Film Daily (1929)

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THE 12 Jii .Trirtlll -:&^ DAILY Sunday, February 17, 1929 Short Subjects (Continued from Page 11) sodes divulge, this looks like red meat for serial lovers. The mystery element is well-sustained and the punch sequences terminating each episode are extremely well-handled. The early chapters plant the disappearance of Rogers and establish the characters. The bearing each one has on the plot is purposely made mystifying with the result that, by the end of the third episode, that you never quite know who the villain is. Bearing in mind that most of America at some time or other has read mystery and detective stories, "The Fatal Warning" carries a surefire appeal for theaters that cater to serial hounds. Helene Costello and Ralph Graves, both of them well known through their work in many features, head the cast. Direction by Richard Thorpe who demonstrates he has a good grasp on the serial idea. "Parlor Pests" Mermaid — Educational Peppy Type of production. . . .2 reel comedy Vernon Dent and Monty Collins are a couple of radio men who deliver a radio at the birthday party staged for dad by his ritzy family. Vernon and Monty are asked by the hostess to come dressed as guests so as to fool father. The fun consists in Dent and Collins picking on each other and dancing with the guests to the latter's discomfiture. The windup is funny, with a live wire hitting some water on the floor so that when the guests step on it they get a shock. The finish has them all sprawling on the floor. Pure slapstick but it carries the laughs. "The Fire Detective" Pathe Above Average Type of production. .10 chapter serial This starts off unusually good. If they maintain the pace shown in the first three instalments this shpuld prove sure fire with the fans who love their serials. It gets away from the usual routine with fire fighting as the background, and the murder mystery directly hooked up with the fire scenes in a very logical and thrilling plot. The hero is a special investigator for the fire department endeavoring to uncover the perpetrators of a scries of disastrous fires of incendiary origin. Evidence shows thai a band of criminals are setting the fires and a United States senator and a criminal attorney are drawn into the proceedings, along with a convict and a chemist. The plot is so cleverly handled that it keeps you guessing as to just what part all these play in the proceedings. The fire scenes are very well done and altogether realistic. Gladys McConnell looks good as the lead, with Hugh Allan the hero. Others in a strong cast are Leo Maloney, John Cossar, Lawrence Steers and Frank Lackteen. Frank Leon Smith wrote the story and it was directed by Spencer Bennet and Tom S'torey. Looks like a safe bet so far as seen. "Wise Wimmin" Ideal — Educational Okay Type of production. ... 2 reel comedy Jerry Drew is assisted by Vernon Dent m one of his usual comedy mixups with the women. He steps out to a party after fooling the wife into believing that he is going to work late at the office. But through her television set she sees hubby at his office planning to go to the party with some chorus girls So when he gets to the party he is surprised to find his wife there, too. The fun comes when Drew starts a flirtation with the wife of iiis host, and winds up with both his wife and the other man chasing him all over the place. Drew succeeds in making this quite funny " Button My Back"— Sennett Pathe Funny Type of production. .. .2 reel comedy Billy Bevan is his usual comedy self in this number, that is made very attractive to the eye with Carmelita Geraghty in the support. Billy posing as a rich man visits the home of a man who is trying to interest him in a business proposition. In order to impress Billy, the other has his wife pose as the servant. Billy gets a crush on the pretty maid, and starts to play around. The husband can do little without disclosing the fact that the girl is his wife. Finally Billy's wife arrives in time to catch him in a compromising situation with the girl. A bulldog relieves Billy of his pants, and adds to the fun. Snappy, with Bevan doing nice comedy work throughout. "Grandma's House" — Fables Pathe Mouse Antics Type of production. . 1 reel animated This is just a cartoon version of the Little Red Riding Hood fable with Little Rita the Mouse substituted for Red Riding Hood. The bad cat plays the part of the wolf and poses in bed as grandma when Riding Hood comes to the cabin in the woods. She is saved from the crafty cat by the arrival of her sweetie, Milt. Up to the standard. Akron House Open Akron, O. — Botzum Brothers have sold the Dreamland to W. R. and H. L. Malone, Botzums retain the Orpheum, Akron and the Strand and Alhambra, Canton. Gary House Changes Hands Cary, O. — Edward A. Capell has purchased the Strand from his brother, D. A. Capell. Gibbs Sells Toledo House Toledo, O. — Percy Gibbs has sold the Artcraft to A. L. Scott and E. Pennell. And That's That By PHIL M. DALY DEWEY D. Bloom is now en route to Hollywood and if there is anything in initials, this publicist who "general factotums" for Gertrude Lawrence, newest Fox Movietone star, is likely to earn a Doctor of Dialog degree. He has had the "D.D.'s" for some time, but insists his initials stand for Dewey David and not for Doctor of Divinity, or the more recent Doctor of Dialog. George Harvey, president of the Associated Motion Picture Advertisers, spoke about the AM PA Hollywood Masque Ball over Radio Station WPAP during the Movie Club period. The hustling AMPAS chief has arranged to continue radio talks in behalf of the event right up to the evening of March 2, when the ball will be held at the Hotel Astor, Twenty-two prints of Pathe's "The King of Kings" were running day and date out of the Indianapolis exchange last week. The Publix-Indiana Indianapolis, featured Pathe's "Show Folks," on the third anniversary program of the house. Deutsch Buys Rights Cleveland — Dick Deutsch, head of the Import Film Co. has acquired the Ohio distribution rights to "Battles of the Champions," a 6-reel feature showing various fights sponsored by Tex Rickard. Callinam Attractions is handling the pictures for Import. Fire at Lisbon, C, House Lisbon, O. — Fire, said to have occurred from a short circuit, damaged the Fez here. No one was injured. fORGET" / ,^OUR WORRIES t • • Holljw MasQue Ball HOIll ASTOR M4R2 Week's Headlines Monday Prospects of independent producers and distributors seen brijfht for 1929-30 season, due to sound development. Universal launching Movietone newsreel; International News may be released by Warners is report. Tuesday Loe'v's and M-G-M are not for sale, Nicholas M. Schenck declares, reiterating denial of deal with Warners, which Claude Ezell is reported to have announced on the Coast. R. F. Woodhull, M.P.T.O.A. president, protests stand of the Hearst newspapers for national censorship of films. Wednseday United Artists-M-G-M merger .igain reported and again denied; reorganization and relinancing of U. A. planned, is report. Claude Ezell denies stating Warner-M-G-M merger was pending. Thursday Charles Chaplin seen stumbling block in reported plan to merge United Artists and M-G-M; has consistently opposed merger; consent of Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford understood won. RKO reiterates denial of any deal with Paramount or public. Friday Financial circles hear M-G-M deal with Warners is near. Joseph M. Schenck characterizes report that Chaplin might prove stumbling block to reported United Artists-M-G-M merger as just another headline story. Saturday Warners plan new house on site of New York Strand. Quality film shortage fear is held unfounded. Unionizing of studios in East under way. E G G E R S INCORPORATED Photo Engraving Specialists to the Motion Picture Industry DAY AND NIGHT 250 West 54th Street NEW YORK Telephone: Columbui 4I4I-I-S