The Film Daily (1937)

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Intimate in Character In tern aJfek) rial in S|ope Independent in Tb^ight — VOL. 71. NO. 13 The Daily Newspaper Of Motion Pictures Now Eighteen Years Old K NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JANUARY 16. 1937 TEN CENTS MPTOA Will Review Operation of Trade Concessions MAJOR FIRMS SETTLE WITH TOBIS F0T$75,000 Theaters Asking for Protection on Giveaway Games Exclusive Zone Rights Being Sought by Various Groups A new kind of protection — -that seeking exclusive zone rights to various giveaways and games — is now being sought by circuits, and individual theaters, it was learned yesterday in New York. Sponsors of the plans are opposed to the idea. This problem, at least fiom the viavvpoint of the distributor of the parties, is becoming more acute as their circulation increases by leaps and bounds. RKO TO START SEVEN BEFORE END OF JAN. West Coast Bureau of THE FILM DAILY Hollywood — With four pictures now in production and seven in the cutting rooms being edited for early release, RKO Radio will start the new year with a rush by sending seven additional features before cameras this month. The first, "Wings of Mercy," will be followed by "Outcasts of Poker Flat," "Easy (Continued on Page 6) Japan Bans "Mutiny" and "Mary o.f Scotland" Tokio ( By Cable) — "Mutiny on the Bounty," voted the No. 1 picture ot 1936 by American film critics in the annual Film Daily "10 Best Pictures" poll, yesterday was banned here on the ground that it was "too revolutionary." At the same time, "Mary of Scotland" was banned "out of respect to the Japanese throne." 20TH-F0X SALES MEET AT K. G, ON FEB. 4-5 Sales Tax Appeal Hearings Deferred Until Jan. 25 Arguments on the appeal filed by both major distributors and the city of New York in connection with the 2 per cent sales tax has been put off until Jan. 25 in the Court of Appeals at Albany. Case had been scheduled for next Monday. Frederick H. Wood will argue in behalf of the film companies. Black Legionnaires as Critics Detroit — By permission of Warden Harry H. Jackson, four convicts serving long sentences for Black Legion crimes in the Southern Michigan State Prison will function as critics and preview Warners' "Black Legion" to check the film's authenticity, it was announced yesterday. Annual 20th Century-Fox midwinter district managers' meeting will be held Feb. 4 and 5 at Kansas City, John D. Clark, general manager of distribution, announced yesterday. Clark, who will preside at the sessions, will first go to the Coast to confer with Darryl Zanuck. Attendance will include eight district managers, the home office staff, (Continued on Page 6) Three Industry Measures to Reach Roosevelt Today Three bills applying to the motion picture and other industries, drafted by the National Council for Industrial Progress, will be transmitted to President Roosevelt at Washington today for his consideration. One authorizes loans for small enter(Continued on Page 6) SENATE GETS DUFFY COPYRIGHT MEASURE Washington Bureau of THE FILM DAILY Washington — The Duffy Copyright Bill, still containing the provision for elimination of the existing $250 fine for each copyright violation which Ascap finds so objectionable has been re-introduced in the Senate and referred to the Senate Copyright Committee. Congressman William I. Sirovich of New York has announced that he (Continued on Page 6) Dallas Anti-Trust Trial May Run Only Single Day Indications are that trial of the Dallas anti-trust case, brought by the Department of Justice against seven major distributors and the Karl Hoblitzelle theater interests, will not run more than one day, according to well-informed New York (Continued on Page 6) Amo.unt Paid for Royalties Due Under March, 1936, Pact Major companies have agreed to settle with Tobis Klangfilm for a sum estimated to be $75,000 for royalties due under the March 1936 agreement in the German speaking countries of Europe excepting Germany, where payment is made in marks, subject to further modifications in the pact to be agreed upon at further conferences. The American companies sought to make payments in all the German (Continued on Page 6) UMPTO HITS WEEKLY PAYMENTS ON SHORTS To Make Checkup at Annual Meeting Of Exhibitors Ass'n in Miami Mar. 16 Ascap Negotiates Peace With Snohomish County After being barred from doing business in the State of Washington because of an indictment voted in Snohomish County against Ascap officers which would have made any representative of the society in Washington liable to arrest, Ascap has reached an agreement with Sno (Continued on Page 7) A review of operation of trade practice concessions granted by national distributing companies will take place at the annual convention of the M. P. T. O. A. at the Miami Biltmore Hotel, Miami, Mar. 16-18. Four companies, Paramount, Columbia, GB and Republic, remain to be heard from as to their position on the exhibitor association's 10-point program. Among matters to be checked up (Continued on Page 7) Philadelphia — With a settlement in the Loew dispute still pending, the U.M.P.T.O., in open session yesterday, went on record as against weekly payments for shorts as the next step in its campaign to secure definite relief for members. Pointing out that some exhibitors were paying for shorts which they had not yet played, the body voted to object to the plan on next year's (Continued on Page 7) 25 Fox Midwest Theaters Advance B. O. Top 5 Cents Kansas City, Mo.— The Fox Midwest circuit has advanced admission five cents at 25 of its 200 theaters. All other theaters in the Kansas City territory including the Dickinson and W. D. Fulton circuits, are (Continued on Page 7) All Para. Stocks at Highs All Paramount issues on the big board soared to new highs yesterday. The first preferred moved up 123/4 points to 185'/4. The old high was 180. The second preferred went up ]% to IV/t,. The common touched a new top of 26%, the day's gain being 1%.