The Film Daily (1931)

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OAILV Monday, June 29, 1931 SINE ■■ NraiMfW Of III Ml <>M V«l. It No. 152 Mindiy. Jin 29. 1S31 Pnci 5 Cuts JIM W. ALICOATE Editor ltd Pibluhir Published daily except Saturdays and holidays at 1650 Uroadway, New York, N. Y., and copyright (19J1) by Wid's Films and Film Folk, Inc. J. W. Alicoate, President, Editor and Publisher; Donald M. Mersereau, Secretary Treasurer and General Manager; Arthur W. Eddy. Associate Editor; Don Carle Gillette, Managing Editor. Entered as second class matter, May 21, 1918, at the post-office at New York, N. Y., under the act of March 3, 1879. Terms (Postage free) United States outside of Greater New York $10.00 one year; 6 months, $5.00; 3 months, $3.00. Foreign, $15.00. Subscriber should remit with order. Address all communications to THE FILM DAILY, 1650 Broadway, New York, N. Y. Phone Circle 7,4736, 7-4737, 7-4738, 7-4739. Cable address: Filmday, New York. Hollywood, California — Ralph Wilk, 6425 Hollywood Blvd. Phone Granite 6607. London— Ernest W. Fredman, The Film Renter, 89-91 Wardour St.. VV. I. Berlin— Karl Wolff sohn Lichthildlmehne, Friedrichstrasse, 225. Pans p. A. Harle, La Cinematographic Franchise, Rue de la Cour-des-Noues, 19. FINANCIAL NEW YORK STOCK MARKET (QUOTATIONS AS OF SATURDAY) Net Hich Low Close Chg. Con. I'm. Ind 7X 7X 7'A — X Km. Ind. pfd. U'A 14 J* 14J* — X East. Kodak . ...156J/2 ISO 156/, + A'A Fox. Km. "A" .. 22 X 21 22& + X Gen. Th. Eq. (new) S'A 4X *X Uew's, Inc 47'A 45 47/g + 1*4 Paramount 2SX 27& 28'A + X Pathe Exch IX \Vi IX do "A" SX $X SX RKO "A" 17J4 16}* 17 -f X Warner Bros SX &X &<A + X NEW YORK CURB MARKET Columbia Pets. Vtc. 12^ 12 12X — l'A Fox Then. "A".. 3X 3'A 3X + X Gen. Th. Eq. pfd. 10 9J4 10 + X Technicolor 8 7 7'A + X Trans-Lux 6 6 6 — 54 NEW YORK BOND MARKET Gen. Th. Eq. 6s40 40ft 39 40ft + 1ft Keith A-O 6s 46 66 66 66 + I'A Par. By 5^s51..101 101 101 Par. 5^s50 81 81 81 Pathe 7s37 ».. 90 90 90 Warner's 6s39 ... 43 42 43 + X Four Warner-First Nash for July Warners-First National will have four general releases for July: "Big Business Girl," "Smart Money," "Chances" and "Children of Dreams." Charles McDonald Back Charles McDonald of Wafilms returned Saturday from the west. *s %*♦»♦♦♦*♦%♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*,; jX ♦"♦ J"? New York Long Island City ♦"♦ ».J 1540 Broadway 1 54 Crescent St. ♦"♦ J.J BRyant 9-4712 STillwell 4-7940 % J.J J*J 11 Eastman Films « § g j:j J. E. Bralatour, Inc. H J.J **♦ J.l J.J ♦ ♦ J.J 7T Chicago Hollywood ** *■# 1727 Indiana Ave. 6700 Santa Monica » * :: CALumet 3692 Blvd. ♦ ♦ HOLlywood4121 »*♦ :.: »* The Broadway Parade PICTURE (Week of June 26) FIRST-RUNS DISTRIBUTOR THEATER •>♦>«.♦♦>♦.♦♦.*♦>♦.♦♦.*♦.*♦.♦♦.♦♦.*♦.*♦.♦♦>♦>♦.*•.♦♦>♦♦♦*♦*'♦ "Women Love Once" Paramount Paramount "Annabclle's Affairs" Fox Roxy "The Prodigal" M-G-M Capitol "Gentleman's Fate" M-G-M Strand "Sweepstakes" RKO Pathe Mayfair "Hell Below Zero" Talking Pict. Epics Cameo EXTENDED RUNS "Smart Money" (2nd week) First National Winter Garden "Night Angel" (4th week) Paramount Rivoli "Chances" (3rd week) Fir ;t National Hollywood "The Viking" (2nd week) J. D. Williams Little Carnegie "Smiling Lieutenant" (6th week; 'A Free Soul" (5th week) S2 RUNS Paramount. M-G-M .Criterion Astor FOREICN PICTURES 'Zwei Herzen" (38th week) Asso. Cine of Amer Europa "Die Privatsekretaerin" (3rd week) . . Capitol Fim Ex Belmont "Tankstelle" (2nd week) Ufa Cosmopolitan "Die Forsterchristl" (2nd week) .... Capitol Film Ex 8th St. "Maciste in Hell" O. Macri Excelsior Pic Warner "H jartats Rost" Paramount 5th Ave. FUTURE OPENINCS "Newly Rich" (July 2) . . Paramount. ... . . Rivoli "Broadminded" (July 2) . . First National Strand Monogram Opens Offices In Cleveland and Cincy Monogram Pictures has opened branches in the Film Building, Cleveland, and 1632 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, leaving