The Film Daily (1931)

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THE ■<MH DAILV Sunday, March 15, 1931 LATEST NEWS FROM LONDON, PARIS. BERLIN. ■YDNEY. MELBOURNE AND OTHER FOREIGN CENTERS Foreign Markets HAPPENINGS IN OTHER LANDS OF INTEREST TO PRODUCERS, DISTRIBUTORS AND OTHERS IN THE U. S. By GEO RGB RBDDT KIBA, AUSTRIAN CIRCUIT ENTERING RENTING FIELD Vienna— The Kiba, a Social Democratic organization, which operates a circuit of more than 10 houses in this city, is planning to enter the field of film distribution in the near future. Thus new activity of Kiba, will be under the supervision of Philip Hamber, and it is reported that the company is negotiating for the product of the Dupont and Pabst organizations. Annual K.R.S. Meeting Elects New Council London — Council of the Kinema Renters Society for the current year was selected at the recent annual meeting. Firms elected were: Butcher's Film Service, F. B. O., First National-Pathe, Fox Film, MetroGoldwyn Mayer, National Screen Service, New Era, Paramount, P. D. C, Radio Pictures, United Artists, Universal, Wardour, Warners and H. S. Coxall (Provincial nominee). Eric Boulby Dies London — Eric Boulby, with Universal for the past three years, died recently from pneumonia. A. B. C. Acquires Two East Lancashire — Associated British Cinemas, Ltd., has taken over the Savoy Kinema at Blackburn and the Olympia at Darwen from Reginald Yorke, who is retiring from the business. "Captivation" Completed London — "Captivation," first of four John Harvel productions, has been completed at the British Lion studios at Beaconfield. The picture is now being edited. Takes Over Montreal Roxy Montreal — Robert Hurel has taken over the Roxy and has opened it as* a key house for French pictures in Canada. To Release French Operetta Paris — "Un Caprice de la Pompadour," produced by Haik's, will be released here soon. Andre Bauge, baritone, has the leading role. "Lights" Advance Sale London — A $25,000 deal has been made between the Libraries and the Dominion theater in connection with the run of "City Lights." Advance sale on the Charlie Chaplin picture is unusually heavy. Sunday Show Opposition Stronger London — Opposition to the Local Option Sunday shows bill to be given a free vote of the House, is seen as growing stronger. Secretary of the Lord's Day Observance Society, who recently completed a provincial trip, indicated that there would be a "no compromise" policy on the part of the society, and the Variety Artists' Federation has also come out strongly against the bill. British Technicians Okay Constitution of New Ass'n London — A representative gathering of technical men, attending the recent meeting of the newly-formed British Cinematograph Society, voted their approval of the association's constitution, and elected officers for 1931. Membership of the new society is almost as large as that of the London Branch of the S. M. P. E. Moss Empires Profits Off Edinburgh — Profits of Moss Empires Theaters for the past fiscal year were off $250,000, according to R. H. Gillespie, managing director of the company. It was further stated that although a dividend of 10 per cent was being paid, there would be no bonus this year for shareholders. Ontario To Restrict Billboards Toronto — Legislation forbidding erection of billboards where they are apt to destroy the appearance of the countryside is planned as one of the steps in a campaign for more stringent regulation of signs in Ontario. It is also intended to prohibit billboards within 500 feet of road intersections. The present limit is 300 feet. Ufa Star Returns Berlin — Gustav Froehlich, Ufa star who has returned to Germany following appearances in pictures in Hollywood, will soon resume work at the Ufa studios. McKay Made Visatone Sales Head London — James W. McKay has become associated with Stoll Picture Productions, Ltd., in the capacity of director of sales for Visatone, a recording system held by Stoll under patent license from Marconi's Telegraph Co., Ltd. McKay, who is widely known through his various trade activities, is the pioneer of overseas transmission of market reports by wireless, and was British trade advisor at the German Embassy at the close of the war. B. & D. to Film Farnol Novel London — British & Dominions Film Corp. has secured the talker rights to the popular Jeffrey Farnol novel, "The Broad Highway." Production of tins story will mark the first ambitious attempt on the part of an English producer to film a big out-of-doors talker vehicle. Novel Sound Device Developed in England London — A novel device in connection with sound-heads is incorporated in the Ultramonic equipment that has been marketed by R. W. Munro, Ltd., of Tottemham. The sound-head forming part of this set is unique in that it contains no optical components whatever. The exciting lamp is carried in a chamber immediately behind the film — in the production model two lamp i are embodied, easily interchangeable— the light being transmitted through the film and through a mechanically produced slit onto the photo-electric cell. In the Ultramonic sound-head the slit is produced between the edges of two drums, the axis of which are parallel with the film. By means of a belt these two drums are caused to rotate. The whole device is situated between the projector mechanism and the lamp house. The photo-electric cell, which is of the caesium type, is mounted inside the drums. Haik Opens New Paris Studios Paris — The new studios erected by Haik at Courbevoie, to replace those destroyed by fire last year, are now in operation. The plant now consists of a main studio 100 ft. long and 60 ft. wide, a smaller studio and a pool for water scenes. RCA Photophone and Cinevox-Haik sound equipments are installed. M. Berthomieu is now producing "Earn Thy Living" at the studio. London Hipp Goes Sound London — The Hippodrome, for 30 years one of the most famous legitimate theaters of London's Wesi End, is to show talking pictures. A contract has been signed for the installation of Western Electric equipment. Charlie Chaplin was in the cast of the first of the many famous spectacles that made the Hippodrome famous throughout the world. Under the present plan talking picture equipment will be u»ed to show pictures between stage plays and also to give trade shows. The house has 1473 seats. Two Canadian Robberies Victoria — In blowing open the safes of two Victoria theaters, robbers obtained over $2,300 in cash. At the Dominion the robbers got $1,021 and at the Capitol, $1,214. OVEN BY GAUNONT E REEL London — Free insurance against reproducer breakdowns will be given to all subscribers to Gaumont Sound News, according to an announcement by W. J. Gell. Policies will automatically become effective when exhibitors agree to book the newsreel. Italian Color Film Co. Milan — Societa Generale Cinematografica has been formed here to produce color pictures. Dr. Guilio Bonola is president and Conte Alessandro Attendoli managing director. Bans "Compromising Daphne" Sydney — "Compromising Daphne," B. I. P. picture, has been banned by the Commonwealth censor. It is possible that the decision may be re versed. Decrease in German Companies Berlin — Total of 156 companies liquidated during 1930 against 153 newly formied companies, according to the German press. The figure does not include liquidations by legal authorities, making the total companies out of business considerably more. Capitol invested in the industry increased some 2,000,000 marks, liquidations still not being considered. Three Working at Paris Studio Paris — Three pictures are now in work at the Gaumont-Franco-FilmAubert studios in the Rue de la Villette. They are: "Road No. 13," directed by Pierre Billon; "Mephisto," directed by Henri Debain and Nick Winter, and "Bombance," directed by Pierre Billon. Leon Mathot will soon start direction of "Passport No 13,444," with Tania Fedor in the leading part. New Durham House • Durham, Eng. — The 1,400-seat house being built here will be opened in May. The theater is to be constructed for talking pictures. Plan London Theater Block London — Messrs. Webb and Ash have received provisional approval from the Urban Council for a proposed theater, block of stores and parking space, to front on Hendon Circus. Best B. O. of 1930 Sydney — "Everyone's," has picked "All Quiet on the Western Front/' "Gold Diggers of Broadway," and "Rookery Nook" as the best box office pictures of 1930.