The Film Daily (1931)

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THE Friday, March 13, 1931 -Zen PAfLV. A LITTLE from "LOTS" By RALPH WILK. HOLLYWOOD A/f ARQUIS HENRI DE LA FALAISE will start production next week on the French version of "Madame Julie" for Radio Pictures. The cast includes Jeanne Hebbling, Emile Chautard, Georgette Rhodes and Geymon Vital. * * * Paul Lukas, Kay Francis and Lilyan Tashman will head the cast of "Girls About Toivn," by Virginia Kellogg, to be made by Paramount. Percy Heath is adapting the story. * * * Rosco Ates is doing a short for Radio under the direction of Harold Schwartz. The supporting cast includes Warner Richmond, Charles K. French, Nelson McDowell, Harold Berquist and Lon Poff. * * * Howard C. Brown, who with Curtis F. Nagel has been directing the "Romantic Journeys" for Educational, has married Betty Caldwell, who played a part in the first of the series with Claude Flemming. * • e Otto Lodwig, film editor, will bring his services to Associated Radio Pictures in England, it is announced by RKO. A crew is being sent over to assist Basil Dean in the making of six pictures for RKO release. * ♦ * George R. Batcheller's next Chesterfield production will be a newspaper-gangster yarn, "The Inside Story," by Arthur Hoerl. Barney Gerard, writer and producer of the stage, will be associated with Chesterfield in making the picture. * * * Jane Murfin will adapt her play, "Women Who Take," for production by Radio. * • * Richard Bennett is to play opposite Marion Davies in "Five and Ten" for M-G-M. * * * Elizabeth Meehan has been assigned to adapt Herbert Brenon's "The Next Corner," an RKO release. * * * Marlene Dietrich, now in Europe, is due back at the Paramount studio the latter part of this month. Galaxy of Champs Among the fighting champs assembled for RKO's "Big Brother" are: Frank Goddard, former European heavyweight champion; Jack Perry, former American welterweight champion; Charlie Sullivan, champion lightweight of the AEF and Pacific Coast; Sailor Vincent, for 12 years m'ddleweight champion of the U. S. Navy; Nate Slott Phil Bloom, and Jack McKenzie, the professional wrestler. She recently visited the Paramount plant in Joinville, near Paris. * * * Frederick Kerr, who appears in Pathe's "Born to Love," starring Constance Bennett, has made 28 round trips between England and America. * * * Damon Runyon's original, formerly called "All Scarlet," has been given the new title of "Agua Caliente" by Radio. * * * Harold Lloyd's next picture for Paramount release is being written by a prominent combination of stage and screen authors whose identity is being withheld. * * * Lew Cody has been signed by Columbia for the leading male role in "Meet the Wife," Al Christie's production of the Lynn Starling stage success. * * * Carl Laemmle, Jr., announces the selection of three vehicles in which Lew Ayres will star for Universal next season. The first, "The Outcasts of Poker Flat," is now being adapted by Joseph Moncure March and goes into production next month under the direction of William Wyler. "Baby Faced Killer." by Don Clarke, and "Mississippi," by LiK'i en Burman, will follow. * * * Our Passing Show: Groucho and Harpo Marx, Dave Thompson and Arthur Stone studying horticulture at Paramount; Erwin Gelsey busy at Columbia: Lloyd French, Mauri Grashin and Harolz Schwartz lunching at the Ambassador. * * * John Howard Lawson has turned out the first two originial stories under his new contract with RKO calling for four a year. The titles are "Every Girl" and "Daughters of Joy." * * * After having seen 17 shows in New York, Max Ree, art and costume director for Radio Pictures, has returned to Hollywood. * * * RKO's "Board and Room" haK had its title changed to "Laugh and Get Rich." The cast includes Fdna May Oliver, Hugh Herbert and Dorothv Lee. * * • "Am all out of 'loaning money' and am waiting patiently for the return of monies loaned, to again loan it to those in need," is an announcement from Paul Hurst. * * * Walter Huston, instead of Wil'•am Powell, has been decided upon 'iv First National for the lead in "Blue Moon Murder," original S. S. Van Dine mystery. Florence Rveron is doing the script and will help to direct it. * • * Jean Hersholt is the direct representative of the King of Denmark ;n arranging that country's participation in the Olympic Game* in Lot Angelts n*xt ytar. URGES INDIE EXHIBITORS. . GET CONTRACT OKAY {Continued from Poor i ) see a possibility that the Government will throw it out as illegal. This committee, said L'ghtman. would make it clear to the authorises that independent operators can obtain "a great deal of relief" providing the agreement becomes operative. At present cacli distribut'ng company has its own exhibition contract and none of them give eNhibs 'he consideration that the new agreement provides. "The M. P. T. O. A. i ready t» co-operate with Allied or an Independent Exhibitor Organization in any such effort," said Lightman. "Ii will have the effect of bringing about i showdown in the situation." Abram F. Myers, president of All:ed, last night said that his organization, which helped draft the contract along with distributor and M. P. T. O. A. representatives hopes for its operation and stands ready to back it. He is in New York attending an Allied directors' meeting, which concludes today at the Hotel Warwick. In a letter to the M. P. T. O. A. Sidney Kent, who sponsored the 55-5 conferences and acted as chairman at them, said that Paramoun' has no intention to "throw over" the new contract because of the Suprerm Court decision which outlawed th° arbitration and credit systems. "Tf it cannot be worked out legally.'' he declared, "my company will use its own contract and try to carry ou' the spirit of the new agreement." Smith-Dale Short As Vaude Act Reversing the usual practice of making a screen version of a stage hit. the comedy team of Smith and Dale is opening at the Palace in NewYork this week with the stage version of their Paramount short. "The S. S. Malaria," two-reeler made las* fall and not to be released for another few weeks. 'RCA Gets New Tele"i<=ion Perm:» Wn'hingtrm Bureau of THE FTLM DAII,\ Washington — Pernv't for the n«e if an additional transmitter for visnal broadcasting has been granted bv rhe Radio Commission to Station W3XAD, RCA Victor Co., Camden V. T. The commission aNo has authored removal of the transnvtter of *he Tenkins Television Corn. W2XCR. from Terser Citv to 65? Fifth Ave., New York. $1.31 a Share for Technicolor Net profit of Technicolor for the '•ear ended Dec. 31. arfe t*»xe« an^ other deductions, amounted to $1.31 i share on the 517.548 shares nf rom•non stock outstanding. This compares with $2.20 a share iti 1029 and '2 cents in 1928. Four "Sit Ti°+ir" H-Ho»«"-<! "Sit Tight," the War«<* ni-tur" with Joe E. Brown :>"■' YVinnt" T iVhtner, has been held Fo second weeks at the Untown and O'vmnn in Boston, the Blue Mouse in Seattle and the Metropolitan in Boston. ON TOP OF THE WORLD/ ACKNOWLEDGED! by the public as the funniest character on the screen! by exhibitors everywhere as the sweetest boxoffice draw in the shorts field! 26 one-reel cartoons Produced under •upervliion of M. Stanley Bergerman Nothing But BoxOffice In UNIVERSAL Short Subjects I