only the Minneapolis territory open. Nat Lefton will be in charge of sales in both offices. Martha Wilchinski Joining "Roxy" Martha Wilchinski, who has resigned as publicity director of the Roxv, is understood to be joining S. L. ("Roxy") Rothafel in the RKQ organization upon her return from a vacation. George Godfrey to Resume Law George A. Godfrey, former general booking manager of the RKO Circuit, and previous to that associated with the legal department of the Orpheum Circuit, will resume the general practice of law. In addition, Godfrey, who has had many years of practical theatrical experience, will be the exclusive representative of a number of well-known and outstanding artists and featured players. Godfrey has associated himself with the law offices of Henrv A. Blumenthal, 11 West 42nd St. PUBLIC PROJECTION ROOM Latest R.C.A. Photophone Equipment $1 0Cper ree' untu ^ ^ ^" I /jNights, Sundays, Holidays by appointment Under the personal supervision of Hymie Silverman MOTORIZED TALKING PICTURE SERVICE, Inc. 729 7th Ave. BRyant 9-5721 Empire M. P. Operators May Invade Manhattan Empire M. P. Operators' Union, new body operating in opposition to Local 306, affiliated with the A. F. of L., is understood planning to invade Manhattan. Plans are being considered for organizing a local in this borough. Membership of Empire is now estimated at 600. Conviction of Bomber Upheld Indianapolis ■ — The Indiana Supreme Court has affirmed the conviction of William Kleihege, accused of complicity in the bombing of the State at Hammond. Kleihege, a part owner of the theater, was. sentenced to serve 2 to 14 years in prison and was fined $1,000 upon his conviction. The State theater, a million dollar structure, was bombed in 1927. Three men, Joseph Million, Harry Ames and Marwood Williams, were convicted in connection with the bombing and later gave testimony against Kleihege. Studio and Location Sound on Film Recording Low Daily or Weekly Ratet Powers Clnephona Equipment Corporation 723-tth AVE.. N. V. BRYANT 9-S06T COLOR NEGATIVES DUPACK made by Producers make own color negatives Color in red-ortho negatives may be removed, retained or altered to complementary color. Write DU CHROME FILM SYSTEM, LTD. "Specialists in Color" 6723 Santa Monica Boulevard Hollywood. Calif. THE INDUSTRY'S DATE BOOK July 6-10: Conference on talking motioo I pictures in visual education, ! under auspices of U. S. Commissioner of Education, Washington. I D. C. July 8: Testimonial Dinner to WilliaJ Saal. South Garden of Hotel Astor Roof, New York, 7 P. M. Educational-Tiffany regional sales i convention. New York. 20-21: Annual summer meeting of North and South Carolina Theater Owners' Ass'n. at the Hotel Oceanic. Wrightsville • Beach, Wilmington, N. C. British film festival, sponsored! by British International Pictures, Malvern, England. Semi-annual Convention, Allied Theaters Ass'n of Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Minneapolis. Hispano American Motion Picture Congress, Madrid, Spain. Annual meeting of Academy of M. P. Arts & Sciences, Holly July July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. 15: 3-22: 9-10: 1 Rowland Lee, E. Sedgwick To Direct for Columbia West Coast Bureau, THE FILM DAILY Hollywood — Rowland V. Lee and Edward Sedgwick have been signed to direct pictures for Columbia. Lee will do "Guilty Generation," while Sedgwick is to handle the untitled Holt-Graves vehicle. MacKain to Europe Clarence MacKain of the branch operation department of Universal, leaves for Europe tonight on the Bremen. He will make his headquarters at first in London in the interests of branch operation of Universal exchanges in England and on the continent. Mrs. MacKain will occompany her husband. FILM DAILY YEAR BOOK • DIRECTORS ANNUAL PRODUCTION CUIDE • SHORT SUBJECTS QUARTERLY • Complete Service and Coverage at a Yearly Subscription rate of $10.00