The Film Daily (1930)

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THE DAILV Friday, February 28, 1930 Vol. II No. 40 Friday, Feb. 28, 1930 Price 5 Cents JOHN W. ALICOATE : : Editor and Publisher Published daily except Saturday and holidays at 1650 Broadway, New York, N. Y., and copyright (1930) by Wid's Films and Film Folks, Inc. J. W. Alicoate, President, Editor and Publisher; Donald M. Mersereau, Secretary-Treasurer and General Manager; Arthur W. Eddy, Managing Editor. Entered as second class matter. May 21, 1918, at the post-office at New York, N. Y., under the act of March 3, 1879. Terms (Postage free) United States outside of Greater New Yoric $10.00 one year; 6 months, $5.00; 3 months, $3.00. Foreign, $15.00. Subscribers should remit with order. Address all conv munications to THE FILM DAILY, 1650 Broadway, New York, N. Y. Phone Circle 4736-4737-4738-4739. Cable address; Filmday New York. Hollywood, California — Ralph Wilk, 6425 Hollywood Blvd. Phone Granite 6607. London— Ernest W. Fredman, The Film Renter, 89-91 Wardour St., W. I Berlin — Karl Wolffsohn, Lichtbildbuehne, Friedrichstrasse, 225. Paris— P. A. Harle, La Cinematographie Francaise, Rue de la Cour-des-Noues, 19. NEW YORK STOCK MARKET High Low Close Sales *Am Seat 22J4 •••• Coil Fmlnd. .. 2174 21 21 2,700 Con Fm. Ind. pfd. 23/^ 23 23^8 55,600 Ka t. Kodak ..'... 22Ui 218/s 221 16,200 Fox Fm "A" .. 35% 33/^ 33^ 70,200 Gen. Thea. E.,u. . 45 Vs 43H 44}^ 35,100 •Keith A-O ^^ ••■■ ,lo pM 106 105 106 40U loew-s'lnc. 70/. 69/. 69/ 12,200 •do pfd. WW (6/) 100 .... Mo pfd. xw (6/) 85/ .... ;aifVJ'.:::::68/; 6m ^i ^^.oo^ I'athe Exch 4 m 4 1,100 do "A" 8 7/ 8 1,10(1 RKO 32/8 297/8 31/123,501 •Uiiiv Pict. pfd 45 ...• Warner Bros 64% 63/ 64^116,401 do pfd 57 56 SOH 2,30> NEW YORK CURB MARKET Mlal. & Katz 65 'Cohimbia Pets .... 29/ . . . ■ Fox Thea. "A" . 7% 7H {'A t,00( 'Intern. Proj • 25 .... I.oew do deb. rts. 34% iiU 34^8 1.30' I.oew Inc. war .. 13 12/ 13 20( •Nat. .Scr. Ser 24 •Nat. Thea. Sup 25 Univ. Pict 9 9 9 ini NEW YORK BOND MARKET 'Keith A-O 6s 46 82 I.oew 6s 41ww ...113.5^ 111/ 113/ 121 do 6s 41 x-war . . 97 96 J4 97 6i Paramount 6s 47 .100/ 100 100 Par. By. 5/s 51.101/ 101/ 101/ 21 Pathe 7s 37 47/ 47 47/ 2i •LAST PRICE QUOTED Jjt New York Long Island City y 1540 Broadway 154 Crescent St. i.i BRYant 4712 STIllwell 7940 J. E. Brulatour, Inc. Chicago Hollywood •'{ ,.,.,., I J. A . 6700 Santa Monica •> 1727 Indiana Ave. Blvd. *'♦ CALumet 2691 HOLlywood 4121 ^f ANTI-BLUE LAW ASS'N LAUDS WHEEUNG VERDICT iVashington Bureau of THE FILM DAILY Washington — Recent refusal of Wheeling, W. Va., to return indictments in 112 cases arising from arrests of theater managers and employees involved in giving Sunday performances, has elicited high praise from the National Ass'n Opposed to Blue Laws, which has its headquarters here. Henry Flury, president oi the association, declared that the court's ruling was "sensible and rational." M-G-M Sydney Premiere to be Widely Broadcast In one of the most extensive radio hookups ever arranged, the premiere of AI-G-M's "Hollywood Revue" in Sydney, Australia, will be broadcast tonight direct from the theater. Due to the difference in time here, radio fans can pick up the program by listening in at 8 a. m. tomorrow. U. S. stations included in the broadcast are WFL, Chicago, and KBO, San Francisco. M-G-M Signs Voice Coach Dr. P. M. Marafioti, teacher of many opera and concert artists, has been signed by M-G-Al to fill the newly created ofhce of voice coach at the Coast studios. He leaves Sunday for Hollywood. Fox Signs Austrian Composer Fox has signed Richard Fall, Austrian composer, to write music for the screen version of Ferenc Molnar's "Lilioni." He is en route to the coast after conferences with W'infield Sheehan, vice-president and general manager of the company. Johnson