Film Curb (May 20, 1939)

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I IN ACTION CAMERA (Left) Hollywood Writer-Producer and New York Psychologist talk things over, on the dais of A.M.P.A. luncheon at Hotel Astor. The producer is Gene Towne, who will make four pictures annually for RKO Radio, and Dr. J. S. List, as- sociated with radio enterprises. (Right) Louis Hayward and his recent bride, Ida Lupino, arrive in New York by train on their honeymoon which was delayed since their wedding last No- vember by Mr. Hayward’s film work in Edward Small’s “The Duke of West Point,” and the recently completed “The Man in the Iron Mask,” in which he is starred. (Left) Jean Hersholt signs contract which brings him to RKO Ra- dio Pictures as a star of a series of “Dr. Christian” stories. George Schaefer, pres- ident of RKO Radio Pictures promulgated the deal. (Right) Present at the Columbia Con- vention at Atlantic City May 8th to 11th from the Home Of- fice, Montague, General Sales Manager and Jack Cohn, Vice-President. (Left) Hal Roach (right) has his son, Hal, Jr., and his daughter, Margaret, as his associates in “Captain Fury.” Son Hal is as- sistant to his father who is giv- ing the production his personal direction, and Daughter Mar- garet plays her first featured role in the picture which deals with, the colonization of Aus- tralia. Brian .Aherne and Vic- tor McLaglen have the stellar roles. (Right) Victor McLaglen as “Blackie” and Brian Aherne in the title role of the Hal Roach produc- tion “Captain Fury” which deals with the adventurous colonization of Australia and the part played by Fury and his gallant band in building an empire on the world’s last frontier of adventure.