The Film Daily (1931)

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OF FILM DOM VCL. LV NC ei SUNDAY, HACCH 1<5, 1931 IlKf 2<S CENT/ Menjwomen Lovers will glory n nd it! i Directed by JOHN STAHL From Charles G. Norris' ►nsational best-selling novel Presented by .RL LAEMMLE hn ES Genevieve BIN ILSON Raymond HACKETT Zasu PITTS Jed Prouty Richard Tuckei "A Nothing succeeds like a UNIVERSAL picture! |HH|^MjHHMMMaaMaaMHMMMHHMMHHH| ____________^_^__^___^^______^_^_-___^^^_^^g^^_ NEWS of the studios, the distributing centers and the theater field. Daily reports of current activities and trends, with constructive interpretations for the benefit of the exhibitor who wants to be informed. film Daily Service — = REVIEWS of the new films, both features and short subjects. Brief and dependable. Written from the angle of box office value and judged solely on intrinsic merit, with neither fear nor favor. EXHIBITION Film Daily Service