Film Curb (May 20, 1939)

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SCENES FROM HITS (Left) William Frawley, Tom Brown and Victor Mc- Laglen in a scene from “Ex-Champ,” a Uni- versal picture. (Right) Marie Wilson and John- nie Davis in a scene from “Sweepstakes Winner,” a Warner Brothers-First National release. (Left) William Frawley and Nan Grey as they ap- pear together in a scene from Universal’s “Ex- Champ.” (Right) Ralph Bellamy, Chester Morris and Ann Dvorak in Columbia’s “Blind Alley.” (Left) Anna Sten and Irving Pichel in a scene from Grand National’s “Exile Express.” (Right) Marie Wilson as she ap- pears in a scene from “Sweep-takes Winner,” a Warner Brothers-First National release.