Independent Exhibitors Film Bulletin (Sep 1934 - Aug 1935)

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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1934 Lot's Cot Actum hit oil! MORRIS WAX One of the most highly respected members o f the local exhibitor body, Morris Wax only recently became active in t h e at r e organization affairs upon the urging of the men who were forming the Independent Exhibitors' Protective Association. H e \v a s elected to the Chairmanship of the Board of Managers, and this erstwhile complacent theatre man became an ardent and aggressive supporter of the independent exhibitor's rights. Morris was born on December 20th, 1892, in the old country. He was 11 years old when he came to these United States and was educated in the public schools of Camden, N. J. and Temple University Evening School. The greater part of his youth was spent in the metal business where he worked his way up from office boy to membership in the firm. He entered the motion picture business with the building of the Keystone Theatre at 9th and South Streets, Philadelphia, in association with his father. They have since built and purchased several other theatres of which Morris is general manager. At the tender age of 20 he married and now boasts five handsome children. It was only after he became firmly convinced that the M. P. T. O. of Eastern Pa., S. New Jersey and Delaware was the servant of producer and affiliated theatre interests that Mr. Wax left the organization and took up the torch fot the independent exhibitors thru the I. E. P. A. LETTERS This column is an open forum for expressions of opinion. What is yours? To the Editor, Film Bulletin: It is my sincere belief that every independent theatre man in this territory should extend the glad hand of welcome to your publication. Whatever else may be said of film trade papers, this much is simple knowledge: No man can serve two masters, and when a publication accepts advertisements from the major film producers and still purports to represent honestly the interests of the independent exhibitor, either the publisher is trying to kid us or he's kidding himself. The basic reason why the really powerful exhibitor influence is not felt as it should be is lack of organization. Now, however, there is a new group of independents who are apparently determined to defend the independent theatre owner's rights. They fully deserve the whole-hearted support of every sincere independent, and if, as you stated in your first issue, you are on the side of the independent exhibitor, then Film Bulletin also should have our eager attention and earnest support. Raymond Schwartz. CODE CASES At the September 12th meeting of the Code Authority Appeal Board in New York, the decision of the local board was sustained in limiting clearance of the Colonial, Atlantic City, against Harry Waxman's Astor to seven days. * # * The Appeal Board recommended that West Philadelphia be immediately re-zoned to provide for a hearing of the complaint of Earl and Joe Forte. * * * In the case of the appeal of Warner Bros, from the unanimous decision of the Philadelphia Board in limiting clearance against the Fern Rock Theatre, operated by Herb Elliot, to seven days on the Colney, the Appeal Board sent the decision back to the local board for clarification. * * * The Fortes, Elliot and Waxman were all represented by counsel. Dave Barrist, representing the I. E. P. A.; also attended to aid the independent exhibitors. NEW FEATURE FILM BULLETIN is pre poring a new service for exhibitors. Cards will be moiled to first run independent theatres requesting them to submit information on pictures they play. This data will be of value in aiding subsequent houses to book their shows. Watch for this new feature! Buy from Film Bulletin Advertisers Booking Theatres Everywhere HARRY BIBEN VAUDEVILLE AGENCY 603-4 COLONIAL BLDG. PHILA., PA. RITtenhouse 9494-5 • CLEM'S • Motion Picture Supply House Expert Supply Service for the Independent Theatre 255 N. 13th ST., PHILA. SPRUCE 1884 We have proven our right to your confidence NEW JERSEY MESSENGER SERVICE 250 N. JUNIPER ST. PHILA. The show must go on!" — and it takes reliable delivery service to get it there on time ... HORLACHER DELIVERY SERVICE 1228 VINE ST. PHILA. IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS IT'S QUALITY THAT COUNTS . . . Why not deal with a printer whose ability in the theatrical printing business is backed by more than 25 years experience. Honest and sincere in all business transactions. Special Heralds on all the important pictures . . . Specially Engraved and Pictorial Posters, Window Cards, etc. Advertising layout and copy experts to assist you— FREE SERVICE. iVeti?, Modern Type Faces For Your Selection QUALITY PRINT SHOP 1208 VINE STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. BEST KNOWN THEATRICAL PRINTER IN THE EAST