Arriving Mar. 12 Millard Johnson will arrive in New York about Mar. 12 from Australia to resume charge of the U. S. office of Union Theaters, Ltd., of .Australia About the same time Erich P. Strelitz will sail to take charge of the circuit's London office. Hopcraft With Sono-Art Buffalo — Edward Hopcraft has been appointed salesman for Sono Art-World Wide out of the local office. Salacious Advertising Topic at AMPA Meeting Salacious advertising provoked a lively discussion at yesterday's meeting of the AMPA at the Hotel Paramount. The report of a committee ot three on the matter will be presented next Thursday. Big 4 Completes First of New All-Talker Series With 16 territories set for distribution. Big Four Film Corp. has completed the first feature m the new series of all-talking pictures, titled 'Beyond the Rio Grande." The film will be available on him and disc. 50 Trucks in 20 Countries for Fox Movietone News Fox Movietone News, at present, IS operating 50 trucks in 20 foreigi. countries outside of the Uniteo .Mates, states Fox. Warners Sign Librettist Herbert Fields, who wrote the book for "F'ifty Million Frenchmen," the current stage musical hit sponsored by Warner Bros., has been signed by this firm on a two-year contract to write two librettos a year lor talkers. He is to begin his picture work next November. "U" Officials Return Lou B. Metzger, general manager, N. L. Manheiiii, export manager and Verne Porter, eastern scenario editor, returned here yesterday after conferences on the coast with Carl Laemmlc and Carl Laemmle, Jr., egarding the company's rext year's program. Normand Burial Today n'cst Coast Bineau. THE J-TLM J)AIL) Los Angeles — Mabel Normand will be buried in Southern California today after last rites are conducted at the Good Shepherd Church of Beverly Hills. The 'funeral will be private. Goldberg Returns to N. Y. Joe (ioldberg, general sales manager for Columbia now is in New York after a seven week's trip to the Coast where he was in conference with executives on the company's new line-up. During his return trip lie visited the southern branches. The Executor of the Last Jt ili and Testament JAMES OLIVER CURWOOD will take appropriate action against unauthorized use of his books, stories, and scenarios. Detroit AND Security Trust Company Fort Street opposite Post Office • Detroit The Industry* s Date Book Mar. Mar. Mar. Apr. Apr. Apr. May May June 5 First Day of Lent. 11 Opening of "Song O' My Heart" in New York at 44th St. Theater. 20 Annual election of Maryland M.P. T.O. officers at Baltimore. 1 Premiere of "Journey's End" at a New York house, not yet decided upon. 5 Second annual banquet and ball of the Warner Club, Inc.. at the Hotel Commodore, N. Y. 6-7 Spring convention of Tri-State M. P.T.O. at Memphis. 5-8 S.M.P.E Spring Meeting at the Wardman Park Hotel, Washington, D C. 25 Fox annual sales convention starts to-day. 2-7 International Cinema Congress at Brussels. Tiffany's "Mamba" to Open at Gaiety Mar. 10 Tiffany's all-technicolor, talker feature, "Alamba" will have its premiere at the Gaiety here on Mar. 10. "Troopers Three," now current there, closes Mar. 9. Booked for 5th Ave. "The Painted Angel" will be the I : attraction at the Fifth Ave. Play || house Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, f while "Rio Rita" begins a four-da.\ run Wednesday. Barthelmess on Way West Richard Barthelmess is on his way to the Coast to play in "The Dawn Patrol" for First National. Howard Hawks will direct the production, based on a story by John Monk Saunders. Kooler-^^ire KOOLER-AIRE ENGINEERING CORP. 1914 PARAMOUNT BUILDING NEW YORK WE BUILD, Buy, LEASE, OPE RATE OR MANAGE MOTION PICTURE THEATRES IN PENNA.-NEW JERSEY DELAWARE — MARYLAND, -DISTRICT OF COLUMBIAVIRGINIA AND W. VIRGINIA 1700 SANSOM STREET Philadelphia,Pa.