The Film Daily (1931)

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fs2K DAILY Sunday, March IS, 1931 ITHE or niMDOM Vol. IV No. 61 Sunday, March 15. 1931 Prico 25 Cents JOHN W. ALICOATE : : Editor and Publisher Published daily except Saturdayi and holidays •t 1650 Broadway. New York. N. Y., •nd copyright (1930) by Wid's Films am Film Folk. Inc. J. W. Alicoate, President, Editor and Publisher; Donald M. Mersereau, Secretary-Treasurer and General Manager Arthur W. Eddy, Associate Editor; Do Carle Gillette, Managing Editor. Entered as second class matter, May 21, mo, at the post-office at New York, N. Y. «nder the act of March 3, 1879. Terms (Postage free) United States outside of Grea*er New York $10.00 one year; 6 months, $5.00; J months. $3.00. Foreign, $15.00. Subscribers should remit with order. Address all communications to THE FILM DAILY 1650 Broadway, New York, N. Y. Phone Circle 7-4736, 7-4737, 7-4738, 7-4739. Cable address: Filmday, New York. Hoi ywood, California — Ralph Wilk, 6425 Hollywoo Rlvd. Phone Granite 6607. London— Ernest W. Fredman. The Film Renter 89-91 Wardour St., W. I. Berlin— Karl Wolffsohn Lichthildhuehne, Friedrichstrasse, 225. Pari — P A. Harle, La Cinematographic Franchise, Hue de la Cour-dei-Noues, 19. NEW YORK STOCK MARKET (QUOTATIONS AS OF FRIDAY) Net High Low Close Chg. Con. Fm. Ind 10 9Ys 9H — M Con. Fm. Ind. pfd. 18'4 V% 18}i + Vt East. Kodak 167 161 'A 164 —4 Fox Fm. "A".... 32/2 30^ 31^— Vs Gen. Th. Eq. (new) 12"4 11 \W\ — V/t Loew's, Inc 5654 54*6 56 + Vi do pfd. ww (6J4). 97-54 97^ 9754 + H M-G-M pfd 2654 2654 2654 + *A Paramount 43H 4254 43*6 — 'A Pathe Exch 2 2 2 do "A" 354 354 354 ••••• RKO "A" 207^ 2054 20J4 — M Warner Bros. ... 1354 \2V» 1354 + 54 NEW YORK CURB MARKET Columbia Pets. vtc. 19 19 19—1 Fox Thea. "A".. 4?4 454 454— 54 Gen. Th. Eq. pfd. 2854 2654 26?4 — Vs Loew, Inc., war... 54 54 54 Loew's do deb rts 1454 13 1454 — 254 Technicolor 1254 1254 1254 — 44 Trans-Lux 9?4 8*4 9 — 1 NEW YORK BOND MARKET Gen. Th. Eq. 6s40. 6454 6154 6154 — 254 Keith A-O 6s 46. 76 76 76 Loew 6s 41ww... 10654 10454 10454 — 154 do 6s 41 x-war... 99 9854 9854 + 54 Paramount 6s 47. 9454 9354 9454 + 54 Par. 554s50 87 8654 8654 — 54 Pathe 7s37 7354 71 7254 + 254 Warner's 6s39 ... 57 56 5654 Ed Phelan Dies Boston — Edmund V. Phelan, theatrical producer and former manager of the Majestic and Colonial, died in Lynn on Friday. 16 Feature Productions Being Prepared at RKO § g g M I New York 1540 Broadway BRYant 9-4712 Long Island City 154 Crescent St. STIllwell 4-7940 Eastman. Films ]. E. Brulatour, Inc. Chicago 1727 Indiana Ave. CALumet 3C92 Hollywood 6700 Santa Monica BWd. HOLlywood 4121 &*S23S8tt&.<3 West Coast Bureau, THE FILM DAILY Hollywood — In addition to five pictures now shooting, one in rehearsal and two in the cutting room, the RKO forces have 16 productions in preparation. These include: "The Spy," by Benn Levy in collaboration with Ivan Lebedeff, adapted by Doris Anderson; associate producer, Henry Hobart; cast headed by Lebedeff; "It Would All Depend," by Albert Pay son Terhune; adaptation by Daisy Wolf; "The Passionate Prince," by Achmed Abdullah and Robert H. Davis; "Marcheta," from song by Victor Schertzinger, adapted by Louis Stevens; "High Stakes," directed by Lowell Sherman, from the play by Willard Mack, adapted bv J. Walter Ruben, cast headed by Sherman; "Consolation Marriage," by Bill Cunningham, directed by Paul Sloane, associate producer, Myles Connelly; "The Sphinx Has Spoken," bv Maurice DeKobra, adapted by Jane Murfin, directed by Victor Schertzinger; "High River," adapted by Charles Logue, directed by Richard Boleslavsky; "The Next Corner," by Kate Jordan, directed by Herbert Brenon; "In the Mexican Quarters," by Tom Gill; "Nancy's Private Affair," bv Myron C. Fagan; "The Big Bow Mystery," by Israel Zangwill; "Uncle to the Rescue," by Welford Beaton; "Law of the Night," by Samuel Ornitz and Lester Cohn; "Women Who Take," by Jane Murfin; and an untitled original by James Whittaker. In the cutting room are "Laugh and Get Rich" and the WheeferWoolsey vehicle "Cracked Nuts." Pictures shooting include "Traveling Husbands," Bert Wheeler in "Too Many Cooks," "Madame Julie," Richard