The Film Daily (1930)

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twb-'reel comedy special ^ith. ike exploitation value pf a I>i:^ feature Th^ Fatmous Gait Chammans LTER ^ LEO in DIEGE SENNET GrcAt Sh)art Featwire Talking Comedy TCH PLAY' with YDE, MARJORIE BEEB(E a BUD JAMISON I /' J.F ever a Short Feature Comedy assured pleasure to an audience and profit to an exhibitor, this is it! A rwO'reel comedy special that completely outclasses the average feature picture in exploitation possibilities. Names that will attract anyone -who knotirs the difference between a drive and a putt I Championship golf that -will thrill everyone front the "pro** at your local golf club to the person -w^ho never saw a golf ball! Contedy that will have them all roaring! And a whole string of exploitation "naturals** to choose from. Backed up by record'breaking national publicity. Ask your Educational Exchange for details of the big national dealer tie-ups» assuring -window^ displays, valuable free prizes for local contests, etc. m 4 EDUCATIONAL FILM EXCHANGES, Inc. E. W. HAMMONS, President ff (Skiicocvtccrnci/ U-tcZuAz^ ■THE SPICE OF.THE PROGRAM' Member. Uotion Pintirt Prt>duc«r> uti baton of Anerick. Int.. WiU H H«y», I>re9i(leilt