The Film Daily (1947)

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Tuesday, July 15, 1947 ^ DAILY «REVIEUIS» "Variety Girl" with Mary Hatcher, Olga San Juan Paramount 93 Mins. SURPRISES GALORE; ENTERTAINMENT PLUS; A GOOD SHOW BY ALL MEANS; THIS IS BOX OFFICE. H once does the imposing load of ente1 \.fment offered here totter on its slight framework of two film-struck girls who come to Hollywood to crash the movies. To say this base is skeletal is an understatement. But it serves as an admirable track upon which roils the entire Paramount studio from top name players — who play themselves — to the inner workings of the studios where they make George Pal Puppetoons. As each player appears, and in some cases reappears, the whole is considerably enhanced. With the audience never once suspecting what is coming up next, there is a wealth of surprises for them. These surprises, in the form of Crosby, Hope, Milland, Fitzgerald, Ladd, Cooper, Goddard, Lamour, Lake, Tufts, Caulfield, Hayden Bendix, De Wolfe, DeMille, and that's only about one-third the list. Just after the plot establishes itself the parade of names starts and continues happily for an hour and a half with just enough interruption to give a proper breather to the spectator. Blending this roster call of the Paramount player list with the story of how the Variety Clubs came to be is the story of "Catherine Brown," played by Mary Hatcher. She is the first foundling of the organization. When this is known. New York calls Hollywood and plans are set to give her a screen test. Meanwhile Olga San Juan happens on the scene and learns of "Catherine" who calls herself, for film purposes, "Amber La Vonne." There is impersonation. The girls become friends. The studio contacts "Amber" (San Juan). Miss Hatcher strings along. Once at the studios everybody who is anybody has his/ her session aiding, abetting the girls. Ultimately Miss San Juan, who can't sing, and Miss Hatcher, who can, are spotted in a Variety Club show where in between a lialf dozen appearances by Bob Hope as emcee, the initial distortion of the plot gets itself ironed out to everyone's happy satisfaction. "Variety Girl" is a musical item the showman can enthusiastically sink his teeth into and make a very good thing of in terms of box office. He has a great deal of solid, first rate entertainment to offer to his patrons. They are certain to be satisfied. George Marshall directed. He also appears constantly in the going. Inner workings of the fabrication of Puppetoons are included, in Technicolor. Story has a running gag concerning the constant dunking of the studio manager by Miss Hatcher. This is plenty inventive. There's Spike Jones, too. CAST: Mary Hatcher, Olga San Juan, DeForest Kelley, William Demarest, Frank Faylen, Frank Ferguson. Also, Paramount players, Bendix to Whelan (Arleen). CREDITS: Producer, Daniel Dare; Director. George Marshall; Original Screenplay, Edmund Harmann, Frank Tashlin, Robert Welch, Monte Brice; Music Score Direction, Joseph J. Lilley; Associate, Troy Sanders; Songs, Johnny Burke, James Von Heusen, Allan Roberts, Doris Fisher, Frank Loesser; Photography, Lionel Lindon, Stuart Thompson; Art Direction, Hans Dreier, Robert Clatworthy; Set Decorations, Sam Comer, Ross Dowd; Sound, Gene Merritt, John Cope; Music Numbers, Billy Daniels, Bernard Pearce; Film Editor, LeRoy Stone. DIRECTION, Fine. PHOTOGRAPHY, Tops ARMIT DEFINES THOSE PIX TERMS! Denver — Allied Rocky Mountain Independent Theaters, one of national Allied's newest affiliates, comes up with this array of interpretations of trade terms: "Flat Rental: Seldom used term heard only in conjunction with series." "Exploitation Picture: Poorly produced action picture with nobody in it. When you die with it, you are told that 'you didn't sell it properly'." "House Expense: Insignificant odd change." "Availability: A date on the calendar during which time the prints are on loan to other exchanges." "Adjustment: Small portion of your loss which is sometimes paid back to you." "Percentage Picture: General term used to describe the rental of a motion picture." "Special: Super grosser on which 'everybody made lots of money except you'." "'We'll Take Care of You': In more ways than one!" Says Majors Review H'wood Signs Wolfe to Exhibitor Relations Head Research Council Minneapolis — A thorough study of relations between indie exhibitors and distributors will be made by some of the majors with a view to changing policy if necessary, according to Benjamin Berger, head of North Central Allied. The action comes as a result of full-page as yet unprinted ad, Berger had planned to place in a Washington, D. C, newspaper urging an industryvide probe by Congress. Chai'ging that the small town and suburban theaters are trampled in dealings with distributors, Berger said NCA did not want Government control of the film business and would be satisfied with an "honest and sincere" investigation by the companies themselves. Berger cited that while the position of indie exhibs is well known to local distributor reps., he feels the industry's top men are not aware of the "squeeze" small exhibs face under present high film rentals. Decision as to whether or not NCA will run the controversial ad will be postponed three or four weeks to see what progress can be made on policy adjustments, Berger concluded. McConnell Seeks Denial Of Jackson Park Appeal (Continued from Page 1) the Court, Thomas C. McConnell, attorney for plaintiffs in the Jackson Park Theater case, yesterday filed his answer in the Cii'cuit Court of Appeals. Answer argued that the defendants' petition is nothing more than a restatement of a case already presented in briefs and oral arguments. The Appeal Court verdict on Jackson Park playing time against the Maryland Theater, McConnell said, was based upon a request for playing time such as could have been secured in an open market. McConnell asked that the rehearing be denied. (Continued from Page 1) minister and finance the council's operations. Council, Freeman said, will expand its activities into all phases of motion picture research, including: designing and supervising construction of specialized equipment and processes for motion picture production; applying new research developments to industry and co-operating with universities and industrial research gr-oups; standardizing equipment and processes within industry to permit better equipment to be manufactured more efficiently. William F. Kelley, for 11 years manager of the Academy research council, will be assistant to Wolfe. Warren, Gallipolis, O. Mull Local Ticket Tax (Continued from Page 1) enacted soon. The mayor said that the amount of the tax may be set by Council, but pointed out that a continuation of the three per cent rate would bring Warren an estimated $25,000 yearly, and would not tend to change local admission prices. City officials at Gallipolis plan to enact a three per cent tax for that city, holding to the rate in the expiring State law. Smaller Budget Films Regarded in New Category (Continued from Page 1) er budget pictures with regard to wages, hours and conditions, is necessary." A small committee comprised of reps, of both IMPPA and lATSE will be appointed immediately with instructions to meet at earliest possible date in order to consider problem and take measures to bringabout desired result. Denver Tournament Set Denver — Rocky Mountain Screen Club schedules its annual golf tournament and picnic on Aug. 15. when IS in general release