The Film Daily (1931)

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THE Monday, June 29, 1931 s%g"S ' DAILY A Little from "Lots" -,By RALPH WILK\ HOLLYWOOD "D EGIS TOOMEY has been assign ed bv Paramount to a role with Charles "Rogers. William (Stage) B.ud and Stuart Erwin in "Come On, 'Marines." * * * Chiquila DeMonte:. who appeared as Tom Patricola's leading lady in the first comeay he made for Educational, "Si, Si, Senor," has again been assigned the feminine lead. Nancy Torres and Charley Dorety also are in the Hew Patricola comedy being directed by William Goodrich from an original story by Ernest Pagano and Jack Townley. * * * With the signing of Emma Dunn. Gladden James. Robert Keith and Harold Goodwin, the large cast which has the supporting roles in the Helen Twelvetrces" RKO Pathe picture, temporarily titled "The Mad Marriage." ha* been completed. Others in "The M id Marriage," which Tay Garnett is directinc. are Ricardo Cortez, John Garrick, Ken r.eth Thompson, Wade Boteler, Frank McHugh, Harry Carey, Frank Conroy, Arthur Stone, James Eagels and Al Herman. * * * Makoto Tayoshima, famous dancer of Japan, was hostess at a theater and dinner party arranged by Joe Rock, who is soon to produce a series of one reel pictures in Multicolor, using Japanese players and locales. * * * Sammy Fuller reports that Max Ree tells a -tory of an interior decorator, whose wife went visiting over a weekend while he stayed at home. To surprise her, he re-papered the house. When wifey returned she complimented him on his work, but inquired: "What are those bumps on the wall?" "Jeez," he shouted, "I forgot to take down the pic Kubec Glasmon and John Bright, the two \>ung Chicago newspaper men who wrote 'Smart Money," Edward G. Robinson's neiv Warner Bros, picture, are planning an early visit to New York. They also wrote "The Public Enemy," and their very latest opus, "Larceny Lane," is now in production at the Warner Bros, studios, with James Cagney and Joan Blondell in the two leading roles. * * * Roy Pomeroy has received offers from three different studios to take over the completion of films now in production. He directed "Interference" and "Inside the Lines." He also invented a sound apparatus, which was used on "Wings." * * * Zasu Pitts and James Gleason furnish the convdy in RKO Pathe's "The Big Gamble," starring Bill Boyd. Fred Niblo is directing, and the cast also includes Dorothy Sebastian, Warner Oland, Ralph Ince, William Collier, Jr June MacCloy and Geneva Mitchell. * * * Hugo Reisenfeld wrote the score for "Tabu," which is being shown at the United Artists theater, Los Angeles. His services were arranged for by the Abe Meyer Synchronizing Service, which also furnished the synchronization for "Honeymoon Lane," starring Eddie Dowling. New Incorporations New York Charters _ High-Art Pictures Corp., motion pictures; M Lanzit, 295 Madison Ave., New York, hares common. First Division Exchanges, motion picture film.; Phillip & Nizer, 1560 Broadway. New York 200 shares common. Delaware Charter United Comedy Pictures Corp., Ltd.. Pbila lia, Pa., conduct exhibits, plays; Corpora^ Guarantee and Trust Co., Dover, Del 15,000 shares common. Capital Increases Publix-Wilby Theaters, Inc.. New York, 1,000 to 2.000 -.hares no par. Name Changes Electrical Industries Corp. to Radio Tele •i Industries Corp., Boston, Miss THE -', RI\LTO HIILMPUY • • • THINGS WE Never Thought Worth Mentioning Till Now that several years ago a Middletown, N. Y., newsboy sneaked in the local theater several times without paying for a ticket the other day he wrote Vincent Lawder, the manager, confessing his sin and inclosing a $1 bill to "even things up" explaining his action by saying he "got religion" and Mister Lawder opines that if a lotta distributors got religion and kicked back a conscience fund to exhibs on over-priced pix, exhibs throughout the Youessay would be transformed into a lotta hallelujah shouters, too * » * * • • • THAT Gene Curtis, manager of the Capitol in Montreal, has horned in on that verbal bout between Battling Arch Reeve and Kid (Jean) LeRoy concerning the origin of tinold film classic, "The May Irwin Kiss" he sez lit i> n>>t a contender only a kibitzer seeking to throw a banana peel on the canvas and make it tough for both the pugs he sez he also, like Kid LeRoy, owns a print of the pix which gives credit thus "Koster & Bial present Thomas A. Edison's Marvel of the Age, the Vitascope" and the print only measures 32 feet and not 50 as the Kid claims and it does not show an actual kiss onlv stroking of the mustache and smacking of