The Film Daily (1937)

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Saturday, July 31, 1937 THE FILM DAILY S-T-U-D-f-O-S EQUIPMENT T-H-E-A-T-E-R-S THEATER BUILDIN IN IOWA CONTINUES Des Moines — Theater building continues in a number of Iowa towns, and houses in other spots are installing new equipment. The Waukon, new theater at Waukon, is progressing rapidly and will be ready to open the last week in August. The Grand at Greenfield, W. H. Dussler, manager, has installed a new washed-air cooling system and new sound system, entailing an addition to the house. Corn Belt Theaters, Inc., has purchased the Staak Pierce building at Oskaloosa, la., and is remodeling it into a modern, air-conditioned theater to open in October. The New Empress at Indianola. la., is also air-conditioning. W. H. Eddy is owner. At Waverly, the Palace Theater is being remodeled and is changing its name to the Waverly. A new house is also being constructed to be called the Bremer. A circular lobby is a feature of its construction, with an entrance on each side of the circle. The Bremer is scheduled to open about Oct. 1. Silsbee-Liebmann Fills De Vry Equipment Orders Detroit — Walter Liebmann, manager of Silsbee-Liebmann, has completed the following contracts for De Vry projection equipment: National Youth Administration, 16 mm. Sprocket Intermittent machine, for camp near Chelsea, Mich.; Newberry (Mich.) State Hospital, 35 mm. equipment; and Western High School, Detroit, complete theater type equipment. Bernard 0. Hallis, of Duo-Pone Co., in the same office, is now devoting his attention to building construction rather than sound equipment, using the same corporate Toledo House Enlarged Toledo, 0. — The Avalon Theater, 3301 Monroe St., has been enlarged and redecorated, and an air-cooling system has been installed by the W. R. Rhoton Co., Cleveland. August J. Bode was the general contractor. Nathan Charnas, manager of the Avalon, is also manager of the Lyric and the Strand in Toledo. Trane Sales Soaring f-. LaCrosse, Wis. — The Trane Co., man^Jufacfurers of air conditioning equip► ment, report a marked sales increase during the past six months with net profits amounting to $227,000 for the period. Earnings are 87 cents a share en the common against 41 cents for the same period last year. Air-Conditioned Theaters Boon for Hay Fever Victims Newark, N. J. — The best place for a hay fever sufferer is in a movie — that is, if the house is air-conditioned. So says the Carrier Corp., and its contention is based on experiments just conducted by Professor F. H. Hodgson of Roosevelt Hospital. In the experiment, the air of a room was saturated with dust and pollen. After 10 hours of air conditioning, the pollen count was found to have been reduced from 1,050 in a square centimeter to only two. The experiments, according to Professor Hodgson, indicate great relief is afforded through air-condition not only to hay fever sufferers, but for all who have respiratory ailments. Theater Construction and Remodeling Hitting Fast Pace in Northern Calif. Bv P. F. W. STONE FILM DAILY Staff Correspondent San Francisco — Operators of Northern California's 200-odd houses 100k forward confidently to a period of excellent business within the next six months. Strongest indication of such confidence is the amazing activity in construction, remodeling and acquisition of theaters. Golden Gate, Fox West Coast, Harvey Amusements, Blumenfeld Theaters have all acquired new houses or launched ambitious construction or remodeling programs within the past three months. Equipment sales are up some 30 per cent, with many houses in the Valley territories 200 miles away putting money into air-conditioning units they never installed before, despite occasional summer temperatures well over the 100 mark. Erpi has sold more than 50 Mirrophonic systems since the first of the year, and RCA Photophone nearly as many. Chairs, drapes, Similar minor accessories are being bought. Q. R. S. Neon alone has made around 15 sales of new marquees. New Recording System Patents Filed by Canady Patents have been filed on an entirely new sound-on-film recording system, which will be manufactured by the Canady Sound Appliance Co. of Cleveland. It is a photographic method and inherently superior to anything now being used, its sponsors claim. Don Canady, president of the manufacturing company, has