The Film Daily (1930)

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:e dawn of talkies ^dict on 'grischa #/ Genius and resources of Radio create another miracle for the showmen of the world • • • presenting in its first season the two greatest class attractions of the year • • • mightiest musical SHOW OF ALL TIME (RIO RITA) •• AND NOW THE FINEST DRAMA THE SCREEN HAS EVER KNOWN! ^'Stands out like a lighthouse in a season of musical fluff and drawing room persiflage^^ • • proclaims show-wise Photoplay. NOW HOLDING CHICAGO IN TITAN GRIP AS LOOP THRONGS JAM RKO WOODS • . . THE CASE or _ SERGEAMT CHESTER MORRIS BETTY COMPSON JEAN HERSHOLT ALEC B. FRANCIS . . . GUSTAV VON SEYFFERTITZ . . . AND A SWEEPING HOST OF SUPER-NUMERARIES