The Film Daily (1930)

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THE Friday, February 28, 1930 -^Hk DAILY Short Shots from New York Studios ^i By HARRY N. BLAIR ^H, 'T'HE Paramount Long Island studios recently installed two telegraph machines capable of sending out and receiving telegraphic messages direct, which are operated by Ben Segal, who also supervises the distribution of studio mail. Phil Quinn, assistant director at the Warner Bros, studio in Flatbush, was employed at the same studio back in the Vitagraph days when Frank Heath, Arthur Cozine and Bob Mawley, now at the Paramount Long Island studios, also i worked there. Tony Martin, who, with Nick Basil, I is featured in Louis Brock's "Barnum Was Wrong," used to play at Perry's Cafe, the College Inn and Tony Kelly's place, in Coney Island, on the same bill with Sophie Tucker, Van & Schenck, Ted Lewis, Aunt Jemima and many other present da.\ headhners,,but then unknown. Dick Willis and Harry Burkhardt, nuike-up men at the Eastern Vitaphone studio, haven't quite recovered from the arduous task of making up the 50 odd Warner employees who took part in the "Warner Gaieties," given Inst Sunday night, at the Chanin theater. William Saulter, in charge of the Art Dept., at the Long Island studios, ■ now in Jamaica recovering from a ucrvous breakdown. Arline DeHaas, formerly in •harge of Warners studio publicity, 'vho took a trip to the South Seas to jrt away from picture business for I while, writes that the first person <hc met down in that neck of the voods was Fred Murnau, who, with 'Robert Flaherty, is making a pic'ire of life in the South Seas. I : Neryda, exponent of interpretive liancing, who recently played the iloxy theater, makes her screen debut n "Barnum Was Wrong," a Louis i^rocic production, directed by Mark , tandrich at the Ideal studios. ! t Kansas House Goes Sound i Burlington, Kans. — The New is king wired by RCA Photophone eni-ineers. ! Mt. Pleasant Temple Goes Sound j Mt. Pleasant, la. — The Temple has [een wired for sound. Western Elecric film and disc equipment was intailed. Atlanta House Gets RCA Atlanta — The West End is opening ith Photophone equipment. Sapulpa Express Wired Sapulpa, Okla. — The Empress has een wired for sound, Western Elec•ic film and disc equipment being intailed. Another W. E. for San Antonio San Antonio, Tex. — Western Elecic is in the Strand. N-E-W-S OF T-H-E D-A-Y United States Joplin, Mo. — Construction will start here March 1 on a $400,000 house which the Midland Circuit of Kansas City has leased for 20 years. United Studios of Chicago is the contractor. Memphis, Tenn. — Objection has been raised by local residents regarding plans for the new theater at McLemore Ave. at College St. Residents declare they want a setback of 40 feet observed while the exhibitor plans call for five feet. San Antonio— V. D. (Bud) Welker, for years connected with the Interstate Amusement Co., has been named director of publicity and exploitation of the Aztec, recently leased by Publix. Raton, N. M. — Hubbard and Murphy have decided upon "El Raton" as the name of their new $100,000 theater here after local residents submitted names for the new house. Greeley, Colo. — Harry Ashton has been appointed manager of the Publix Rex. Clarence Perrin was the former manager. WoUaston, Mass. — The Wollaston has reopened after several weeks during which time the house was redecorated and renovated. Western Electric apparatus was installed by Netoco. Joseph J. McDermott, recently manager of the chain's Regent at Norfolk Downs, is managing the house. Coschocton, O. — John Moran of Pittsburgh has been named manager of the Sixth St. by the Harris Amusement Corp. He succeeds Ralph E. Reisinger. San Francisco — The New Rialto, formerly the Wigwam, has reopened as a "talkie" house. New York The Garden, Brooklyn, is now having RCA Photophone equipment installed and will open shortly with its new policy. Sigmund Moss has resigned from Universal to join First National where he will head the leasing department. "It's a good idea for you showmen to get into a huddle with the new 1930 FiUn Daily Year Book, Not only is e 'orv section a lesson in itself, but its 'jseiulness has been demonstrated time and again by the most seasoned veterans. Hop to it. You may be missing something." PHILM.DALX S£Z/ 650-Seat House for Stockton Stockton, Cal. — Weiland Bros, will build a new $25,000 theater here for Angelo Palmero, who has already leased the house to N. Terai for ten years. The house will be called the Savoy and seat 650. Fleming at Norfolk Downs Norfolk Downs, Mass. • — Kenneth Fleming, formerly associate manager of the Netoco Egyptian at Brighton, Mass., has been appointed manager of the Regent here. Clarendon Exhib Objects to Army Theater Nearby IVa^hingtoH Bureau of THE FILM DAILY Washington — Protest that a motion picture house is being operated at Fort Myer, Va., by an organization within the Army and that it is hurting his business has been filed with the War Dept. by Joseph C. Boss, operator of the Ashton, Clarendon, Va. Boss states that the Army house is within five blocks of his theater and secures pictures at cut prices, showing them at low admissions, due to little overhead. 3 More W. E.'s for Cleveland Cleveland, Ohio. — Recent additions to wired houses here are the New Broadway (1412 seats), the Olvmpia (1597 seats) and the Sun (801 seats) which have been wired by Western Electric. To Rebuild Former House Centerville, la. — Plans are being drawn for rebuilding the Drake which recently was destroyed by fire. Damage was estimated at $25,000. Gentholtz Installs Sound Garrettsville, C— K. M. Gentholtz of the local house has installed sound apparatus. Theater Wired for Sound Bucksport, Me. — The Alamo has been wired with Photophone equipment. Wiring Frankfort Theater Frankfort, Ky. — Photophone equipment is being installed at the State. Where can I get complete text of Judge Thacher's Decisions pertaining to Credit Rules and the Anti-Trust Laiivs ? INQUIRE WITHIN y 1930 Edition Just off the Press !