the lips PREPARATORY to the joy of osculation which shows how terribly naughty these sexy films were in the old daze Gene used the film in advertising his recent theater anniversary and sez it was receive' with scrims, rurrs und howels before we get through with this "Kiss" argument we expect some gent to show up with a print proving it wasn't a kiss scene at all merely a big he-man kicking some gold digger in the mush, and making her like it * * * * • • • THAT Artie Stebbins has been getting some great publicity breaks on that stunt of insuring his 10-year-old son for 100 grand the latest being an editorial in the "Evening Journal" that a pansy tried to enlist with the Marines in order to be nearer his base of operations, as the military tacticians would say but they rejected him, even though his rating was "Fairy Good" that if our gag gags you, it must be a good choke but consider the disappointment of the pansy * * * * • • • THAT Ed Corcoran, advertising manager of Keith's in Philly, is justifiably elated over success of his associate, Jerry Crowley Jerry has built up a Movie Fan Club of the air with a Magic Carpet idea that is used to transport the club members to Hollywood and get the latest news of stars and pix to date Jerry has received more mail at the radio station than even the crooners which is Something * * * • • • • THAT Gabe York is sloughing in and getting results out in Losang, reorganizing the Fox West Coast Theaters ad dep't while Joel Swensen is carrying on for him here in the east that a Scotch bank robber was caught red-handed when his hands stuck to his finger-prints on the safe can ya imagine his mortification? that Charlie Griswold and Kirk McGee, of the Roxy managerial staff, have Gone Sentimental these June Bride days and prepared statistics showing that six Roxyettes have grabbed husbands from the theater's projection, engineering and house staffs which only proves that in these tuff times even a film man will Answer the Purpose * * * * • • • THAT Xed Sloman, who came east to direct Nancj Carroll in "\Yil<l Beauty," and Claire Windsor, recently returned from Europe, have joined the St. Moritz crowd ol film celebs that the latest Tiffany Chimp corned] lias the In Chevalier impersonator ; the monk has a natural protuding underlip that two film gents walked past Loew's New York where a mugg was painting on i ladder... walked under it the other walked around it and a paint brush fell on hi conk so wotth'ell « « « » » » Short Shots from New York Studios BLAIR JOB \V. COFPMAN, president of J Audio Cinema studio, will be in charge of all sound recording on the D. W. Griffith feature about to go into production at the Audio • two-reel comedies starK. Arthur and Kami Dane, will at Paramount' s New York studio on The first two will be "A Put h and "The Lease Break and Howard Diet*. Other tehi, t titled, include a navy story mill be made aboard a V. S. battle cruiser . " of Tomorrow." an aviation short produced by Visugraphic Pictures, will be shown at the swanky Little Picture House in conjunction with the Paramount classic, "Skippy." With Dane and Arthur set for the first of the new slap-sttck comedies planned by Paramount, Larry Kent has lined up a full schedule to follow which includes other tworeelers starring Ford Sterling, Al St. J"hn. Charlie KukkIcs, Lulu McConnell, Smith & Dale and Billy House. fug llai/an, X year-old actress who will be featured fry P. If. Griffith in his forthcoming production, made her stage debut at the tender age of 1 Vi years, in a play by huoenc O'Neill. Vitaphone has purchased "C Sharp," by Betty Ross, as one of their twelve two-reel ni isica] revue "Broadway Brevities" series. Previous Vitaphone vehicle in clude "The Hard Guy," featuring Spencer Tracy and "Madam of the Jury." with Judith Anderson. R A. Clune. who acts as production manager for D. W. Griffith, has been with the latter for the past 12 years. deo. K. Arthur, whose hobby is tiding of popular songs, has just completed what he terms a modernited "minor key" of 'llrme, Sweet Home." Immediately upon completing his role opposite Tallulah Bankhead in "My Sin." Fredric March will start work is co-star. with Claudette Colbert, in "Sil of Singapore." This latter is a screen version of "The Sentimentalists." by Dale Collins 'iiur Ellis has compttt editing of "Personal '■' line fry Monta Bell with Many Happy Returns Best wishes and congratulations are ti tended by TBI FILM DAILY to the followi hers of the industry, who are ing their birthdays: June 2<> Robert Frazer Edward Lowe, Jr. John Kelly Harry Lachman Kvion Munson