The Film Daily (1937)

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THE aturday, Feb.27, 1937 •%*?1 DAILY MENT Juipment Features [ES The floor of the auditorium is in the shape of a saucer. Walls are ain and simple, decorated with warm tints of rose pink and gold. umination for the auditorium comes from concealed circles of light the ceiling, giving a soft, even lighting that is restful. Additional ;hting comes from orange-colored wall fixtures harmonizing with the neral color and light scheme. Organ grilles on one side of the sloping auditorium walls, and the enum grilles on the other, are of a decorative pattern of small squares, ich of which is separately lighted, but the entire grille in the shape of large square. Seats are upholstered in scarlet while the carpet, of a Dral design, is predominantly red in color. The balcony, which seats 300, is stepped up sharply. An unusual feature in the building is to be found in the cafe which contains. This again is semi-circular in shape, with all-glass walls viding it from the foyer. It has a wide window, taking up almost all of e wail, and is criss-crossed with gold panes. Western Electric sound reproduction equipment has been installed in te modern booth. Protection against fire includes, besides a water hose reel, a soda-acid • tinguisher for general protection, special extinguishers for fires of an lectrical origin and the foam-type of extinguishers. ration and remodeling program 'ith "The Great Ziegfeld" showing. . large foyer has been added to the ost St. entrance with accommodaions for patrons to meet their riends there. The Main Ave. loby has been extended. Redecorations nd refurnishing throughout inlude many new fixtures as well as ovel interior touches. ter of the Brecka Theater group has installed the new Ultraphone Jewell sound system and the Harvard Theater of the Harry Lorch organization has installed 800 de luxe Air Loc full upholstered chairs. Jacksonville, 111. — The Majestic as been remodeled and reopened l.nder Fox Midwest Theaters mangement. The Town Talkies Thea Detroit — The Europa Theater, formerly the Library, has installed new Simplex projectors and sound equipment, new front, screen, and entirely redecorated the house. Work was done by National Theater Supply Co. House is being operated (Continued on Page 6) STANDARD EQUIPMENT RELIABLE SERVICE urrmuai f t \y THEATRE SUPPLY COMPANY ~ _. . . for Ten Years JlHI IUB1HL Vn I he Job u:i i luu: « « EQUIPMENT FIELD NOTES » » Denver — Buying two Mirrophonic sound equipment for his theaters, Chick Kelloff was Erpi's star customer here recently. He will install them in his La Plaza Theater in Espinola, N. M., and the La Plaza in Antonita, Colo. Other purchasers included B. P. McCormack, for his Jones Theater in Canon City, Colo. (He moved the Jones equipment to his Rex); Huish Enterprises, for its new house at Elko, Nev.; John Rubert, Egyptian in Park, Utah; John Gillette, Strand, Toulle, Utah; C. S. Wray, Wray Theater, Afton, Wyo.; and the Schubert Theater at Gooding, Idaho, and the Star at Gunnison, Colo. Detroit — George McArthur, head of McArthur Theater Equipment Co., is on the sick list. Newark, N. J. — L. R. Boulware, vice-president and general manager of Carrier Corp., air-conditioning manufacturers, announces appointment of William H. Driscoll as vicepresident in charge of construction. Driscoll is a past president of the American Society of Heating & Ventilating Engineers. Omaha — Western Theater Supply Co. announces sale of new stage drapes to Henry Hower for both the New State and New Grand theaters at Worthington, Minn.; new sound equipment and 200 American Seating Co. chairs to George Campau for the Halsey at Halsey, Neb. Cincinnati — Jake Gelman and Jack Stallings of the National Theater Supply Co. have severed their long connections with this firm and have gone into business independently in Cincinnati, handling theater supplies. Seattle — Formerly with the National Theater Supply, Kenny Schultz has been appointed purchasing agent for the Evergreen State Theaters, chain of leading first-run houses in the state of Washington, the Evergreen state. Whitewater, Wis. — National Seating Co., Milwaukee, has installed new air-cushioned seats in the Strand Theater here. Detroit — George W. Carr, formerly with the Heywood-Wakefield Co., is now representative here of the International Seat Corp. of Union City, (Continued on Page 6) Headquarters for DUBBING— RECORDING Projection, Cutting Rooms — Vaults VARIABLE AREA NOISELESS RECORDING Soundfilm Enterprises, Inc 723 Seventh Avenue New York City. "CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS" Kipling spun this classic yarn of the sea. Alexander Smith spins marvelous yarns too and weaves them into carpets that last for years and years . . . one reason why you'll find Alexander Smith Carpets in the majority of the country's most successful theatres. ALEXANDER SMITH CARPET M