, the Organization receives ten per cent of its treasury. Discuss any buying you are planning to do with the Business Manager and learn if you can make a saving in this manner. IEPA has inaugurated an intensive and extensive campaign against 40 and 50 per cent, pictures and preferred playing time. A striking one sheet has been posted throughout the film district. It warns independent exhibitors against "signing your own death warrant" by contracting for pictures at "extortionate" rentals. This is but the first step in the IEPA drive for elimination of unfair practices by major film distributors. The Organization is offering an additional, and valuable servictr'fo'members in securing employees to fill any position in connection with theatre work. Lists of people available and suitable for various jobs are being gathered and arranged in systematic order. When you need a person to fill any sort of job, call the Business Manager and he will send applicants to you promptly. There is a Horlacher phone in the office at 1313 Vine Street. As you may know, you can get the exchanges and many accessory firms on this phone — free of charge. Drop in and make use of this service. Oscar Neufeld and Miss Willensky are always present at headquarters to assist you with your immediate problems. Genial Oscar has his many years of experience in the industry to put at your disposal. Miss Willensky is a capable attorney. They are eager and able to aid you. YOU SAID IT! I'll tell the world we want a fearless, aggressive organization of, by and for the Independent Exhibitor HERE'S MY REQUEST FOR MEMBERSHIP." I Independent Exhibitors' Protective Ass'n, 1313 Vine Street, Philadelphia, Pa. I desire to become a member of your organizations. Kindly tend me an application. I am an independent exhibitor. Theatre BEST KNOWN THEATRICAL PRINTER IN THE EAST POSTERS SPECIAL HERALDS on all important pictures at low prices QUALITY PRINT SHOP 1208 VINE STREET PHILADELPHIA Locust 3548 Roce 5138 Advertising layout and copy experts to assist you FREE SERVICE Complete Modem Type Faces for Your Selection JOSEPH SUSKIN KENNETH HAYNES