The Film Daily (1947)

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Building Remodeling FDAILY \T, 4. 92. NO. 8. In Two Sections— Sec. 11. Vd NEW YORK. FRroAY, JULY 11. 1947 Equipment Maintenance 10 CENTS PflCIf IC n. Ul. SPEEDS DEUI THEATER BUILDinC DeVry Bows New^ Projection and Sound Equip RBOUT THE TRADE lA/lLL DeVRY, president DeVry Corp., Chicago, reports DeVry projectors are installed in the new Drive-In theater, recently opened in Bloomington, III., and also that two 12000 series DeVry projectors are going into the new Muncie, Indiana Drivein, operated by the Ochs interests. DeVry speakers are also included in the two theaters. ... • New Heywood-Wakefield chairs have been installed in the 1,777-seat Lee Theater, Clinton, Mo., of which C. W. Dickgrafe is manager. ... It is a unit of the Commonwealth Amusement Corp., Kansas City. ... • Rex Strong recently sold the 197-seat Community Theater, Tina, Mo., to Bob Egender, who also owns the Waverly in Waverly. ... • Renovations to cost $50,000 are being done to the Grand Theater, in Calgary, Alberta. . . . New marquee, reseating and the lobby changed. Grand is a part of the Odeon Circuit. ... • Thor Matthews of the Motiograph Co., Chicago, reports shipments of 12 sound systems and 6 pairs of Motiograph projectors to the Far East, thru the export firm of Frazar and Hamsen of San Francisco. ... • Minnesota Amusement Co., Minot, N. D., is rebuilding the front and touching up the Orpheum. . . . • John Allison is rebuilding the Vivian Theater in Carlisle, Indiana and expects to re-open in 90 days. NEW rugs and screen have been installed at Hartford Theater Circuit's Rialto, in Hartford. . . . Same circuit's Lyric has installed new candy booth. ... • The 350-seat Strand, Jewell, la., reopened recently after being completely^ remodeled and redecorated. ... • David Sandler, president of Drive-In Theater Equipment Co., Cleveland, manufacturers of Auto(Continued on Page 3) Qerntan Recorder In Com. Dep^t. Sale Washlnqfon Bur., THE FILM DAILY Washington — Described as showing potentially revolutionary adaptability to motion picture use, 12 models of the Magnetophone, a German-developed device using magnetic tape as the medium for recording and reproducing speech and music are now on sale at the Department of Commerce. Simplification Among Advantages Offered In New Equipment Chicago — DeVry Corp. announces new projection and sound equipment in which a number of improvements have been made. New projectors, pedestals and amplifiers are on display at dealers. Improved pedestal is sturdier and more flexible, with four-point leveling, an improved and more rugged elevating mechanism and a training mechanism that allows projector to be swung from side to side for screen alignment. Projector and soundhead are a (Continued on Page 4) Alliance and Fox Tie Fort Wayne Deal Fort Wayne, Ind. — Alliance Theater Corp., Chicago, has filed a counterpart indenture for a 20-year lease with the Fox Realty Co. for the Eniboyd Theater, Fort Wayne, one of the largest and most modern houses in this part of the state. (Continued on Page 3) Montreal Theater Blocked By Restraining Injunction Montreal, Que.— Work on a $200,000 theater just off Dyouville Square has been halted temporarily by a (Continued on Page 5) Wenzel Projector's Silver Anniversary Chicago — Wenzel Projector Co. mark off 25 years in the business this year with celebrations of their Silver Anniversary. Founded by Mack Wenzel, firm has been under the direction of Fred Wenzel for the past several years. loner Shows New Vending Machine Completely redesigned and improved mechanically, new Univendor candy vendor is being shown to the trade by its manufacturers, Stoner Manufacturing Corp., Chicago. Offering attractive merchandise selectivity, eight column machine allows for individual column setting to vend at five cents, 10 cents, 15 cents or 20 cents. Machine also comes in 16-column model which allows trouble-free operation and easy servicing. Altec Installations Are Speeded in Detroit Detroit — According to F. C. Dickley, district manager, Altec Service Cprp. supervised the following installations in Michigan: Crystal Theater, D. Gregory, Beulah, Motio M-911; Colonial Theater, (Continued on Page 5) Strong 70-Ampere Lamp Bows Compares With 140-Amp. CondenserType Kroehler Installations Up In X-Country Stands Following is a list of recent installations of Kroehler Push Back chairs: Towne Theater, Milwaukee, Wis., Da Bel Theater, Dayton, 0.; Palace Theater, Elmwood, 111.; State-Lake Theater, Chicago, 111.; Miller Theater, Gary, Ind.; Capitol Theater, Pinckneyville, 111.; Grand Theater, New York City; Yonkers Theater, Yonk(Continued on Page 5) Toledo — New Strong Mogul reflector lamp, recently presented by Strong Electric Corp., compares favorably with any high intensity lamphouse on the market, including the high power condenser types used in largest theaters. Projecting 15,000 lumens with the shutter open and 60 per cent light distribution, new Mogul burns 70 amperes at 40 volts, utilizing an 8 x 7 mm. Supra trim. Mogul is an improved version of the company's former model of the same name with improvements such (Continued on Page 4) Many New Units Are Planned as Nation's Building Steps Up Portland, Ore. — The balance of the year promises much in the way of an accelerated theater building program in the Pacific Northwest, as well as a greatly augmented program directed toward finishing theaters begun and halted by restrictions. The area near Spokane rates high in building, with several suburban and (Continued on Page 6) Steering Committee Formed by TESI^A Oscar F. Neu, president of TESMA, announced that a committee on trade show and convention arrangements has been appointed. Group will act as a general committee, and sub-committees will be formed from within this body. The committee consists of the following: J. J. Arnsfield, Adler Silhouette Letter Co.; C. S. Ashcraft, Ashcraft Manufacturing Co.; J. B. Contner, Blue Seal Cine Devices; L. W. Davee, Century Projector Corp.; J. K. Elderkin, Forest Manufacturing Co.; J. A. (Continued on Page 3) W. Mass. Theaters Start $ Million Renovation Sked Springfield, Mass. — Two new theaters— one in Springfield and the other in Northampton — are included in a $1,500,000 program of improvement and renovation announced by (Continued on Page 3) Sixth Lust Theater Installs Nu'Screen Nation's theaters are becoming acclimated to the new concave-convex Nu-Screen as the sixth of the Sidney Lust theaters in the Washington district receives its three-dimensional screen. Screen is in use at New York's Winter Garden and Park Ave. Theaters and orders are pending for Texas and California installations.