Dix in "Big Brother," and "Waiting at the Church." Rehearsals are in progress on "White Shoulders." Burlesque Ads Go Movie Burlesque, which has entered the Broadway sector through two 42nd St. theaters, has gone for motion picture type of exploitation. Fronts of the nouses are doggy with compo board tailoring which resembles the style employed by the large Main Stem de luxers. Vergesslich Presented With Traveling Bag Set A traveling bag and set was presented to Joe Vergesslich, just appointed Chicago exchange manager for Warner Bros., at a luncheon given him Friday at the Astor by Warner home office executives and members of the Film Board of Trade. Attorney Louis Nizer was toastmaster and the speakers were: Claude Ezell, Gradwell Sears, Andy Smith, Carl Lesserman, Joe Lee, Attorney Louis Phillips, George Balsdon and Leon Rosenblatt. More Sono Art Bookings Closed by Budd Rogers Budd Rogers, director of sales for Sono Art-World Wide, just back to his office after a session with the flu, has booked "Damaged Love" into Warner's Philadelphia theaters and 37 other Warner houses in the adjacent territory. He also has closed a deal with Publix for four pictures for 10 towns in the southern territory. THE INDUSTRY'S DATE GCCK FitzPatrick Half Way Around James A. FitzPatrick cables that he has completed half of his journey around the world with his production staff, making new material for his Famous TravelTalk series. His next stop will be Bangkok, Siam. From the Far East he will sail for Honolulu, returning to New York in May. Pathe Buys Three Stories RKO-Pathe has acquired screen rights to three stories, "Gunner Riley," by Lew Lipton, in which Bill Boyd will be starred; "Gangster's Wife,' by Ferrin H. Fraser, for Helen Twelvetrees, and "A Little Flat in the Temple," from the novel by Pamela Wynne, for Ann Harding. Langdon in Vaude. Harry Langdon has been booked by Abe Feinberg. New York agent, for a vaudeville engagement at Fay's, Providence, this week. Langdon is making several weeks of personal appearances in the east. Let Us Solve Your Problems! Over 21 Years of Experience Qualities Us as Specialistsin MOTION PICTURE INSURANCE Stebbins, Leterman & Gates INCORPORATED 1540 B'WAY N.Y.C. telephone bryant 9-1040 Mar. 21 : Annual Ball of the Warner Club. New York. March 22 : Annual Communion and Breakfast of Catholic M. P. Guild of America, Church of the Good Shepherd, Beverly Hills, Cal. Mar. 28: First annual benefit dinner, entertainment and dance at the Hotel Astor by greater New York exhibitors and distributors to aid permanent benefit fund. April 4-11: Players' and Patrons' Jubilee Week, national benefit for N. V. A. Club. April 19: Lambs Gambol, Metropolitan Opera House, New York. Apr. 20-22: Warner Bros. Eastern sales convention, Atlantic City. April 23-24 : State Convention of Indiana Indorsers of Photoplays, Claypool Hotel, Indianapolis. Apr. 27 : Fox Film sales convention. New York. Apr. 28-30: Warner Bros. Western sales convention, Hotel St. Francis, San Francisco. May 25-28: Spring meeting of the Society of Motion Picture Engineers, Hotel Roosevelt, Hollywood, Cal. Archbishop Opposes Sunday Shows in Md. Baltimore — Archbishop Curley has aligned himself with the Citizens' League for Better Motion Pictures in fighting the Sunday motion picture bill now before the legislature. COMING & GOING GEORGE DE SYLVA and wife sailed Friday night on the Bremen for Europe. GEORGE MOSKOV, who has been with United Artists and Universal at the coast as assistant director and writer, has arrived in New York. JOE VERGESSLICH is on his way to Chicago to take charge of the Warner-First National exchange. DORA MACY, author of First National's "My Past" and "Night Nurse,' is on her way to the coast. BASIL WOON and ROWLAND BROWN sailed Friday night on the Paris for a European vacation. ROBERT MONTGOMERY is due in New York on Wednesday from the coast. BUDDY FISHER, player, has arrived in New York from the Coast. He returns to Hollywood on Wednesday. COLOR PRINTS Color sound cameras available for short subjects, or advertising films. Color prints from Bi-pack negatives. BREWSTER COLOR FILM CORPORATION 58 First Street Newark, N. J. Humboldt 2-4228