The Film Daily (1931)

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LAUGHS ON THE SPOT Double-barrelled comedy with El Brendel in both barrels — a roar from start to finish. Gunmen in a jam and gun molls on a jamboree in a picture that puts racketeers on the spot for laughs. IFifi putting the sigh in siren and making El Brendel tingle like ElBrings laughs to the theatre, smiles to the box office. BRENDEL FIFI DORS AY MR. LEMON OF ORANGE with WILLIAM COLLIER, Sr., RUTH WARREN DONALD DILLAWAY By Jack Hayes Dialog by Eddie Cantor and Edwin Burke Directed by JOHN BLYSTONE MYSTIFYING MURDER MAKES MELODRAMATIC MARVEL Around the globe on the heels of a murderer — and Charlie Chan gets his man! Every moment a thrill, a heart throb and a laugh. Hair-raising, seat-filling melodrama. Warner Oland superb and sinister in an Oriental role, and a great cast. Loaded with suspense and hitting the box office. Charlie Chan Carries On with WARNER OLAND JOHN GARRICK, MARGUERITE CHURCHILL WARREN HYMER, MARJORIE WHITE C. HENRY GORDON, WILLIAM HOLDEN By Earl Derr Biggers Directed by HAMILTON MacFADDEN M& FILM CORP. 3* " •*■ §3 Cv. K^ s mam K £*: