The Film Daily (1931)

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Intimate in Character International in Scope Independent in Thought The Daily Newspaper Of Motion Pictures Now Fourteen Years Old VOL. I_V NO. 62 NEW YORK, MONDAY, M4DCH 16, 1931 <S CENTS AmerAnglo Closes Deal for Nine Foreign Talkers KINOGRAMS-ALUED INAD NEWSREELPROJECT M-G-M Passing Up Originals for Tested Material The Mirror a column of comment TIFFANY has achieved the unusual distinction of having one of its pictures, "Hell Bound," a James Cruse special production, booked for day..,.a-uate showing at the New York and Brooklyn Faramounts. . . .The present season has seen much improvement in the quality of product lurned out by the smaller big companies and various independents. Co.^niuia is currently clicking with "The ^ast Parade" and "Ten Cents a ^ance." Charles R. Rogers, before as„u»»ung charge of RKO Pathe studios, ^..•eci out "Millie." Universal ^is at resent gladdening the b.o. with "Dracula." All these are in the big-time class. In addition, there has been noticeable betterment in the general run of program pictures turned out. with strong b.o. attractions at a premium, it looks as though the chances tor the smaller producers never ottered more incentive than right now. •i/AY DOWN EAST," the D. W. Iriffith masterpiece, revived in relucnated form with music and sound u'ccts, opened Friday for a run at the RKO Cameo along Broadway, after a preliminary engagement in Boston. . . More than passing interest attaches to this old melodramatic gem. It is surrounded by a vast sentimental interest, and it gives the Lillian Gish, I'ichard Barthelmess and Lowell Sherman fans a chance to see these favorites in earlier efforts. On top of this, the story itself is a perennial classic EXPORTS of motion picture equipment in 1930 was almost double the Quantity for the previous year . . . It stands to reason that if an increasing amount of exhibition apparatus is being bought by the various counuics of the world, these same countries will be in the market for an increasing amount of pictures. 14 Pictures Now in Work All from Published Stories, Plays Original stories, unless of exceptional merit, are being passed up by M-G-M. Of 14 pictures now in production, all have been adapted from either stage successes, published stories, or both. Contracts were signed Saturday for the motion picture rights to "The Red Headed Woman," a story by Katherine Brush that will shortly (Continued on Page 3) NEW 1YPE EXPLOITATION BY RADIO TRANSCRIPTIONS Exhibitors throughout the country will immediately be approached by Radio Transcriptions, Inc., on a new type of exploitation involving broadcasting from electrical transcriptions. A series of talks entitled "Movie Moments," dealing with intimate movie matters and personalities, will be presented for spot and regional broadcasting. Radio Transcriptions has been or(Continued on Page 8) Hays' Office Checking If Films Foster Crime A jail investigation to determine whether motion pictures have any influence in prompting crimes is being conducted by the Hays' Office. Among I he cases being checked up is that of (Continued on Page 8) "Birth" Revived Abroad London (By Cable) — Universal is releasing a synchronized version of 'The Birth of a Nation" in the British Isles. The picture, which is now playing in the United States, was bought through Arthur Lee of Amer-Anglo, New York. MORE FOREIGN MUSICALS BEING BROUGHT TO U. S. Success of the German musical, "Zwei Herzen im 3/4 Takt," now in its sixth month at the 55th St. Playhouse, has spurred the production of similar musicals abroad, and the Associated Cinemas of America, who control the U. S. rights for this production, already have three more of its kind on the way here. These are "Sein Liebeslied" ("His Love Song"), musical romance of Munich ; "Das Lied 1st Aus" ("The Song Is Over"), new type of screen operetta in a Ber (Continued on Page 8) Branson Taking Over Pathe's Chicago Office Walter E. Branson, who has had charge of the RKO Pathe branch office in St. Louis, has been promoted to manager of the Chicago exchange, a pivotal point in the company's sales system, it is announced by Neil E. 1 1 tmtinued on Page 3) Nine Foreign Productions Coming Under AmerAnglo Deal Western Electric Sales Dropped 12 P. C. in 1930 Sales of Western Electric Co., including Electrical Research Products, for 1930 were $361,478,000, a drop of 12 per cent compared with 1929, but considerably greater than all previous years, it is shown in the annual report to stockholders out today. Earn(Coutinued on Page 8) Buying of nine foreign-language features for release in this country, three in conjunction with Harry Thomas, was announced by Arthur Lei of Amer-Anglo Saturday, following liis return from a two months' trip to London, Paris and Berlin. Thomas was with Lee on the nip. I ee's organization will handle three English talkers, which an-: "Sport of (Continued on Page 8) Reel Embracing News and Advertising Will Be Issued Bi-Weekly A bi-weekly newsreel containing a limited amount of advertising material will be released under an agreement just completed between Kinograms, Allied States Ass'n and Oscar R. Hanson, agent of the exhibitor association. Kinograms, which has been active for the past 12 years will prodiice this sound iiuwsiccl. The bulk of the reel will be straight news, supplied by Kinograms' world(Continued on Page 3) MACK SENNETHENEWS EDUCATIONS. CONTRACT Negotiations for renewal of contract between Educational and Mack Sennett have been consummated, it is announced by E. W. Hammons, president of Educational. Under the terms of the new agreement, which is now being drawn up, Educational will continue the exclusive distribution of a number of comedies for next season similar to the current schedule of Sennett product. This makes the third consecutive season that the comedy producer will release his short fea(Continued on Page 8) Jack Goldhar Promoted To U. A. Division Manager Jack Goldhar, sales manager of the Detroit office of United Artists, has been promoted to division manager of the district comprising Buffalo, Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Indianapolis, succeeding Fred Zimmerman, resumed Joseph Cantor, salesman in the Pittsburgh office, succeeds Goldhar. RKO Sales Convention Set for L. A., April 27 West Coast Bureau. THE FILM DAILY I os Angeles — April 27 is tin officially set by Joseph I Schnitzer I lie RKO sales convention. All branch managers and salesmen have been notified to he on hand here at that time.