The Film Daily (1937)

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THE ■s&m DAILV Friday, Jan. 15, 1937 PITTSBURGH Sonja Henie will make a return p. a. at the Duquesne Garden here next month. Betty Janos, secretary to Joe Feldman, Warner's publicity chief, resigned to get married. She was succeeded by Mildred White. Joe Gins of the Columbia Exchange is bringing in his family from Washington, D. C., where they have been living for the last year. George F. Callahan, Jr., is in charge of the Exhibitors Service Co. here during the absence of his father who is now vacationing in California. Bill Davis presented a bonus to the employees of his Triangle Theater. Fire of undetermined origin caused $500 damage to the Harris Theater in Tarentum. George Elmo of the Paramount exchange has been vacationing with his family in Cuba. Kennywood Park will not operate a movie house this season, President J. B. McSwigan reports. Benny Andur of the Garden Theater is the chairman of the M. P. T. 0. of W. Pa. membership drive which got under way this month. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mergens. Father is booking manager of the Paramount Exchange. George Lefko, RKO manager, back from the West Coast where he has been vacationing for three weeks. Jules Rieff, Columbia auditor, is in Montefiore Hospital for a stomach operation. Emmaline Fineberg, secretary of the local Film Board of Trade, will publish the annual local theater guide next month. L. C. McElroy of the Theater Co. returned from his vacation in Florida. Fred Herrington, secretary of the M. P. T. O. of W. Pa., will attend the national Allied's directors' meeeting in Baltimore, Jan. 21-22. Warner Staff Goes Social Newark, N. J. — Warner Bros, executive, theater managers and members of the divisional staff held a midnight dinner-dance Tuesday at the_ Robert Treat Hotel here. The divisional headquarters represents more than 50 theaters in the Newark area and northern part of the state. Alabama Theater Leased Birmingham, Ala. — The Waters Theater Co. has leased the Imperial Theater at Tarrant City for a period of five years. The building will be remodeled with the seating capacity doubled and a structural glass and stucco front. Milwaukee Firms Merge Milwaukee, Wis. — The Rink Advertising Service here has been merged with the Wisconsin Poster Service Agency. NEWS of the DAY Hope, Ark. — The Rialto, a new 550-seat theater, owned by the Malco people, is scheduled to open here about Feb. 1. House will be managed by Arthur Swanke, manager of the Saenger. Monroe, Mich. — The J. R. Denniston Theater Co., a branch of the Butterfield Theater Co., will erect a new theater here on a site just acquired from the Fred G. Ohr estate. Purchase price was more than $12,000. Detroit — R. E. Lee has joined the staff of Wilding Picture Productions, Inc., Detroit, in the creative department. Lee comes from Chicago where he was formerly director of sales of Stevens-Oavis Co. Cincinnati — J. C. Newbold has taken over three houses: The Bramwell, at Bramwell, W. Va.; the McComas at McComas, W. Va., and the Maybery at Maybery, W. Va. Newbold also operates four other houses. Elkton, Ky.— E. L. Miller has sold his Palace Theater to Ethel Curry. Clinton, Ind. — Harold Neese, operator of the Beverly at Brazil, has reopened the Capitol here. Evansville, Ind. — Arthur Gerber has renovated and remodeled the old Fulton Theater, changed the name to Mary Lane, and will operate on a double-feature program. Pittsfield, Me.— The Liberty Theater has been purchased by Fred Couture, operator of the State at Dover, N. H. Chicago — Gregory Brothers and Gil Martin have organized the Ottawa Orpheum Amusement Corp. to operate the Orpheum Theater in Ottawa. Thomas E. White handled the legal details. DETROIT Pensacola, Fla. — Saenger Amusement Corp. will remodel the Isis Theater, Monte Hance, manager, announced. Omaha — Adding to his string of six neighborhood and downtown houses here, Ralph Goldberg has purchased the 500-seat neighborhood Winn from the Winn Theater Corp. Mrs. A. Hirs also has sold the Gem, a 250-seat neighborhood house here, to Louis Slusky. Alcester, S. D. — A. P. Sorenson has bought the 225-seat Barrymore from C. E. Werden. Clarion, Pa. — The new theater which Hayes Garbarino constructed here has been named the Garby. It will open around the first of