Independent Exhibitors Film Bulletin (1952)

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TOP MUSICAL FOR A TOP HOLIDAY! What could be sweeter! IT WILL RAIN GOLD AT EASTER! Be ready with open dates to catch the shower of profits! We make the unqualified statement that "Singin' In The Rain" is the greatest box office musical M-G-M ever made! The Previews in California were unprecedented if Coast annals. It is the talk of the film colony. The public has never seen anything like it! We urge you as we have never urged before: Save your Easter dates for thi: M-G-Musical Goldmine! M-G-M presents "SINGIN" IN THE RAIN" starring Gene Kelly • Donald O'Connor • Debbie Reynolds • with Jean Hagen| Millard Mitchell • and Cyd Charisse. Color by TechnicolorStory and Screen Play by Adolph Green and Betty Comdex Lyrics by Arthur Freed • Music by Nacio Herb Brown • Directed by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen • Produced by Arthur Freed]