The Film Daily (1947)

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I3f^ OAILY Wednesday, July 16, 1947 Community Promotion A Fieid for Sliowmen While standardization of show business has robbed newcomers of the rich experience incident to theater operations of an earlier day, showmen today can find an outlet for originality and aggressiveness in promoting the theater to its place as a community institution, S. H. Fabian, president of Fabian Theaters, said yesterday in opening a threeday meeting of circuit executives at the Hotel Astor. FABIAN "The pattern of our business has changed radically," Fabian declared, "but as never before, it demands sound thinking, imagination and discrimination in those to whom it is entrusted." Fabian was optimistic in his comment on the economic scene, noting that the lush wartime profits may be gone, but holding that there is still a vast area for sound business expansion. Other speakers at yesterday's session were Sam Rosen, executive vicepresident; Ed Fabian, Harold Fisher and Mary Becker. Guest speakers at luncheon were Ted R. Gamble and Robert W. Coyne of ATA. Convention continues today with Joseph R. Vogel, Loew's vice-president, scheduled to address the luncheon session. Meetings terminate tomorrow with a field day and golf tournament at Preakness Hills Country Club. Rank Buys 35% of Dutch Tuchinski, Royal Circuits Amsterdam (Via Cable) — As a result of the amalgamation between Tuchinski and Royal Circuits, the Rank interests now control 35 per cent of the 12-theater Dutch circuit which operates in this city as well as in Rotterdam, Schiedam and in the Hague. New York sources revealed that J. Arthur Rank had bought into the Tuchinski chain from Frits Strengholt and Laudy Lawrence. Universal is reported to have bought eight per cent of Rank's share. It was also learned that John Davis, JAR's managing director, has been appointed to the three-man board operating the circuit. a ^6ncl vSiftkclau th :•: ^ ♦*♦ K Lj reetlnai ^o |: % July 16 % t'J Barbara Stanwyck Mary Philbin J> Si Ginger Rogers Gus Harris ♦*♦ Mono Massey k*kA^**«k#'.., Mid-iveeh Memos • • • WELL, SIR, PHIL M. is now "in the movies" Alter a fashion, to be sure, but still "in the movies" Dropping into Charlie Reagan's office at Paramount yesterday to attend a press coniexence, Phil M. — and his esteemed contemps — found a camera set up and the kleigs burning brightly Seems as how Charlie was about to "star" in a reel designed for the Para, sales forces, and the press boys were invited to face the camera for a sorta prologue Which they chd, amid calls for "my agent" and such queries as "Can I join the SAG now?" Most any day now, Phil M. is expecting a hurry call from the 12th floor to drop down and sign a seven-year contract WITHOUT options T ▼ T • • • WHILE CHARLIE was primarily concerned with what Paramount has been achieving with "Dear iRuth" — a story you'll read elsewhere— the Para, sales chief had a few other things of prime trade interest to say He observed that those reports Para, is selling on a flat rental-guarantee basis were in error, explaining that for a long time. Para, had been selling on a guarantee plus percentage, largely to smaller theaters with low grossing possibilities Were distrfbu tion costs too high? Charlie remarked that there had been a "substantial" increase in them, and with the trend still up, it would be difficult to reduce Had Paramount reached any conclusions on the desirability of mass play-offs? Charlie replied in the negative Did Paramount plan to curtail short subjects next season? By no means, said Charlie How about the relationship between showmanship and expenditures? "If you've got the picture, don't economize, go out and spend," urged Charlie, calling attention to what Para, is doing with "Dear Ruth" "We put $200,000 in an experimental field," he reminded When does "Welcome Stranger" play? First test engagements this week, Charlie revealed What about Cecil B. DeMille's "Unconquered"? The picture, said Charlie will have its world premiere in London in September with DeMille present And he'll attend the U. S. premiere in Pittsburgh in October and then make a six-week tour of some 10 to 12 selected cities for regional openings ▼ ▼ T • • • WILLIAM ERBB, SRO's general sales manager in Great Britain, is leaving that post, returning the end of August or September Erbb may fill a domestic spot, but that's uncertain Dan Sangster, who has headed SRO ad-publicity in the U.K., also has resigned. ... • What's this about N. Peter Rathvon dickering for RKO stock held by Atlas Corp.? And is the figure about $20,000,000? . . . • Looks like a four-week Loop run for "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now" Pic got more than $130,000 in its first two weeks at the Oriental. ... • Is Rud Lohrentz stepping out as UA district manager to take over operortion of Morton Bros.' Wanee Theater at Kewonee, 111., on Sept. 1? . . . • Bright spot in yesterday's murky humidity was Mildred Fitzgibbons' annual get-together of her Flushing Women's Cliib at Mrs. George Skouras' Rye home Industry reps were 'wined and dined and taken for spins in the* Skouras sleek speedboat Phil M. doffs his Panama to a charming hostess and to the indefatigible Mildred whose Roosevelt Theater is Flushing's meeting place T T T • • • ERNIE EMERLING, Loew's Theaters' ad chief, and his boys have turned a neat trick with their spot fmnouncements pluggin' "The Hucksters" Device consists in spoofin' certain types of commercials Satiric parodies plug the pic at the same time To make sure the industry papers heard the spots. Huckster Bill Omstein toted a portable phonograph around to the editorial offices and spun the platter for all and sundry European Franchise Works Out for Mono. Monogram product is doing good business in Europe after an initial eight months of franchise operation, W. Ray Johnston, chairman at^the board, sai^aB?sterday on ntrreturn from a tour of England, France, Holland, Italy, Belgium. Johnston arrived in the Queen Elizabeth. He will leave for the Coast next week. Johnston reported JOHNSTON "Dillinger" went oyer big in France, Italjr and Algiers. He found business in general off about 15 to 20 per cent. Johnston stated Monogram will produce four pictures abroad, one each in France and Italy and two in England, latter at Pathe Studios. Steve Broidy, Mono, prexy, will go abroad shortly to make final arrangements. Fix are to be financed via blocked currencies. First British pic will be "The Maze," to be produced by Jeffrey Bernerd. Du Mont Picks Phillips To Head Tele Network Appointment of Lawrence Phillips, executive vice-president of USO-Camp Shows, Inc., to the post of director of the DuMont television network was announced yesterday by Dr. Allen B. DuMont, president of Allen B. DuMont Labs. The appointment permits Leonard F. Cramer, to return to his full duties as executive vice-president. Phillips resigned as president of the Valspar Corp. in 1935 to establish his own business as management consultant. In 1941 he was drafted to organize "live" entertainment for the Armed Forces. The DuMont television network, now comprised of WABD, New York, and WTTG, Washington, ultimately will include Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Cincinnati, plus independent affiliates throughout the nation as interconnecting facilities are extended. Rocky Mountain Unit to Meet Denver — Allied Rocky Mountain unit directors will hold a meeting at the new headquarters here today. SICK LIST E. S. SEELEY, chief engineer of Altec Service, is recuperating at home from a leg fracture sustained Saturday when he was hit by an automobile. CHRISTIAN WINKENHOFER, who operates the Gem Theater, Huntingburg, Ind., suffered a broken ankle as the result of a fall.