The Film Daily (1931)

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THE Sunday, March 15, 1931 " sSBfr* DAILY EQUIPMENT © BOOTH NEW AIR-BLAST H. I. LAMP PUT OUT BY A8HCRAFT CO. A new high intensity projection lamp, known as the Air-blast lamp and said to contain many advantageous features in its construction, has been put on the market by the Ashcraft Automatic Arc Co. of Hollywood, Amiong the many features claimed for this lamp are: Two equalized contacts on each side that cannot oxidize or pit, protected from heat of the arcj and require no attention; a powerful and dependable automatic striker fully enclosed; arc image visible from both sides of lamp; a pyrex mirror cooled by air circulation; carbon release operating outside of lamphouse and closing automatically with door, and entire mechanism removable by sliding out rear of housing without use of tools, making it accessible for care or inspection. The ,air cooling system of this new product is claimed one of rhe outstanding features in that the air blast is generated by a silent, powerful blower operated by the arc control motor. By a unique method, the air stream is diverted to all parts of the lamp and housing, lowering the operating temperature to such an extent that a perfect running machine is thereby maintained, entirely removing the destructive effects of the generated heat of the arc. Not only is the air blast claimed a protective feature, but of more importance is the fact that it provides for a great increase of illumination by allowing a greater amount of current to be earned in the same diameter of carbon than formerly. Heretofore, it is said, lamps of the high intensity reflector type were only designed to operate at 72 amperes when using the 9 mm. electrode. With this new type, the normal current is 85 amperes, although its operation at 70 amperes is perfect and currents as high as 90 may be used with ease. Every working part of the lamp, including contact shoes, carbon feed mechanism, bearings, shafts and gearing, as well as all current carrying leads, are entirely enclosed. Malta 100% W. E. With the recent signing of a contract for the installation of its equipment in the Empire Cinemla on the Island of Malta,. Western Electric has obtained a 100 per cent representation in this British possession in the Mediterranean. The other three theaters in Malta, the Gafety, International and Manoel, had already installed the W. E. System. Rolla, Mo. — Construction bids have been received for the erection of the Rollamo here at an estimated cost of $75,000. Johnson & Mack of St. Louis are the architects. Boston — Plans are in progress by Arthur M. Bowditch, architect of this city, for the erection of a 1,800-seat theater here for the Adams Realty Corp. The house, to be known as the Paramount, will "be leased by Publix. Frankfort, Ind. — -An atmospheric theater is to be erected here by Valos and Gregory on the site formerly occupied by the Leader Store. Pullman, Wash. — Work has been started by Martin, Lycan & Jenner on the Audian theater here. The house will seat 400 and is to cost about $30,000. Photoelectric Cell Developed in Berlin Berlin — Dr. Bruno Lange, assistant at the Institute for Silicate Research of the Kaiser-Wilhelm Gesellschaft has developed a new photoelectric cell, which is claimed to be superior to the varieties now in use. The new cell is said to generate a stronger current, though the currents that it has so far been possible to obtain were not sufficiently strong to perm-it the use of the cell in the motion picture industry without the addition of amplifiers. The use of the cell would reduce simplification by one, or possibly two, stages, but it is insisted that there can be no question of using the cell altogether without amplifiers. Dworsky Rewind Machines An enclosed automatic rewind machine for theaters, which stops automatically on breaks and at end of film, and an inspection control rewind machine are being marketed by the Dworsky Film Machine Co. of Long Island City, N. Y. Both rewinds stop by foot control. This eliminates drag on film, thus avoiding scratches. Theater Statuary Specialists Statuary in bronze and marble and illuminated marble figures, as well as pottery, urns and jars, are being turned out for theaters by the Ferdinand Bing & Co.'s Successors. Inc., of New York. Named Representative Pittsburgh — Fred Solomon and Buckey Zeiders have been named local representatives of the American Blower Electric Ventilating. Tf It li ASRESTOS BLUE SEAL ASBESTOS CORP. 264 Wyckoff St.. near Nevins Brooklyn. New York Triinrle 0290 Distributors for lohni-Msnville Corp. INTERNATIONAL MARKETS IMPROVED LENS TURRET Practical in design, easy to adapt to all models of Simplex projectors, and attractive in appearance are among the descriptive details given by the International Projector Corp. of New York in connection with its new triple lens turret, just placed on the market. Each of the three lens mounts may be separately adjusted both vertically and laterally and each may be separately focused; also, these lens mounts accommodate all makes and focal lengths of lenses either half or quarter size. It is only necessary to insert, adjust and focus three lenses of the desired focal lengths, after which any one of the three maybe instantly swung onto the optical axis. One lens of. the proper focal length may be used for silent or sound-on-disc prints, the second for sound-on-film, and the third tor Magnascope or other types of effect. The turret proper is mounted in a substantial frame on four 90 degree V grooved rollers with provisions for taking up all end and radial play in roflers, thereby providing a free-turning turret which is rigidly supported and free from shake and vibration. With the turret a new film protector and gate latch assembly are furnished, the use of which eliminates the necessity of the projectionist placing his hand within the mechanism when closing the gate while threading. A mirror arrangement is also provided on the rear of each lens chamber by means of which the aperture may be observed for checking up on framing after film is threaded in place. ALTERATIONS Centralia, 111. — The Grand, operated by the Fox West Coast, is to be remodeled at a cost of about $75,000. Plans are being drawn by Kennerly & Stiegemeyer of St. Louis. Rochester, N. Y. — The Lake, recently leased by Elmer Loritz of Amgood Theater Corp., is undergoing renovat on and the installation of Western Electric sound equip ment. Kansas City — Work is now under way for the remodeling and of the Madr d and Benton thea.ers by the Hughes-Franklin circuit at a cost of approximately $75,000. Lynchburg, Va. — Warner Bros., new operators of the Trenton, will ;pend from $J^.i,u.) to !>j *f0OJ in remodeling the house into u de luxe iheater. Billings, Mont. — Extensive alterations and the installation of new sound equipment will be made at the Liberty. Making Home Talkie Set Using Standard Size Film North Adams, Mass. — Sprague Specialties Co. of this city is reported planning to put on the market a home talking picture equipment consisting of a combination of turntable and projector, using standard size film. 50th in Spain for W. E. Ferrol, Spain — With its recent installation at the Joffre Cinema here, Western Electric has completed its 50th installation in Spain. The Joffre serves a district of approximately 30,000 inhabitants. the secret of good sound IS SILENCE! Absolute silence in the operation of auditorium and stage equipment is essential to good sound presentation. Foreign noises and distractions are fatal. The Vallen All Steel Safety Track and Vallen Electric Controls offer this important factor in addition to their unmatchable smoothness and dependability. Write for ( complete 'ww informa W'A tion. VALIFN FLtCTRICAL CO., Inc. AKRON OHIO REPAIR YOUR CHAIRS! MAKE YOUR SQUAB SEATS SPRING SEATS Repairing Allied Seating Company THIS Stamp of Approval ^»»iSi»«^ in advertisements of equipment and supplies means: That the NATIONAL GUARANTEE of highest quality is coupled with that of a manufacturer. NATIONAL THEATRE SUPPLY COMPANY Brandies in all Principal Cllifi