The Film Daily (1931)

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By M. P. RCA -Auto Cinema Demonstrate Sound -on -Film Ad Projector Auto Cinema's new sound-on-film advertising projector, produced by Auto Cinema in collaboration with RCA Photophone, was demonstrated Friday before a group of representatives of motion picture trade and technical publications at the former corporation's offices at 1775 Broadway. Enclosed within an attractive cabinet which stands about five feet six inches high and is approximately three feet square, the sound reproducing equipment, comprising the projector, amplifier, motor and sixinch loud speaker, operates as a unit from power supplied from a lamp socket. The picture is projected upon a transparent screen 18 by 22 inches in dimension located at the top of the cabinet. An outstanding feature of the apparatus is that the film may be projected indefinitely. This is made possible by means of an endless rewinding device invented by an electrical engineer of Berlin, Germany, and upon which the Auto Cinema Corp. has been granted patent rights in the United States and Canada. At the demonstration a number of sound trailers and what might be classified as "short short" subjects were projected for the purpose of emphasizing the importance of this feature in connection with the reproduction of trailers for current and forthcoming attractions in the lobbies of theaters or advertising subjects in Vends, railroad stations or other public places. The sound attachment was developed in the engineering laboratories of RCA Photophone, to which the Auto Cinema Corp. had taken a model of a silent projector into which the endless rewinding feature had been fabricated. With the only difference being in the size of the objects upon the screen, both projection and sound compare favorably with the the sound and projection obtained on standard size RCA Photophone reproducing equipment. Hans R. Kossman formerly identified with Consolidated Film Industries, is president of the Auto Cinfira Corp. National to Distribute Armstrong Equipment Distribution of stage equipment designed and manufactured by the Armstrong Studios, Inc., of Los Angeles, has been taken over by the National Theater Supply Co. The Artone sound screen unit, one of the latest developments of Armstrong products, is being put into production immediately at the coast plant. A factory is also being built in Chicago by Armstrong. Lebensburgers Combine A. C. Lebensburger is now associated with Maurice Lebensburger, Inc., theater novelty company, in both the novelty and brokerage end of the business. New Pittsburgh Home for National Pittsburgh — The National Theater Supply Co. will occupy the first floor with office and shop in the him building being erected here on the Boulevard of the Allies. Opens Atlanta Sales Office Atlanta — P. A. Strachan has opened the new office of the Southern Sales Promotion League at 154 Walton St. here. The purpose of the league will be to handle all forms of sales promotion, especially with reference to exclusive specialties of value to show business. Allied Seating Co. Moves Allied Seating Co., formerly of 34 East 20th St., specializing in reseating, repairing and reupholstering of theater seats, is now located in new and larger quarters on the fourth floor at 303 Fourth Ave., New York. According to B. E. Jufe, president, increase in business necessitated the change. Weber Synchrofilm at Princess Weber Synchrofilm, sound-on-film apparatus, is being used at the Princess, one of the latest of former New York legitimate theaters to go over to a talker policy. The installation was made in a short space of time under the supervision of J. A. Tannenbaum, Inc., eastern sales representative for Weber Machine Corp. INVISIBLE Changeover "Thide" Automatic Shutter Control with 3-** ire circuit foot switch Standard equipment in over 1,500 theatres. Fits Motiograph Model B, Simplex and Super-Simplex and SureFit. With or without Rear Shutter Mounts. Rear Shutter Mounts require Model D type. Convert your Model A to Model D tj>e. Brackets and parts on order. Send for literature. DOWSER MFG. CO. 157 Rogers Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Pointers and Suggestions T-TAVE you checked up on your marquee and theater lront signs lately, or do you just turn them on and trust to luck that they are in working order and need no attention? The theater front with its electric signs and displays, is unquestionably a most important factor in the solicitation of patronage, and the manner in which presentations are announced and made distinguishable from a distance is vitally important in informing the public of the current program. The use of rubber mats in the vestibule during rainy and slushy weather ivill make your patrons more foot-sure, as well as take up a lot of underfoot dirt and rubbish, conserving your carpet and saving your cleaners. Millions of dollars are being spent annually in the production of good pictures, and it takes these good pictures well projected and well presented to get business — but, you can't expect to keep patrons coming to a shabby show shop, even with the best of screen entertainment. If you have allowed your theater to become dingy and uninviting, wake up and take action before you begin to slip. Just remember that your competitor puts on a good show, too, and the one who keeps his place most inviting and attractive will get most of the trade. LIGHTING CONTROLLED BY ORGAN SWITCHBOARD A unique console lighting switchboard which operates by meahs of vacuum tubes, enabling a light artist to have hue and intensity of auditorium and stage lighting at his finger and toe tips, just as a pipe organist finds pitch and volume of sound at his command, is the latest development of the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co. A new means of governing the grids of vacuum tubes enabled engineers to concentrate the nerve centers of nearly 4,000 lighting combinations in an ordinary console. The different scenes can form a continuous program, one scene automatically merging into the other at accurately controlled rates. Like piano keys, this light console has 36 main control drums projecting three-quarters of an inch above the face of its keyboard panel which brighten or dim the 110 lighting circuits as the operator fingers them. If the operator needs his hands for other work, or his fingers tire, a flip of a switch transfers the intensity control to a horizontal group of nine foot pedals. The console is portable and a 40 foot extension cord allows it to sit on the stage or ride the elevator platform in the orchestra pit, the company claims. Bring back the prestige lost through faulty sound in your theatre by installing perfect sound reproduction and thereby gain additional steady customers and more dollars through your box. WEBER MACHINE CORP. 59 K UTTER STREET, ROCHESTER, N.Y. Expert Dipt.; 15 Laight Street, INew York Cabu Addru, : A r 1 a b , New York Otudio Lights :> For sound and motion picture photography — lamps of all kinds, both incandescent and arc types, floodlights, spotlights, overhead lights, side lights, etc. ; for close-up or long-range work. Also wiring devices of various 'kinds, portable plugging boxes, pin-plug connectors, etc. — made by the creators of Klieglights. KLIECL BROS Universal Electric Stace Lighting Co.,in<. 321 West 50th Street NewYork.N.Y.