The Film Daily (1931)

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DAILV Sunday, March 15, 1931 ■ HOLLYWOOD ACTIVITIES CURRENT HAPPENINGS FLASHED BY WIRE FROM THE COAST GLENN TRYON LATEST NAME SIGNED FOR PATHE SHORTS Glenn Tryon is the latest "name" to be added to the array of talent appearing in RKO Pathe two-reel comedies. Several years ago Tryon was featured in his own series of rooster brand two-reelers produced by Hal Roach. Tryon is already at work on his first vehicle, "Three Wise Clucks," a story by L. B. Jefferson directed by Wallace Fox. Others in the cast are Marion Douglas, Frederic Howard, William Robyns, Rodney McLennan, Jerry Drew, Martha Mattox and Billy Barty. Billy Bevan has completed work in his return appearance under the rooster brand in "Frozen Faces," in which he was associated with Vivian Oakland, Jimmy Finlayson and Billy Franey. Ralph Ceder directed from his own story which was adapted by Harry Fraser. Connie Bennett Resuming Constance Bennett, recovered from her slight illness, will resume work at the RKO Pathe studio in a few days, her next starring vehicle being "The Common Law," adapted by John Farrow from the Robert W. Chambers story. Paul L. Stein will direct. Doug, Jr., Starting New Film Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., will start work this week in his new First National production, "I Like Your Nerve," by Roland Pertwee. Added to "Subway Express" Dorothy Bay and James Goss will appear in Columbia's adaptation of the stage play, "Subway Express." Both Miss Bay and Goss are of the legitimate stage and make their screen debut in "Subway Express." Ann Harding Vehicle Chosen Ann Harding's first of the four starring pictures she is to make for RKO Pathe on the 1931-32 program will be an adaptation of Pamela Wynne's novel, "A Little Flat in the Temple." Charles R. Rogers has just obtained the screen rights from the British novelist. Horace Jackson will write the dialogue. Silent Talker London — A deaf and dumb picture, with dialogue in sign language such as used by those who have lost their hearing and power of speech, is being shown among deaf and dumb institutions here. It runs 12 minutes and features a short sermon by Father W. Hayward, of Manchester, who lost his speech in the war. A LITTLE from "LOTS ►// By RALPH W1LK » DOLAND BROWN'S initial directorial effort for Fox has been titled "Quick Millions." The picture has had several titles, including "Skyline," "Hoodlum" and "Yellow." Brown has been given a trip to Pans, because of his good work on the picture, and is being accompanied by Basil Woon, the veteran Paris boulevadier, who speaks excellent French. * * • Eleven years ago, Thornton Freeland and J. Eddie Robbins worked together at the old Vitagraph studio in Brooklyn. Now, Freeland is directing "Riding for a Fall" for Fox, and Robbins is editing the picture. * * » Here and There; Bill Tilden and Bayard Veiller chatting at Metro: Milton Schwartz of New York visiting friends at Fox; Richard Dix and Louis A. Sarecky conferring at Radio Pictures. * * * Complete cast of "The Public En emy," gang thriller by two young Chicago newspaper men, Kubec Glasmon and John Bright, now in production at the Warner Bros. West Coast studios, is as follows: Edward Woods, Joan Blondell, James Cagney, Jean Harlow, Beryl Mercer, Robert Emmet O'Connor, Mae Clark, Leslie Fenton, Rita Flynn, Robert Homans, Ben Hendricks, Jr., Louise Brooks, Snitz Edwards, Clark Burroughs, Murray Kinnell, Mia Marvin, Adele Watson, R. Shannon. William Wellman is directing the picture. * * * Lloyd Knechtel has returned from Detroit, where he photographed exteriors for "Traveling Husbands," which Paul Sloane is directing. Universal is angling for Gavin Gordon to appear in a forthcoming production. Gordon is now working in "Shipmates," which Harry Pollard is directing for M-G-M. Tiffany Chimp Comedies in Spanish Two additional Tiffany Talking Chimp comedies have been "dubbed" into Spanish by Fernando C. Tamayo, expert Spanish translator and veteran foreign-film man. They are "Chasing Around' 'and "Nine Nights in a Bar Room." The Tiffany Talking Chimps are released by Paramount throughout the Spanishspeaking world with the exception of Mexico, where they are handled by D. Ferio. Travis Banton Returns Travis Banton, Paramount stylist, is back in Hollywood after a tour of Europe lasting two months. Added to Ina Claire Cast Hale Hamilton and Leigh Allen are late additions to the cast supporting Ina Claire in her new picture for RKO Pathe. Others in the cast of the Donald Ogden Stewart play are Robert Ames. Robert Williams, Hedda Hopper. Walter Walker and Louise Closser Hale. Edward H. Griffith is directing. Hoot Gibson Picture in Work Production is in progress on "Clearing the Range." the Allied Picture Corp. vehicle that marks the return of Hoot Gibson. M. H. Hoffman, Jr., is in charge of production, with Otto Brower directing. Sally Eilers plays opposite Gibson, and others in the cast include Hooper Atchlev, Madame Eva Grippon, Robert Homans, Edward Peil and George Mendoza. Story is by Jack Cunningham, and Jack Natteford prepared it. Slim Summerville on Vacation Having appeared in nine features and starred in 18 short subjects during what he terms his 'fiscal year,' Slim Summerville, Universal comedy star, is going on a vacation trip by motor to San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Lake Louise and Banff. Jesse De Vorska in Fox Films Jesse De Vorska, vaudeville and screen comedian, has been assigned a principal role in Fox's "Women of All Nations." EDW. GOODMAN TO DIRECT CHATTERTON FOR PARA. Edward Goodman, for 17 years a playwright, stage director and stage producer, has been assigned to direct Ruth Chatterton's new Paramount starring picture, "Women Love Once," from Zoe Akins' stage success, "Daddy's Gone A-Hunting." Paul Lukas has been assigned the lead opposite the star of "Anybody's Woman" and "Unfaithful." Dorothy Mackaill Plans N. Y. Visit Dorothy Mackaill, who has been working in three successive pictures without a let-up, will go to New York for a brief visit as soon as her present First National picture is finished. She is now working in "The Reckless Hour," which is being directed by John Francis Dillon. Lloyd Hughes, Marceline Day Cast Lloyd Hughes and Marceline Day will furnish the love interest in "The Great Air Robbery," Columbia's second production in the new "Money Getters" series. Christie Cabanne will direct. Rose Hobart in "Waterloo Bridge" Carl Laemmle, Jr., has decided to put Rose Hobart in "Waterloo Bridge," the Robert E. Sherwood play, as well as in the role in Fanny Hurst's "Back Street" previously assigned to her. Her engagement on the Warner lot in "Chances" and "We Three" will enable her to start work on "Waterloo Bridge" early in April. Benn Levy has been drafted to assist Tom Reed with the dialogue and the script of "Waterloo Bridge." HOLLYWOOD PLAZA Hollywood's most convenient hotel . . for your stay in Southern California RIG HT in the center oF everything to see and do . . next door to famous studios, theatres, cafes, and shops . . near golf courses, bridle paths, and other amusement places. The Plaza offers you every modern convenience, unexcelled service, and a unique, homelike atmosphere that makes you feel at home as soon as you enter its well known "doorway of hospitality." Here, too, you may enjoy the company of interesting and famous people. European plan. $3.00 and up, single. $4.00 and up, double. $5.00 and up, twin beds. Special low weekly and monthly rates. Remember the Plaza for an unforgettable stay in Hollywood. Write for free folder. HOLLYWOOD PLAZA HOTEL . 1 . HOLLYWOOD, CALIF.