Independent Exhibitors Film Bulletin (Sep 1934 - Aug 1935)

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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1934 Let's Get Acquainted BEN GOLDER Benjamin Martin Golder first saw, as they say, the light of day on December 23rd, 1891, in the town of Alliance, New Jersey. He tells us that he wouldn't have missed that first Christman for anything! In 1914 he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, and was admitted to the bar in the same year. Only 25, he was elected to the Pennsylvania Legislature in 1916, where he served until 1924. During the World War Mr. Golder enlisted in the Naval Aviation Service. After the Armistice he returned to his seat in the State Legislature, shortly after being appointed as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. From 1925 to 1933 he was a member of the United States Congress, and he established an admirable record for service in the interest of the people. He was one of the earliest, and, very energetic opponent of the Prohibition Amendment. While many members of Congress failed to /oice their objections to the Mexican Government's persecution of the Catholics several years ago, Ben Golder was brilliant in his denunciation of our southern neighbor's tactics. He always has been an ardent defender of religious freedom. About five years ago he married Peggy Mastbaum, daughter of the late Jules Mastbaum, and is the proud daddy of two girls. Several months ago he was offered and accepted the presidency of the Independent Exhibitors' Protective Association. The IEPA is proud to have such a man as leader of their organization. • CLEM'S • Motion Picture Supply House Expert Supply Service jor the Independent Theatre 255 N. 13th ST., PHILA. SPRUCE 1834 Your patrons WANT Candy Machines .... And we pay you to install them! BERLO Vending Company 1518 North Brood Street Philadelphia You'll find them in first to last run theatres everywhere LETTERS This column is an open forum for expressions of opinion. What is yours? TO OUR READERS: This column of the Film Bulletin is reserved for publication of letters received Iron' you and you and you. Since this is the first issue of our paper, we could not expect to have any letters from readers, so we are iitiuzrng the space to write a few words to y-ou 1 We large you to make use of this column. Yo¥ n^,ve your own particular views on conditio113 * in the industry; you have suggestions for iriSproving those conditions. Occasionally you conceive an idea concerning the operation of your theatre which you would like to pass on to other exhibitors; a publicity stunt on a picture; an unusual feature of maintenance; any constructive thought for the general welfare of the folks in the business. Take this means of acquainting others whh your ideas. Others, in turn, will give you theirs. The editor may not find it possible to print every letter received. If we pass yours by, consider it no personal affront. Our space is not very elastic. Here's to your opinion and mine! THE EDITOR. Booking Theatres Everywhere HARRY BIBEN VAUDEVILLE AGENCY 6C3-4 COLONIAL BLDG. PHILA. RITtenhouse 9494-5 PA. << The show must go on! pi — and it takes reliable delivery service to get it there on time ... HORLACHER DELIVERY SERVICE 1228 VINE ST. PHILA. OUR POLICY Without being unaware of the pitfalls involved in laying down a definite policy for any publication, we do not feel the slightest trepidation in announcing the following principles to which the INDEPENDENT EXHIBITORS FILM BULLETIN will unfalteringly adhere : To keep itself entirely free from any influence by major producers or affiliated theatres. To fight aggressively for the Independent Exhibitors' rights and welfare. To offer counsel and practical aid in the operation of your theatres. There has long been felt by independent exhibitors the need, in this territory, for a publication which does not carry major film company advertising, and therefore has the freedom of action necessary to battle for the exhibitor's interests. No one is so naive as to suppose that it would be possible for us to maintain our strict independence in editorials, in news, in reviews, if we were to carry the advertisements paid for by those whom we find it necessary to oppose on occasion. We do not intend to straddle on any issue. The producers have vast resources at their command. The "small fellow," the exhibitor who must stand on his own feet and engage in eternal battle for the continued existence of his one or several thetres — he is the underdog. FILM BULLETIN is pleased to join the battle on his side — sincerely convinced of the Tightness of his cause. URGENT NOTICE! ! FILM BULLETIN has been especially requested to announce that a NON-PARTISAN MASS MEETING of ALL Independent Exhibitors in the territory, to act on a definite plan for immediate relief from unfair selling terms, will be held on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17lh at 1 1 :00 A. M. in the BROADWOOD HOTEL Broad and Wood Streets, Phildalephia This vitally concerns YOU . . . Let nothing prevent you from attending!