February. Osceola, Neb. — F. E. Klein has started remodeling the Rivoli, with Leo Dworak of Omaha as architect. New Haven — The Stuart, Lakeville, under the new ownership of Samuel Rosen of Rosen Film Deliveries here, and Arthur Lockwood, Middletown exhibitor, will open Sunday. Aliquippa, Pa. — Forrest Shontz, former manager of the Harlem Casino in Pittsburgh, has been named manager of the Temple Theater here, owned by George Davis. La Rose As An M. C. Detroit — Joseph La Rose, manager of the Eastown Theater, was m.c. at the Westown Theater, twin house of the Wisper and Wetsman Circuit, this week for the Detroit Times Homemakers Club. Vernon Rickard, screen tenor, currently at Northwood Inn, was featured in the show. Weds Film Producer Mrs. Virginia G. Donnelly, widowed former actress, and Jean G. DeCavaignac, French film producer, are on honeymoon following wedding Wednesday in chapel of St. Patrick's Cathedral. She inherited fortune of her husband, the late Paul F. Donnelly, Kansas City dress manufacturer. "Eternal Mask" Opens Big Opening day's business of "Eternal Mask," at the Filmarte Theater exceeded that for "La Kermesse Heroique," prize-winnig French film. "Eternal Mask" is being distributed by Arthur Mayer and Jos. Burstyn. To Produce Spanish Pix Sacramento, Cal. — Hispano Film Corporation has filed incorporation papers at Sacramento and will produce Spanish language pix at the International Studios. Officers of the company are Victor Clebborn, president; Francois B. de Valdes, vice president, and K. R. Clebborn, secretary. Dancing Team In Hospital West Coast Bureau of THE FILM DAILY Hollywood — Eleanore Whitney and Johnny Downs, Paramount's ace dancing team, went to the hospital yesterday suffering from minor injuries received in dance rehearsals for "Turn Off The Moon". Gonzales Takes Negro Film C. Gonzales of Reliable Film Export Co. has closed a deal for "Harlem Is Heaven," the all-Negro star cast production, with Bill Robinson, for the territory of Egypt, Syria, Palestine and Iran (Persia). Jeff Williams is personally managing the East Detroit Theater, East Detroit, Mich., while he has appointed Bruce Harrison as manager of his Roseville Theater at Roseville. Donald Dunn, formerly manager of the Madison State, Paramount, and Adams Theaters for United Detroit Theaters Circuit, has rejoined the staff as assistant to Roy Miller at the Regent Theater, succeeding George A. Ranshaw. Wendle Smith has also joined the U. D. T. staff as assistant to Myron Van Buren, manager of the Madison Theater, headquarters house of the circuit. Smith was with the Essaness Circuit in Chicago recently. Local police closed Screeno at the East Detroit Theater at East Detroit, on the contention that it was a game of chance. William A. Schulte, Detroit and Michigan circuit operator, is recovering from a severe attack of influenza. United Artists Exchange has completed moving to the new fifth floor of the Film Exchange Building. Irwin Pollard, Columbia office manager, is on the sick list with flu. Charles Walker remains as manager of the Savoy Theater, East Side Negro house, which has been taken over from John Harper by Ned Weitzman and M. Meskin. Fred DeLodder, Jr., formerly manager of the Maxine Theater, has been appointed booker for the DeLodder Circuit by his father, succeeding Jake Sullivan, who is now manager of the Piccadilly Theater for Wisper and Wetsman Circuit. Jerry Gudneau is new manager at the Maxine. Albert Schwenter, former assistant at the Del-The Theater, is new manager of the Flamingo, replacing F. Hitzelberg. Leonard Salsbury is new manager of the Arcadia Theater, for Julius D. London Circuit, succeeding M. A. Tork, transferred to the Booth. Pittsburgh Theater Sold Pittsburgh — A. S. Guggenheim sold the New Atlas Theater here to Milton A. Samuels, president of the New Atlas Theater Co., who has been operating the house for the last several years. Mr. Samuels reports that the theater will be completely remodeled. Imperial in New Haven Philip Sherman, formerly associated with Gaumont British as manager, has been appointed manager of the Imperial exchange at New Haven by E. J. Smith. Imperial will open new offices in the film building in New Haven. Bill for Sunday Movies Montgomery, Ala. — A bill to legalize Sunday shows in Fort Payne has been introduced in the House of Representatives of the legislature in session here.