The Film Daily (1922)

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Keep your finger on the pulse of trade — ^ To gain better business it is essential to keep in close touch with every move in the film world. § The most efficient link between the American and English cinema trades is found in "The Film Renter & Moving Picture News" — an invaluable journal of information for every alert exhibitor and renter. ^ An annual subscription of £1-15-0 will secure you the services of this conscientious worker for cinema success. ^ Send your order today. What the "Film Renter^^ brings to your notice — Pithy pars on up-todate doings. Items of valuable information for exhibitor and renter. Interesting articles by film trade personalities. Film Reviews. Round the trade throughout England, Wales and Scotland. THE FILM RENTER & MOVING PICTURE NEWS THE EXHIBITORS' JOURNAL LONDON 53a Shaftesbury Avenue, W. I. MANCHESTER 2 John Dalton Street