Independent Exhibitors Film Bulletin (Sep 1934 - Aug 1935)

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INDEPENDENT EXHIBITOR. FILM BULLETIN VOL. 1 No. 3 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, PRICE 10 CENTS The Platform of the I E PA 1. TO MAINTAIN IN THIS ZONE AN AGGRESSIVE, INDEPENDENT EXHIBITOR BODY. An organization free from producer-control and limiting its membership to unaffiliated theatres only. 2. LIVE AND LET LIVE FILM RENTALS. We are opposed to film rentals based on the producer's ability to collect rather than the exhibitor's capacity to pay. We are opposed to excessive percentages, preferred playing time, score charges, and those other selling plans that ignore the exhibitors' right to a fair return on his investment. 3. CLOSER CONTACT WITH THE PUBLIC. This organization does not intend that the ills of the industry shall be laid at the door of its members. We propose to launch an intensive educational campaign to acquaint the theatre goers with facts they should know. 4. MUTUAL PROTECTION. Any member with a just grievance will find this body squarely behind him in his attempts to obtain satisfaction of his complaint. An injury to one will be the concern of all here, in fact, as well as in speech. 5. HARMONY AMONG MEMBERS. Members in competitive spots will find this organization bent upon smoothing out existing friction and compromising trade differences between them. 6. EQUAL REPRESENTATION ON THE LOCAL CODE BOARDS. This organization feels that one of the most pressing needs of the 10. trade is greater representation for the independent theatremen on the Grievance and Clearance boards. As constituted now these boards are decidedly lopsided in their partisan affiliations. ILLEGAL COMPETITION. We intend to prosecute vigorously our campaign against illegal competition in the form of nontheatrical showings in church, club, school, tap room, park, excursion steamer, etc. These places operate in violation of the licence, building construction and fire hazard laws of the city and state and are a menace to the safety and well-being of the public. ENCOURAGE INDEPENDENT PRODUCTION OF QUALITY FILM. A wider market of quality pictures can be made possible by the encouragement of worthy indedependent production. We shall, by active support, show that we are sincerely anxious to increase the number of independent releases of merit. DAYLIGHT SAVING. Baltimore showed that it is possible to banish daylight saving by concerted effort, and Philadelphia, joining forces with New York, can do the same. The N. R. A. has eliminated the further need of this time saver. OPPOSE THE "UNCONSCIONABLE SALARIES" OF HOLLYWOOD. Hollywood is geared to peak prosperity not to depression. Crazy salaries for stars and executives mean exhorbitant film rentals, high admission scales with consequent reduced grosses, no dividends for stock holders and an unhealthy state of affairs generally. co co li CO ACO CD I O Q_ Q_ CL CD Q_ 0 n" q_ 9J. CD CD 3. Q O zr CD O CD n o ZD O X O CO m CO CO CD 3 -r ~C zr co CD ^ • on CD CD CO CO CD CD CO CD