advised The Film Daily that his organization, due to the sharp upswing in business recently, is some 30 days behind in deliveries. Firm's foreign trade, he says, has steadily increased during the past three years, with the result that Canady recording equipment is being used in studios in almost every country of the world. Magic Weather Installed Omaha — Scott-Ballantyne Co. has installed Magic Weather cooling in the Clinton Theater, Clinton, Wis.; Rex, Evansville, Wis.; Strand, Mt. Horeb, Wis.; and Riviera, St. Paul, Neb. The Soundmaster, new sound and projection equipment recently brought out by this company, has gone into the Home Theater, Blair, Neb.; Pine, Primghar, la., and State, Holstein, la. Three G-B Installations Chicago — Guercio and Barthel report recent air-conditioning installations in the Roxy Theater at Lockport, the State Theater at Freeport and the Amboy Theater at Amboy. Film Theater Projects Underway in Chi. Zone Chicago — Ruben Levine reports several theater projects under way, among them a 1,000-seat house to go up at 111th and Longwood Blvd. from plans by Walter Ahlschlager, architect. The Conley Theater at Frankfort, Ind., is receiving United States air conditioning system. Plans for various theaters for the Cooney Brothers circuit are rapidly taking shape, Levine says, and work will be rushed on the new Cermak Theater, to go up on the northeast corner of 22nd St. and 50th Ave. in Cicero. This house will have a porcelain front and six stores will be included in new building. Levine also reports the installation of Wenzel ace projectors in the new Orpheum Theater at Ottawa. Ad-Caster Offices Opened Detroit — Headquarters for AdCaster, traveling signs for theater display, have been established in the Lloyd Hammond Picture Studio by Del Apel, former assistant general manager of Allied Theaters of Michigan, and Charles H. Powell, distributor for Skillful Screeno. Ozark Contract to Davis Ozark, Ala. - A $25,000 motion picture theater, to be known as the Dale is to be constructed here. The building will be 40 by 90 feet, with stucco walls and carrara glass trim. E. H. Davis, of Ozark, has been awarded the general contract for the work. GARSTENITE FINDING USE IN FILM HOUSES Theaters contemplating remodeling, as well as those proposed for construction, in increasing numbers are employing the material known as Carstenite, recently placed on the market by the Algoma Flywood & Veneer Co. of Chicago. Carstenite, which imparts to interior surfaces all the beauty inherent to decorative wood panels, is intended for wainscoting, wall covering, window backgrounds, furniture, or any other use where attractive and durable panels are required. Product is furnished in 21 different cabinet veneers. Base on which the thin wood surfacing is mounted ;s a wood fibre board, — grainless, non-warping and non-splitting — which can be worked in all ways that ordinary wood can be worked, and which will moreover bend readily under suitable treatment to form curved surfaces. Carstenite's outstanding advantages, it is said, are that it can be nailed or glued to old walls, without preparation of the walls, or nailed direct to studding or furring; that it is unaffected by dampness; that it will not craze nor check; and that it remains flat in place. G-E Commercial Clock Has Neon Illumination A large surface-type commercial clock with neon illumination has been announced by the appliance and merchandise department of the General Electric Co., Bridgeport, Conn. The clock has a 15-inch dial and features exceptional visibiliity under both daylight and night conditions. It can be furnished with either red or blue illumination, to attract trade during the day and the attention of passersby at night. Victoria Is Remodeled Harrisburg, Pa. — Approximately $20,000 has been spent in remodeling the front of Wilmer & Vincent's Victoria Theater, managed by Jerry Wollaston. Marquee is by Superior Sign System, Inc., with interchangeable letters and a flashing neon border. Pittco-Formica white metal stainless steel was freely used in the new front. Doors are of white metal. The architects were Laurie & Green. Landscaping Theater Grounds Columbus, O. — J. Real Neth, president of the J. Real Neth Theater Co., will landscape the grounds of his new de luxe suburban house, the Markham, now under construction, and use a color lighting effect at night.